Vintage Estate Sale Chippy Door With Mirror

November 4, 2019

corner mantel decor vintage door window hoop wreath

I'm always on the lookout for cool vintage finds to use as decoration on my electric fireplace mantel, and this chippy estate sale "door" with mirror and hooks fit that bill perfectly. I call it a door but is it actually supposed to be a window?

metal hoop wreath suction cup hook mirror pane

I say that because it appears to have "panes" of glass (which are actually panes of mirror) but it also has something that looks like a rusted metal door handle, as well as rusty hinges. So what does that make it? A hybrid door-window? I give up. All I know is that I did a happy dance when I found it at an estate sale and it was actually within my budget. Here you can see the suction cups I use to hang my many wreaths.    

rusty hooks chippy paint drawers

Another feature of the piece looks like drawers with hooks on the outside. If I actually hung this on the wall I could use it as a drop station for things like keys and reusable shopping  bags.

farmhouse decor distressed wood rusty hook

While I love that the hooks make it functional, I just can't get over the crazy-busy chippiness going on!

chippy white corbel

I think its incredible vintage shabbiness speaks for itself.  

A rusty metal door handle adds incredible charm to the piece.

chippy paint rusty hinge door

And the combination of rusty hinges and chippy paint just blows me away. I could have shared this special find in one of my many Thrill of the Hunt posts, but I felt that it was just too spectacular to share billing with any other find. 

It's really heavy and huge (around 4' tall by 20'' wide) and is just the right size to fit the corner above the fireplace perfectly. TIP: I always place Dollar Tree  felt pads onto the back of anything I lean against the wall. That way it doesn't mess up the beautiful paint job. I can't wait to start decorating it for Christmas!   

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Vintage Estate Sale 
Chippy Door Window.

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cloches and lavender said...


So pretty and a great find.


Junkchiccottage said...

This is wonderful and looks great. Love it. Have a great week.

Kathy said...

I can't wait to see all the ways you dress it up!

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