DIY Rae Dunn-Inspired Farmhouse Devotional Pottery

March 5, 2019

A few years ago I added modern farmhouse style to my list of favorite decor influences. Before that, my taste in decor was an unabashed mix of country, French, shabby-chic and timeless classic style. But even after declaring my love of farmhouse, I still remained open to my prior decorating styles as I've never been one to go overboard following any one particular decorating trend. Which explains why, despite my love of farmhouse, I have never purchased even one piece of Rae Dunn pottery.

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Many of you are already familiar with Rae Dunn's multitude of easy-to-spot white pottery pieces with black-lettered words on them. They practically scream farmhouse. Which is why I never bought any. Not because I didn't  like them -- just the opposite. But I recognized that they were very trendy, super-expensive farmhouse wares that I was not going to spend a fortune on (and then shortly thereafter pack away or even re-sell for a fraction of their original price).  
Then two weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home link up her ingenious DIY Rae Dunn-Inspired Dollar Tree Hack.  Not surprisingly, she had me at "Dollar Tree" and "Hack." She combined inexpensive Dollar Tree dinnerware with Dollar Tree decals to create her own version of Rae Dunn pottery. So of course on a recent trip to my local Dollar Tree I had to pick up some of those decals for myself!

There was no need for me to purchase white dinnerware. I already have quite a collection of vintage ironstone pieces as well as a full set of Pfaltzgraff white everyday dinnerware we've had since we got married. This is one of my favorite ironstone mini platters I picked up at Goodwill for all of $1.99 a few years ago. 

And here's the decal. I'd seen it many times before but never made a connection between the font and Rae Dunn pottery. But this time I saw the resemblance.

If  you chose to attempt this hack, one thing to keep in mind is that not all the letters on this decal are of equal size. 

So be sure to take that into account before you go ahead and start cutting. Before I did anything I sat down with paper and pen and racked my brain as to what words I might want to put on some pottery.  Some words that first came to mind were:

His * Hers * Tea * Hot * Cocoa * 
Chocolate * Yes * No

Then I really thought about it and wished that I could come up with something a little more inspirational.....  

Who says you can't turn "ealth" into faith? Not me! Where there's a will there's a way. I just cut the bottom off of the E and the L and voila.

Guys, I was SO proud of myself! And then I realized that now I wanted even MORE inspirational words to mix and match with faith. I was reminded of one of my favorite Bible quotes:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:4-13, NIV)

So could I come up with hope and love? Read on to find out!

I used the H, O and E, along with an R that I cut up to create a P for the word Hope on a vintage ironstone creamer!

And no, there was not a V. But I didn't let that stop me. I cut off one side of an N to make a V for the word Love on my Pfaltzgraff butter dish. And now I had it: my DIY Rae Dunn Faith, Hope and Love inspirational pottery!

Up super-close it was not perfection. But from a normal distance it was great! Obviously I can't really wash them with the decals on them but that's okay since I'm only using them for display purposes. When I get tired of these words I can either make new ones or just remove them and put my plain white pottery back to work!

While I'm thrilled with the result, I can understand how you might just want to skip the DIY part altogether and go straight to the source. So here are a few original Rae Dunn "inspirational" pieces to consider:   

Rae Dunn by Magenta FAITH Ceramic LL Coffee Mug

Rae Dunn PRAY Mug by Magenta

But I digress.

And here's my thrifted metal hoop wreath hanging from the door handles of my farmhouse DIY Chalk Painted Corner Cabinet. I added the word Thankful from my package of decorative script words I picked up at Dollar Tree back in the fall. The words were made of galvanized steel but I painted them white and never looked back!

So, do YOU collect Rae Dunn Pottery, or are you more of a DIY-er? Or have you chosen to skip this modern farmhouse trend altogether? Let me know in the comments!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 

I hope I've inspired you in some way
and that you've enjoyed reading about my
DIY Rae Dunn-Inspired 
Farmhouse Devotional Pottery.

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Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kathy,
I love the Ray Dunn dishes and own a few my self. I just found at Home Goods Easter plates that are throw aways that they are making. Very cute and we will use them for dessert at Easter. I love how you did your look alike Ray Dunn. Hope you are doing well on this brisk morning. At least the sun is out!!!

Kathy said...

I finally found a phrase that decribes my DESIRED style (OK, so I'm working on it!)--European country meets vintage Americana. I washed and added nails to 1/2 of my kitchen soffit this morning and hung up 4 (so far) blue and white plates with SO's help. With arthritis in hips and knees, second step on a wobby stepladder is best done a bit at a time! Replaced a dusty basket collection; I do love blue and white dishes. Have not acquired any Rae Dunn dishes but I loved your version. Very doable!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

This is fabulous! I love that you came up with inspirational words and how you displayed your wares. I hope you will come over and link up this post tomorrow at Thursday Favorite Things, I would love to feature you next week.

Thank you so much for the shout out!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

So happy that you shared with us at TFT Kathleen! I featured this post at today's party. I hope you will come back share your great ideas with us weekly.
Have a great weekend ahead!

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