Thrill of the Hunt #96

January 27, 2020

chocolate nonpariels rainbow sprinkles

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and mostly) vintage finds with you. I'm excited to get started so here goes! 

Clear Hobnail Glass Footed Bowl  

clear hobnail footed bowl candy dish

On a recent Goodwill trip, as I was searching for a basket to use for an upcoming thrifty blogger challenge, I stumbled across this darling little vintage clear hobnail footed glass bowl for 99 cents. I found a set of four selling on Etsy for $20. They were described as a dessert bowl set.

chocolate nonpariels rainbow sprinkles

But I'd like to think of it as a candy bowl!

It's called hobnail glass due to the raised knobs on its surface -- like the hobnail studs used on boot soles. It was originally popular during Victorian times. In 1939 a company in Martins Ferry, Ohio called Fenton Art Glass began making their own clear hobnail glass. In 1940 they introduced hobnail milk glass (with a milky white color) and the rest is history. They're now headquartered in Williamstown, West Virginia.

clear hobnail bowl pine cones advertising crocks

I've been smitten with hobnail glass (both clear and milk glass) in all its forms for many years now. There's just something about the look, as well as the memories of growing up it evokes in me whenever I see it. I remember that my mom had some pieces, although they are, sadly, long gone. I've also written about it frequently here on the blog:

Previous Posts About Hobnail Glass   

If you're interested in where to find hobnail milk glass without having to scour flea markets and thrift shops, read Modern Milk Glass: How To Grow Your Collection. I share ideas for decorating with hobnail glass in Holiday Decorating With Dollar Store Hobnail Mercury Glass. I also share some thrifty hobnail finds in Thrill of the Hunt #84 . And you won't believe where I've found some of my most favorite hobnail glass pieces -- that's right, the Dollar Tree! For that story read Dollar Tree Treasures #1 and Dollar Tree Treasures #3.

While I like clear hobnail glass, I might just be tempted to transform this one into milk glass. If I do, watch out for a tutorial to learn how you can DIY milk glass for yourself!

The International Santa Claus Collection Greek Santa Saint Nicholas Figurine 

Saint Nicholas Santa Claus Greece 1996 figurine

Almost three years ago I stumbled upon three porcelain collectible Santa Claus figurines from the International Santa Claus Collection, manufactured by International Resourcing Services, Inc., and put them in my Etsy shop. I knew they were a good find when two out of the three sold right away. So I was very happy recently to find yet another International Santa to add to the list: Saint Nicholas, or Greek Santa Claus.

Pere Noel Father Christmas Welsh Father Christmas figurine

My initial collection consisted of a French Santa (Pere Noel) a Welsh Santa (Welsh Father Christmas) and an English Santa (Father Christmas). The Welsh and French Santas sold, and the English Santa (Father Christmas) on the far right is still AVAILABLE

Saint Nicholas Santa Claus Greece 1996 figurine

The new addition is Saint Nicholas, or Greek Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas Greece International Santa Claus Collection box

The original box is in excellent condition. 

International Santa Claus Collection brochure

I also got the original paperwork that was in the box with my Greek Santa. I had to laugh. The company offered the customer a chance to purchase a "Here Comes Santa Claus" figurine if they could show by way of stamps that they first bought six other International Santa Claus collectible figurines. Then it would still cost them $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping!

The Legend of Santa story International Santa Claus Collection box

One side of the box sets forth The Legend of Santa. 

St. Nicholas Greece figurine box

While the other side of the box explains that each year in Greece, on December 6th, children believe that Saint Nicholas, dressed as a sailor with a long, flowing beard makes his grand entrance by boat. 

One thing I love about the International Santas is that most of them carry their toys in a sack or basket slung over their back. 

St. Nicholas figurine Greece 1996 International Resources LLC

Here's the traditional label identifying this figurine as SC24, Saint Nicholas, Greece, 1996, International Resources, Made in China.

Saint Nicholas Santa Claus Greece 1996 figurine

Saint Nicholas, or Greek Santa, from the International Santa Claus Collection is AVAILABLE.

It's funny that I'm such a sucker for Christmas stuff, especially vintage Christmas stuff. No matter the time of year, if I see it and it's worthy and the price is right, I will bring it home -- either for me or for my Etsy shop. Are you like that? Does your heart skip a beat in April if you happen upon a lovely vintage Christmas tchotchke? Well, mine certainly does! Maybe it's because my mother really loved Christmas with her whole heart and instilled that in us kids. I feel blessed for that.

Well, that's it until next time, friends!
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Thrill of the Hunt #96!

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My thrift store addiction said...

Love that hobnail dish!

Kathy said...

I loved your Greek Santa and hopped over to see the lovely things in your Etsy shop. When Ames was in business and Patrick, now 36, was little, he bought me several of their international Santas--which just happen to be a bit bigger than dollhouse scale (Well Santa IS bigger than life, right?). So I collect a lot of 5-8" Santas, elves, and reindeer and will someday (!) finish the North Pole toy shop where all the Santas of the world come to get their sack of presents. Life ambitions! I even have Santa on a 4-wheeler and one with a thermometer in his mouth next to the doctor!

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