Farmhouse Laurel Leaf Stencil Project

March 26, 2019

You all know how much I love my reverse chalk transfer method for creating personalized DIY signs without using a stencil. Well today I'm taking an even easier route -- and by easier I mean that I'm using an actual stencil to create a fun message on one of my DIY chalkboards made from a vintage frame.

This post is sponsored by Stencil Revolution but all opinions are my own. 

I was so happy to receive my Stencil Revolution stencils in the mail. They arrived in a sturdy mailing tube and were in perfect condition. I was going to use all three stencils for painting projects but I decided I couldn't wait. Hence my quick and easy chalk project. I chose to use what I'll call a family farmhouse stencil first. 

Here's the main part with the laurel wreath and the words.

And here's the bottom part of the stencil, numbers 1-9 plus 0. Perfect for inserting the year your very own "farmhouse" was established. Ours was established in 1995, the year we were married.  

I chose to center the stencil near the bottom and then add a boxwood wreath above it.

Stencilling Tips :

1. Make sure to use painter's tape to securely attach the stencil to the board before starting. 

2. Make sure to sharpen your chalk so that you get as crisp a line as possible. You can read about how to sharpen your chalk in my post DIY Farmhouse Christmas Chalkboard tutorial.

I thought it looked good except for the 1995. When I get number or letter stencils that are are all in a row like these numbers were I tend to cut them apart, individually, before I use them. Otherwise I'm not sure how you would do it. The individual numbers turned out great but the chalkboard around it, not so much. It's just so darn easy to accidentally get the oil from your hands on the chalkboard and that always leaves some discolored areas compared to the rest of the board. Any ideas on how to avoid this?     

I set the chalkboard on top of a wicker chest for the time being, added a bit more green with some olive branches and a moss ball, and voila.

 You all know that I love my boxwood wreaths and they appear in many of my vignettes. 

I found that the stencil I used from Stencil Revolution was super easy to handle and was made of a really durable material that I know will last. I will be using this same stencil again for a painted wood project that I will be sharing soon.

 Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my 
Farmhouse Laurel Leaf Stencil Project. 

Stay tuned for more Stencil Revolution projects and maybe even a giveaway! 

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mjmaterazo said...

I love this kathleen. Looks great. xo- maryjo

Kathy said...

My immediate thought to avoid oil from your hands was to wear cotton gloves. THEN, I thought, HOW are you going to manage chalk with gloves on! Maybe using hand sanitizer to de-oil your hands? Then moisturize the heck out of them! I really liked your project--farmhouse style is growing on me--I like it better than I used to!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Fun idea to use the stencil with chalk...looks great!

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