How To Make A Sparkly Farmhouse Pom Pom Garland In 4 Easy Steps

November 26, 2018

 white pom poms garland vintage window mantel decor mini Christmas trees

Pom pom garlands are a fun way to decorate for the holidays, but  they've become quite expensive since gaining widespread  popularity. Last Christmas I made my own DIY pom pom garland for the small, flocked trees in our foyer. This year I thought I'd try the same thing but on a much bigger scale as winter white mantel decor. Like last time, I got a little help from the Target Dollar Spot and their premade indoor snowballs.

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two clear ziplock bags filled with 10 indoor snowballs

Despite the fact that I have an official pom pom maker, I was so enamored of these large, white, fluffy indoor snowballs that I knew I had to use them rather than make my own. And since I loved last year's pom pom garlands so much I thought I'd recreate them on a larger scale with the help of these beauties.

indoor snowballs 10 count price tag snowman

This pack of 10 snowballs was only $3.00 so I was totally happy with it. So happy that I went ahead and bought two packs of them. I created another fun and easy Christmas project with the other 10 snowballs and I'll be sharing that project soon. I was thrilled with how this sparkly DIY pom pom garland turned out so let's get to the tutorial, shall we? 

How To Make A Sparkly Pom Pom Garland With Indoor Snowballs 


galvanized tub indoor snowballs

1. Indoor snowballs

sewology yarn darning needles pack

2. Darning needle

red heart super saver jumbo yarn white skein

3. White yarn

Aleene's crystal clear acid free tacky spray can

4. Tacky adhesive spray

Martha Stewart Crafts iridescent glitter sugar cube

5. white or clear glitter

craft scissors orange black handles

6. Scissors

Brown Kraft Paper Roll 100% Recycled Material  Multi-Use for Crafts, Surface Covering, Gift Wrapping, Packing, Postal, Shipping

7. roll of kraft paper 

Step By Step Guide

1. Set Up A Sparkle Spray Station.

You can never have too much glitter I always say. And that certainly applies in this case. So before stringing the pom poms together I set up a sparkle spray station. First I taped some kraft paper to the kitchen table to make clean-up easier. (Don't use newspaper if you're using white pom poms. The black ink is likely to rub off on them.) 

kraft paper with adhesive spray ring

2. Spray one side of the snowball with adhesive.

Then I put a snowball onto the paper and sprayed one side of it with adhesive spray. In the above photo you can see the ring of spray adhesive left on the kraft paper after I finished spraying a snowball.

3. Roll the sticky side of the snowball in glitter then repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other side of the snowball.

brown kraft paper with pile of iridescent glitter

After gently pouring a small amount of glitter onto the paper I then rolled the snowball's sticky side all around in it. Once I was satisfied it was dry I turned the snowball over and did the same thing on the other side.

4. Thread your needle with yarn, then insert the needle through the middle of each snowball. 

pom pom white yarn darning needle

Once all the snowballs were glittered up and ready I threaded the needle. The package of needles shown in the supplies list has 6 yarn/darning needles. I used the needle in the middle of the package with the largest hole. Since I'm not a knitter I don't know the exact size of it. But really all you need to know is that whatever needle you choose has to have a hole large enough to fit your yarn through, however thick that yarn might be.   

fat round white indoor snowball with yarn

Then take your threaded needle and insert it into the middle of each snowball, continuing until all the snowballs have been strung together. Space them as close together or as far apart as you'd like. I used one package of 10 snowballs. I spaced them out to be approximately 8 inches apart which made it the perfect length to hang over my vintage window on the living room mantel. Be sure to leave enough yarn for your initial "tail" at the beginning of the garland since you won't be able to change its length once you've cut the yarn off at the very end when you're finished. 

sparkly white pom pom garland vintage frame flocked mini Christmas trees

It was hard to get a good picture of the glitter up close. I'm hoping you can see some of it here. Adding the glitter actually made them look more like real snow balls.

winter white mantel decor vintage window pom pom garland mini Christmas trees fairy lights

I think the sparkly white pom poms look glamorous strung on the white window sitting on the white mantel with sparkling twinkle lights all around. Winter white mantel decor can take even your farmhouse Christmas decorating to a whole other level. It's gorgeous at night when the lights are reflected in the window. But it would also look amazing used as traditional garland around a Christmas tree or stretched across a wide fireplace mantel. 

white pom poms garland vintage window mantel decor mini Christmas trees

Other than the snowballs, I already had all the essential supplies for this project. So from that perspective it cost me $3.00 to make. I'm sure some of you who are also crafters have many, if not all, of the same essentials in your stash. If you can't find the snowballs at your local Target I listed an online option in the supplies list above. And if you'd rather just purchase it, you can always order a ready-made pom pom garland for yourself.

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about How To Make 
A Sparkly Farmhouse Pom Pom Garland in 4 Easy Steps. And stay tuned for my next indoor snowball holiday decor project. 

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white pom pom garland mantel decor vintage window mini Christmas trees fairy lights

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