Thrill of the Hunt #89

June 21, 2019

brass vintage horse trophy arabian

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and mostly) vintage finds with you. I'm excited to get started so here goes!

white ironstone vintage mortar pestle cooking accessory

Mortar and pestles have been around since ancient times. They're  used for crushing and/or grinding ingredients into a paste or powder, depending on what your recipe calls for. 

cooking utensil mortar pestle

We used to have one and somehow, during one of our moves, we lost it. So I snagged this one for a song at my favorite pop-up estate sale.

It had definitely been loved, but that's what drew me to it. I wondered what recipes it had been used for over the years. I can't decide whether or not to keep it or put it in my Etsy shop.

1997 Hallmark lighthouse ornament

Lighthouses are something I never thought I'd have an affection for. Growing up in a landlocked part of Pennsylvania I didn't grow up with lighthouses. However, I did see them at the shore on vacation every summer. Now that we live in the midwest we're pretty much landlocked once again. But vacationing on Lake Michigan we've seen many breathtaking lighthouses along the coastline.

red white lighthouse ornament Santa Mrs. Claus Christmas tree

This 1997 collectible Hallmark Keepsake Ornament entitled Lighthouse Greetings was sculpted by John "Collin" Francis. I think it's absolutely darling that Santa and Mrs. Claus are standing with their Christmas tree in front of the lighthouse.

And you know what the green cord means -- it lights up, just like a real lighthouse! Its a beacon light that flashes from low to high. 

I love that there's snow on top of the lighthouse. Having been in Michigan many times during the winter months we saw firsthand the reality of snow and ice on all the lighthouses, not to mention on the lake itself. While winters can certainly be unforgiving here in the midwest, they can also be beautiful. Lighthouse Greetings Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 1997 is AVAILABLE

Illinois Arabian horse trophy

Speaking of sentimentality, this trophy had me at first sight when I spotted it on the shelf at Goodwill. I couldn't believe my luck. Items like this disappear super fast around these parts. You can read about the village that we live in and its equestrian history in Ode To Fall In A Small Town.  I love that this trophy is 41 years old.

vintage Arabian horse trophy gold plate engraved

I did some research and HIAHC stands for Heart of Illinois Arabian Horse Club. A form of the same group is still alive and active today. I found the information on an old Peoria County Farm Bureau Equine Directory of Services. Unfortunately the directory did not have any date on it.  

I also love how the original labels are still on it. Peoria is about two and a half hours away from here. 

horse barn equestrian center riding club Wayne Illinois

And here's the Wayne Equestrian Center (formerly Dunham Woods Riding Club) right up the road from our home, where world-class competitions take place each year. I took this picture on a particularly lovely winter morning a few years ago. 

Well, that's it for today, friends!
 I hope I've inspired you in some way and that 
you've enjoyed reading Thrill of the Hunt #89!

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