Romantic French Farmhouse Spring Mantel

April 20, 2020

Today I'm sharing my romantic French farmhouse spring mantel.

cathedral arch window pane Led taper candles

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 Dollar Tree continues to amaze me with their unique and sometimes surprisingly classy items, such as their wreath charms. I stumbled upon them just prior to our stay at home mandate. I will definitely share more of them in one of my upcoming Dollar Tree Treasure posts, but for now I'm showing you just one -- one that fits perfectly with my romantic French farmhouse spring floral wreath mantel decor. Prior to stumbling upon them I'd never even heard of wreath charms. Who knew? 

Dollar Tree hope MDF 4 inch round hope wreath charm

I ended up buying a total of five wreath charms during two trips to two different Dollar Tree stores. They all have their own color scheme and theme, if you will. In light of all that's been going on these days, I was drawn most strongly to the "Hope" charm. I think we could all use a little hope right now. Besides, the color scheme matches my pink peony wreath.

Each comes with a strong twist-tie you can use to attach it somewhere onto the wreath or even hang it from the wreath as I've done. Honestly, I'm not totally sure exactly how you're supposed to use these things. But I like what I've done with my wreath charm here.

faux peony gren leaf wreath round wreath charm shutter

peonies leaes shutters hope charm

After I attached the charm to the wreath I realized that it should really be hung a bit lower in order to be more centered. However, in my haste for taking pictures I didn't want to stop long enough to fix it. I later went back and dropped it a bit lower using floral wire.

Here's the star of the show -- my spring pink peony wreath (after I dropped the charm lower). I got the wreath for 60% off at Michaels a few years ago.

 I had fun redecorating this corner of the living room. My goal was romantic French farmhouse with a spring-y twist. I am definitely feeling that vibe now. 

The country chic French Bergere chairs were a Goodwill find, as was the ottoman.


I filled my DIY robin's egg nest with pretty, colored and spotted faux eggs. The nest is sitting on a large vintage candle holder I got from Goodwill years ago, after which I painted it white and distressed it. The white tray is from a thrift store. It was dark wood, and I transformed it with white paint and contact paper. You can find a similar farmhouse tray online.

painted pink peonies round 4 inch MDF hope wreath charm

Frenh Bergere chair French wall basket vintage ladder boxwood wreath

I found the ladder at a local all night flea market a few years ago. The French country wall basket is also from Goodwill. You can get a similar blanket ladder and wall basket online as well.

LED tapers candlesticks wood bead garland

My latest vintage collection started out as brass candlesticks. I've since added a few pewter and silver ones. I'm still using my Dollar Tree LED taper candles and I love them. I also love the farmhouse feel provided by the distressed, arched cathedral window pane, mirrored by the galvanized metal arched cathedral window candle holder. You can also get the LED tapers online.

faux pink peony spring wreath shutter

Bergere chair chunky knit blanket tasssels ottoman

These two blankets are my all-time favorites, hands down. And that's saying a lot because we have a ton of throw blankets around here:)
super chunky knit blanket throw tassels

The one on the left is a genuine chunky throw, a Christmas gift. The one on the right is one of the softest knit blankets I've ever had. I got two of them on clearance for $10 each.Their neutral colors make them the perfect rustic farmhouse decor addition to any room in the house. And just look at those tassels!

French farmhouse living room mantel ottoman Bergere chairs fireplace

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the lighter and brighter look of my French farmhouse spring mantel. Once I get the rest of the living room gussied up for spring I'll be sure to share it all with you. 

Well, that's it for today, friends!

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my
Romantic French Farmhouse Spring Mantel
  and that I've inspired you in some way.

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cathedral arch window pane Led taper candles

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My thrift store addiction said...

Lovely! I love your shutters and gorgeous floral pillows, too!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love the mantel. So pretty. Gotta love Dollar Tree. I love the wreath charms and will have to check those out some day when we can leave our homes!!! They would be cute on baskets or as tags on gifts too. Have a great week.

Chalking Up Success said...

I love how this corner turned out, it looks so cosy and inviting. The wreath is really pretty too - just right for spring!

Kathy said...

Lovely. I really like the pops of spring colors with the neutrals! Peaceful with a bit of pep; great combo in my opinion!

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