Dollar Tree Treasures #13: Fall Haul!

August 24, 2020

Welcome to Dollar Tree Treasures #13! Dollar Tree stores are a great go-to spot for many DIY home decor enthusiasts on a budget. Seeing as that's the story of my life, I figured I could share my Dollar Tree insider knowledge with you as I find new and noteworthy Dollar Tree items that you, too, can use to beautify your home. Dollar Tree Treasures #13 includes a ton of fabulous fall home decor items -- so sit back, relax and let's get started!

hello fall pickup truck pumpkins door mat buffalo check throw rug

I have to admit that THIS is my FAVORITE Dollar Tree fall decor purchase. How cute is this pick-up truck with pumpkins? It goes so well with my buffalo check throw rug at the front door you'd think they were sold together. But that's not all!

Hey there Pumpkin door mat buffalo check throw rug
Yes, here's another super-cute floor mat to match up with my buffalo check rug. "Hey there Pumpkin" is a very popular fall phrase these days, so this mat is totally in style.

carved monogram pumpkin decor farmhouse beads olive bucket

I did a double take when I saw the monogrammed pumpkins. They came in both natural and orange. I chose the natural one because I thought it looked really high-end. I got one with the letter "A" for my last name. It wasn't until I got home and saw someone on Instagram who spelled out the word "FALL" with their pumpkins that I wished I had bought more than one!

faux pomegranate pumpkin pine cone floral pick olive bucket farmhouse scale

Much of the fall decor I've picked up over the past few years from Dollar Tree consists of floral picks and faux floral arrangements. Here's a fine example of one "bouquet" I put together with all Dollar Tree faux floral picks. I love how they add in things like pine cones and berries for texture.
faux pomegranates berries pine cones farmhouse beads

 These pretty pomegranates were new to me this year.

faux pumpkin pomegranate berries olive bucket farmhouse scale

Here I combined pomegranates with orange and yellow pumpkin picks.

Dollar Tree pumpkin clips

Last year I bought some of these cute white pumpkin clips (on the left) and I used them so much I figured I could use a few more. They're really flexible for fall decorating and crafting -- you can clip them almost anywhere. The adorable tiny white pumpkins on the right were new this year. They're each attached to a wire that you can bend and use to attach the pumpkin to projects like wreaths or flower arrangements.

Crafter's Square decorative pumpkin picks

These baby boo pumpkin picks use longer sticks which make it easy to add them to tall floral arrangements.
faux fall floral bouquet leaves berries felt pumpkins ironstone pitcher

I added them to this arrangement which is, of course, made up of all Dollar Tree faux florals.

The earliest fall decor I picked up this year was shared in Dollar Tree Treasures #12.

farmhouse beads chippy candlestick leaf garland

Dollar Tree always carries decorative garlands to go with the seasons. I love their faux leaf garlands.

marigolds ble white vase leaf garland fall bouquet

You can hang the garlands from a mantel or over a doorway, or weave them in and out of your seasonal displays as I have here.

farm fresh pumpkins sign 25 cents a pound pickup truck pumpkins

I know this sign was meant to be stuck into a bale of hay or a large pot of mums -- but I have neither one of those -- so I improvised. I have a tall glass jar that is usually filled to the brim with dried hydrangeas. But after I stuck the sign into it and threw in a Dollar Tree velvet pumpkin (from last year) I had an epiphany: why not fill the tall jar completely with velvet pumpkins? Doing that is next on my list.

Autumn blessings wooden fall decor sign fall leaves

You'll never run out of wooden signs to choose from at Dollar Tree. Did I need another one? Nah. Was this one too cute to pass up? Yup.
pumpkin autumn blessings wall art

Gather Here door mat buffalo check throw rug

And yes, I even bought one more of those cute door mats! This one is great for fall in general, as well as for Thanksgiving in particular.

I know that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same merchandise at the same time. Even so, it's my hope that what you read about here in my Dollar Tree Treasures posts will inspire you to keep an eye out for similar items that you can use in your own home or as part of your own DIY decor projects.     

Well, that's it for today, friends.
I hope you've enjoyed reading about
Dollar Tree Treasures #13: Fall Haul
and that I've inspired you in some way!

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

WOW!! I'm planning a stop tomorrow and hope I get lucky with some of these finds ESPECIALLY that monogrammed pumpkin!

Naush said...

Hi Kathleen. I love DT just as much. Had a blast at my last visit. Your fall decor is awesome. Would love for you to share your post at Meraki Link Party at
Much love

Michelle said...

I love everything you got! I haven't been to Dollar Tree since March and I'm missing it terribly.

Joanne said...

Lots of cute finds! I really like the neutral monogrammed pumpkin and those floor mats look so perfect against the buffalo check.

Kathy said...

I came home with the same red truck and pumpkin pick; stuck it in my pot of impatiens in the chair with the broken through seat! Got another sign one on a jute string for my French front doors. I LOVE the red trucks; got a metal one at Hobby Lobby and have small pumpkins in it. Only fall decorating that I've done! Have printed off several picks and will thrift-store frame them for Christmas. Your DT has stuff mine doesn't; am envious. I did get 2 sizes of glitter pumpkins--one on picks. The others I figure I can stick on a skewer! I love the string of skellies; they are just dollhouse sized!

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