Simple Dollar Tree DIY Succulent Terrariums

August 17, 2018

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

Succulents, both real and faux, have taken the world by storm over the the past few years. Granted, they've always been around. But their popularity really started to soar on the home decor scene a few years ago. Decor fads come and go, and I can easily ignore most of them. But for some reason this brown-thumbed gardener found the idea of faux succulents, and succulent terrariums, appealing. Case in point. 

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Three years ago I wrote about the advantages of Dollar Tree faux succulents in 5 Tips For Styling Succulents. I mean, they are pretty cute. 

Right? Pretty hard to resist! I had fun creating styling tips for fall vignettes with my faux succulents.

And once the whole succulent thing exploded you could find them everywhere -- from high-end retailers to local garden shops to --yes-- your local Dollar Tree. Amen to that, I say. Which leads us to today and my newly rekindled love for decorating with faux succulent terrariums. "What prompted this?" you might ask. Once again, enter Dollar Tree.

While scoping out a brand new Dollar Tree one town over from us, I ran across one of those Dollar Tree finds that make you slyly look around (while you grab it and put it in your cart) to see if anyone else noticed it, too. I must say that my timing was impeccable because I got the last two terrariums.

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

They looked just like the glass ones I'd seen at retailers like World Market where they sell for $4.99 - $6.99 apiece. That's just for the empty container. One of their terrariums filled with one air plant and a starfish cost $29.99. Hmm. I liked the idea of these being plastic so I didn't have to worry about dropping and/or breaking them. Since I already had the succulents and the moss, all I needed was a bag of rocks for layering. Dollar Tree to the rescue once again.

I already had the rest of the materials in my stash -- sheet moss and the faux succulents (from Dollar Tree, of course.) However, the string of pearl succulents I picked up at from Hobby Lobby for 40% off. 

And here's how it's done.


Materials List

1. terrarium
2. sheet moss
3. succulent(s)
4. river rocks

succulent terrarium diy river rocks houseplant faux plant

Step one: fill the bottom of the terrarium with a layer of rocks. 

Step two: place a layer of moss on top of the rocks. 

Step three: insert the succulents directly into the moss. 

DONE. Need I say more? Sorry I did not take pictures of steps two and three because it was so simple! So run, don't walk, to you local Dollar Tree and pick yourself up some succulent terrarium containers and get to work! succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

I think they really do look like the expensive ones and for the cost and simplicity of the project I couldn't be happier.

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

I figure I must have done something right because daughter number one actually asked me if I was making them for her. She just happens to be leaving for college this weekend (a freshman!) so I thought it would be nice for her to take one as a dorm room decor gift. THEN daughter number two saw them and said, "They look expensive!" Yes, I'll be giving her the other one for her room as well.

Speaking of gifts, you can certainly make these as gifts, or keep them for yourself! You can also use faux succulents or real succulents depending on your preference. Air plants work well, too. You can keep them stationary on a table or hang them, since they come with a looped top that you can put a string, or twine, through.    
And if after reading all this you decide to buy one ready made, the Bliss Garden Succulent Terrarium is just right for you!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my
Simple Dollar Tree DIY Succulent Terrariums.

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succulent terrarium diy houseplant faux plant

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Kathy said...

Loved your project. I'd be tempted to hang them on fish line in a sunny window so people would think I'm a great gardener (good heart, black thumbs!). I did one vertically in a chipped 1 1/2" dish with a gnome! Michael's had some 2 weeks ago for 70% off; combined with DT ones, it was great! I'd tuck a tiny love note into the one for your daughter and wait and see how long she's at school before she finds it (shades of notes in lunchboxes!)!

Kathy said...

PS: Do something nice for yourselves after droppping off kiddly #!; I hate re-entry from happy or sad-ish occasions--shopping or a nice meal helps me!

Junkchiccottage said...

This is really cute. Gotta love the dollar store too. Those would be cute too for Christmas ornaments at the holidays. Love the this idea with the faux succulents. So cute. Happy Friday.

My thrift store addiction said...

Love these Kathleen! Haven't seen the terrariums at my local DT but I'll be on the lookout!

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