Spring Time Dollar Tree Treasures #10

April 5, 2020

Welcome to Dollar Tree Treasures #10! Dollar Tree stores are a great go-to spot for many DIY home decor enthusiasts on a budget. Seeing as that's the story of my life, I figured I could share my Dollar Tree insider knowledge with you as I find new and noteworthy Dollar Tree items that you, too, can use to beautify your home. Dollar Tree Treasures #10 includes some things that I will happily be using at home this spring: super cute boho terra cotta pots, flower seed packets and a farmhouse wind chime!

While boho isn't my personal style, I immediately thought of my college-aged daughters when I saw these two cute, boho-style terra cotta planters. They'll both be living off campus next year, one in an apartment and one in a house. We've started to talk about decorating ideas and I knew they both wanted to try their hand at growing plants. Score!

While there were more than two patterns offered, I chose the two I liked the best. I liked the painted "rings" on this one.

And I really loved the artsy look of this pattern. I bought two of each for my daughters to share between them.

I added some faux boxwood for effect so you could see how really cute they are!

For $2.00 I was able to get this set of super cute boho-style planters that my daughters love! (We've already planted a flowering cactus in one of them.) I did a Google search for boho painted planters and came up with similar style same sized planters costing up to $29.00.

Another spring-thinking purchase was these eight flower seed packets. They were 4/$1.00, so I spent all of $2.00 on eight packets.

I absolutely love fresh flowers and have been known to grow some of my own in years past. Other than hydrangeas, growing flowers hasn't happened around here for a while. Which is why I was so excited to find these seed packets for 25 cents apiece!

Snapdragon, Sweet William, Sunflower and Bachelor Buttons. I had Sweet William flowers in my bridal bouquet so they will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Cosmos, Alyssum, Marigold and Zinnia. I can not wait to grow these flowers, so stay tuned for the summer garden!

Now how awesome is this farmhouse windmill wind chime?

Don't you just love this galvanized metal and faux patina? It's got a muted turquoise vibe going on which I also like.

Even better, it has a mini "cow bell" that acts as the wind chime.

Check out this bell! I love it. I'm so looking forward to hanging this in the yard and listening to it while sitting on the patio. Heck, I love how it looks hanging in the house. I found essentially the same one online for $9.95.

There are many more Dollar Tree seasonal steals out there for the taking. I know that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same merchandise at the same time. And in this season of #stayathome we all have to do our part to stop the spread -- so no fun runs to the Dollar Tree! Even so, it's my hope that what you read about here in my Dollar Tree Treasures posts will inspire you to keep an eye out for similar items that you can use in your own home or as part of your own DIY home decor projects.  

Well, that's it for today, friends!
 I hope you enjoyed reading about
Dollar Tree Treasures #10.

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Artsy VaVa said...

Great finds!

My thrift store addiction said...

How fun! The last time I visited my local Dollar Tree, the pots and wind chime weren't available but what great finds!

freshvintagebylisas said...

Great finds! I miss going to Dollar Tree. About a month ago I was able to get my veggie seeds. I hope my Dollar Tree gets the wind chimes!
Xo Lisa S

Kathy said...

Great finds! I love using the packet fronts on garland banners, for scrapbook pages, and on all occasion cards. My problem is that they often get muddy as I plant stuff!! I often soak seeds in my custard cups with a bit of water and Miracle Gro overnite to give them a head start (and score morning glory seeds with a knife to help the sprout break through the seed coat). A garland banner of those packets screams spring to me! Love all your treasures!

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