Dollar Tree Merry Christmas Gift Bag Wall Art Update

November 22, 2019

Merry Christmas gift bag frame wreath pine cone felt tree sheep

My first attempt at using Christmas gift bags for wall art was actually 4 years ago in December of 2015. It was such a huge success back then then that I thought I'd revisit the project this Christmas. It's a different frame and a different Christmas gift bag, but trust me, I was just as happy with the results. I hope that you can join me here (as well as revisit my old Christmas gift bag wall art post) and learn how you can make this inexpensive, quick and easy Christmas craft for yourself.

Dollar Tree Christmas gift bag wreath buffalo check bow black frame

I started with a simple black frame and Christmas gift bag, both from Dollar Tree. It was the largest frame I could find. (The frame itself was not a collage frame, that's just a paper template placed under the glass.)

Merry Christmas wreath buffalo check pine cone shiplap

Per usual, I painted the frame white with my Rust-Oleum Chalked matte paint in Linen White. While that was drying, I got to work on the gift bag. I chose this bag for its farmhouse buffalo check and Christmas wreath motif. First, I gently pulled out the black string handles, along with the attached gift tag. Then I cut out one entire side of the bag, sans bottom, to create my "art." 

NOTE: After pulling out the strings you will be left with two tiny holes at the top of the bag. Underneath that top section of the bag (on both sides of the bag) you will find a piece of cardboard that is placed in the bag for structure. See my photo above. I pulled that piece of cardboard out and flipped it around to its white side and replaced it back into the top section, underneath the fold and behind the holes. This helped to camouflage the holes somewhat. 

After cutting the bag down to fit inside the frame, it was just a matter of placing the now one dimensional bag into the frame and closing the back with the cardboard backing and metal clips provided. I chose to leave the glass insert out since it makes it difficult to get a good photo due to glare issues.

frame merry christmas art felt tree star sheep

Then it was time to have fun styling it on one of my farmhouse shelves.

Christmas greens wreath pine cone buffalo check ribbon

I recently picked up this glittery farmhouse sheep wearing a flocked wreath from a local vintage marketplace. I thought it was a perfect addition for Christmas, but I also think it will be a nice overall farmhouse decor piece for any time of year.

I also picked up a pair of white felted wool Christmas trees with stars on top. While I have a number of different small trees I use for Christmas decor, these were just unique enough that I knew they would add something to the collection. 

Mistletoe Co. Find Your Love and Joy vintage inspired Christmas tin

This vintage-inspired Christmas tin was placed on the shelf alongside the framed art. I filled it with a $3.00 mini flocked tree from Target, then added in a few sprigs of lamb's ear and white berries, also from Target. 

white porcelain house windows candle holder jadeite bottle brush tree

On the other side of the framed artwork is a ceramic house and faux jadeite container holding a white bottle brush tree. At night I place a rechargeable candle inside the house and it makes it look so cozy glowing through the "windows." The container is from Wal-Mart -- part of a Pioneer Woman sugar bowl with lid and creamer set that I knew would sell out instantly, so I picked it up. I just took the lid off the sugar bowl and placed the tree inside. Easy peasy.
Pioneer Woman jadeite sugar bowl

I fell in love with the detail on these pieces! They're a bit darker than most vintage jadeite, but for the price and quality I'm okay with that. And I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them throughout the new year.

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Kathy said...

I have stolen your idea; I have been fascinated by the red pickups for fall and Christmas. I found a package of gift boxes with the same pickup on them. Have framed one so far and will do several more! Cut up one large gift bag and now have to locate a frame in my stash. Have never done a theme; now I have several different pictures, 2 dish towels, 2 pot holders, and a wreathe with my pickups. NOW to find a reasonably priced metal one to use yearround!

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