Plastic Jar Snow Globe Ornament With Bottle Lights

December 16, 2018

plastic jar ornament lid DIY Christmas snow globe

My absolute favorite Christmas DIY project is making snow globes. All kinds of snow globes. And this year I found a new version -- a plastic jar snow globe ornament. I'll admit it posed a challenge compared to some of my past DIY snow globes. But since this one was different than the others -- it was an actual jar with a lid that was also an ornament -- I was game to give it a try.

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plastic jar ornament

When I spied these clear plastic jar snow globe Christmas ornaments at Dollar Tree I immediately snatched some up. I knew they wouldn't last long and I was right. I couldn't wait to use them as my next DIY snow globe project. Your local Dollar Tree might still have some, but I checked online and they're no longer selling them there. I could only find some on Amazon online at this point. (So the link provided will take you to Amazon if you're interested in making an online purchase.)   

Cooking Concepts bottle lights

Then a few weeks later I stumbled upon these "bottle lights" at a different Dollar Tree and had an epiphany. Why not use them to fill my DIY plastic jar Christmas snow globe ornaments? And the rest is history.

The supply list below looks like a lot, but trust me -- except for numbers 1 and 2, you probably already have most, if not all, of it in your crafting stash.


3.  card stock (optional)

4. Christmas twine

5. tinsel pipe cleaners

6. ribbon

7. glue

8. scissors

9. paint -- optional (I used Dixie Belle paint in the color Fluff) 

10. paint brush -- optional

11. Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

12. sponge brush

13. iridescent glitter

14. bottle brush trees / figurines

How To Make A Plastic Jar Snow Globe Ornament With Bottle Lights 

 Preliminary Preparations

painted plastic lid for jar ornament

Paint the lid; let dry. This is optional. I preferred a white lid. Note: I only painted the portion of the lid that would be showing after it was screwed on.

plastic ornament metal cap

Remove the ornament's cap. Set aside. 

bottle lights plastic cork twine mini wreath tinsel garland

Decorate the bottle light's "cork" with twine and/or glitter pipe cleaners, making sure not to cover the little switch on the back. Set aside. I glued on the twine and just wrapped the glitter pipe cleaner around it. For the Rudolph and Clarice snow globe I also glued a flocked miniature wreath onto the front. For the mini bottle brush tree snow globe I added a red bow to the top.  

Create The Base

jar lid tracing circle

Step 1. Lay the lid upside down, flat, on a piece of card stock. Trace around the outside of the lid with a pencil. Cut out the circle, then place it over the inside of the lid and trim off any excess.

Step 2. Insert the round piece of card stock into the open bottom of the ornament to ensure the correct fit -- like a "stage" for your trees and figurines to sit on.

Glue On Figurines And Add Glitter

Step 3. Remove paper circle and glue your figurines to it. Let dry.

Step 4. Using a sponge brush, paint Mod Podge onto your card stock base, around the figurines. Sprinkle glitter over the vignette, shake off excess.

Insert Base and Bottle Lights

Step 5. Carefully insert the base with figurines into the open bottom of the jar. This may require some finagling, but I managed to get mine in by gently inserting it at an angle, then straightening it. Close the jar's lid. Wrap a strand of glitter pipe cleaner around the base of the jar/lid. 

Step 6. Insert bottle light wire down into the jar and gently guide it down until all of it has been inserted. 

Step 7. Insert decorated plastic "cork" into the top opening.

Step 8. Flip the switch and enjoy!    

ornament snow globe bottle brush trees tinsel

Bottle brush trees are always a staple for decorating this time of year at my house. As you can see in the background, I've got quite a collection.

snow globe fairy lights bottle brush trees

Rudolph Clarice figurine snow globe bottle lights DIY Christmas decor

One of my favorite classic Christmas shows is the original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, narrated by Burl Ives. I watched it every year as a child and I'm happy to say that they still show it each Christmas. Believe it or not I picked up Rudolph and his girlfriend Clarice at Dollar Tree a few years ago in the toy section! I knew as soon as I saw them that they would be used inside one of my Christmas snow globes.

mini reindeer DIY Christmas craft snow globe

plastic mason jar Christmas ornament

They look especially pretty at night, but I can never seem to get an accurate photographic representation of that in the evening. And while these pictures make the light strands look incredibly obvious and in the way, you can barely see them in daylight. Overall I'm happy with them, and I love how the glitter pipe cleaners and holiday twine contribute to their vintage look. 

If you're interested in snow globes, you can find my previous DIY snow globe posts here:





And snow globes don't have to be just for Christmas. You can create so many different kinds with so many different scenes inside of them. Snow or no snow? Glitter or no glitter? Water or no water? Bottle lights or no bottle lights? The sky's the limit. Have you ever made your own snow globe? It's one of my favorite DIY crafts.

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope I've inspired you in some way 
and that you enjoyed reading about my 
Plastic Jar Snow Globe Ornament With Bottle Lights.

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plastic jar ornament lid DIY Christmas snow globe

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What a darling project. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderfully blessed holiday season.

Kathy said...

I love all kinds of snow globes, too. Yours are really cute. Nice tutorial, too.!

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