Easy DIY Fall Wreath

August 31, 2020

Easy DIY Fall Wreath from rummage sale

Craft and hobby store fall wreaths can be expensive, friends. I mean CRAZY EXPENSIVE. But there are ways to circumvent the cycle of expensive fall wreaths and create a beautiful seasonal wreath of your own for less. It definitely helps if you have a wreath form of some sort to get you started. Check out what I used, what I paid for it, and how I ultimately made my own DIY Fall wreath. 

yellow flowers wreath chinoisserie jar milk glass candlesticks

Here's what my $1.00 church rummage sale wreath looked like. While it was in pristine condition, which I loved, it was way too yellow for me. And with fall rapidly approaching, I wanted to make it more of a fall-hued wreath. So I got down to business by adding some inexpensive fall floral picks.
  floral fall autumn DIY wreath ironstone cabinet

Here's what that same wreath looked like after I added some pumpkin, berry and pomegranate picks and hung it on my farmhouse corner cabinet.

faux berries pomegranate picks yellow flowers

I literally just jabbed the picks into the underlying grapevine wreath form. 

pumpkin pomegranate yellow flower wreath

As much as I disliked the wreath for being so, well, yellow, I really started to like it once I added in some contrasting colors and textures. 

bight yellow faux flower

farmhouse DIY fall wreath

It was at this point I decided the wreath needed a little sumpin' sumpin' so I added . . . . wait for it . . . .

faux pumpkin picks pomegranate baby boos yellow flowers

 Baby boos! For those of you who are not in the know when it comes to pumpkin nomenclature (yes, that's a thing), baby boos are just sweet, tiny, little white pumpkins.  

Wal-Mart wooden pick-up truck pumpkins hay

On the cabinet shelf underneath I added a super cute wooden farmhouse truck that has pumpkins and hay in the truck bed! I got it at Wal-Mart.

Here's a full shot of the farmhouse corner cabinet I got at an estate sale and painted myself. I'm trying to go with less is more this fall as far as decorating goes, but time will tell lol. (Next to Christmas it's my favorite time of year.)

NOTE: all the floral picks and pumpkins I added to this wreath were from Dollar Tree. All I had to do was use a wire cutter to shorten their stems to make them more wreath-friendly (as in easy to insert them into the grapevine wreath). And the baby boos actually have clips on them that make them easy to add to any wreath. 

So overall this fall wreath cost me $1.00 for the underlying wreath, plus about $3.00 for the added Dollar Tree floral picks and pumpkins. I'd say $4.00 is a more than fair price for a gorgeous, colorful DIY fall wreath. Depending on what you may already have on hand it's possible for you to create a pretty new wreath for less as well! Get creative and have fun!

Well, that's it until next time, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my
  Easy DIY Fall Wreath
and that I've inspired you in some way.
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Easy DIY Fall Wreath From Rummage Sale

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Junkchiccottage said...

Beautiful Kathleen. Happy September. Fall is almost here.

Kathy said...

$4 is MY kind of wreathe, too. After reading one of your DT blogs, I stocked up on fall supplies and made the cutest arrangement and numerous garlands. I often destruct GW wreathes, wash and dry them, then redo them. Of course, my wooded yard has grapevines that need to be trimmed back annually, too!

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