Thrill of the Hunt #81

February 3, 2019

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty vintage finds with you. I'm excited to get started so here goes!

vintage jasco porcelain pomander Christmas ornament cardinals

bayberry scent ornament cardinals

First up is another one of my fabulous vintage Christmas ornament finds. Have you ever heard of an ornament pomander? Neither had I. But that's what I found at my local Goodwill. It was the pretty cardinals that drew my attention. And in all honesty I thought it was a bell ornament. Little did I know it was made to hold scented pomander pellets. Clearly I didn't read the box, I was fixated on the ornament itself.

festive fragrant ornament instructions box

The writing on the box makes it quite clear that this is to be filled with bayberry scented pellets before hanging on the tree. The scent emanates from the little holes on the bottom of the ornament.

Due to its age (I believe it's from the 1980's) the pellets no longer have an aroma. 

However, all you need to do is pull out the rubber stopper and refill it with new pellets.

Jasco logo bottom of box

On the bottom of the box it reads "Jasco TM handcrafted in Taiwan." From my research as best I can tell it was probably made in the late 1970's or maybe even the 1980's.

It also says the same thing on a gold tag attached to the hanger cord.  

For some reason winter cardinals have always reminded me of my mom, so that may also be why I was drawn to this beautiful vintage porcelain ornament. Cardinal Pomander Bell Ornament is AVAILABLE.

Vernon Ward The Flight back 1945 painting

I've always been leery of buying thrifted and/or vintage artwork, at least for resale, because I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to know what it's worth. But I really liked this painting. While in Goodwill I googled the artist, Vernon Ward (1905-1985), and found out that he is a very prolific and well-known painter. He was mainly known for his depiction of Edwardian England, including wildlife -- namely, birds. This painting is entitled "The Flight Back."

birds flying over water

I'm assuming these birds are either seagulls or pelicans since this looks like the ocean, but I've seen them described as ducks as well.

Vernon Ward 1945 The Flight Back painting

Here is the artist's name, Vernon Ward, and the year, 1945.

I do love the original frame, what with its chippy, shabby green and gold goodness.

Despite the fact that I could see this water damage I still wanted to buy the piece. I thought, for something that was 63 years old, it was actually in pretty good shape despite the water damage. In a way I also thought that the water mark blended in pretty well with the overall background of the painting. 

Before listing it in my Etsy shop I'll probably take the print out of the frame and just sell it sans frame.  

white porcelain Virgin Mary Madonna statue

On the same Goodwill trip I also found this iconic porcelain Virgin Mary statue. I've become somewhat of a collector of vintage religious statues like my St. Anne chalkware statue and my Infant of Prague and Virgin Mary statues. Many of the statues I come across are way out of my price range, but happily this one was not.

praying Virgin Mary Madonna statue

It's worn in all the right places. There's just a few chips that add to its vintage goodness.

I love how she's standing on a pedestal. And you all know that I love that she's white!

bottom of Virgin Mary statue Inarco E-2503

She's stamped on the bottom "Inarco E-2503", meaning she was made by Inarco which was based in Cleveland, Ohio. I know it was made before 1986 because that's the year Inarco moved to Jacksonville, Florida and was bought out by Napco. So at its youngest, it's 34 years old. She's not going into the shop, she's staying with me.

Well, that's it for today's hunt! I hope you've been inspired to get out there and find a few thrifty vintage finds of your own!

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My thrift store addiction said...

Great finds, Kathleen!

Unknown said...

Love the painting! The birds look like Puffins to me.

Kathy said...

I was thinking the birds looked like puffins, too. Some times of the year, their beaks are not as colorful (non mating time, I think). If your cardinal box does not have a UPC, it is prob pre-'82 when UPCs became more in use! I love Mary statues--my ex was Catholic so his Mom had several religious statues I came to appreciate. If she were mine, she'd have a springy faux floral candle ring around her feet in a heartbeat! If your pomander still has pellets, add some compatible essential oil. I often dump the stuff out and add lavendar with more oil to use in a closet or drawer--supposed to repel moths??? Also, a piney scent would be lovely to use with an artificial Christmas tree. Great finds, as usual.

handmade by amalia said...


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