Dollar Tree Treasures #14

September 28, 2020

 gold bee decor trinket box Dollar tree

Welcome to Dollar Tree Treasures #14! Dollar Tree stores are a great go-to spot for many DIY home decor enthusiasts on a budget. Seeing as that's the story of my life, I figured I could share my Dollar Tree insider knowledge with you as I find new and noteworthy Dollar Tree items that you, too, can use to beautify your home. Dollar Tree Treasures #14 includes a few of my most recent finds -- so sit back, relax and let's get started!

Normally, by the time you read these posts, some of the Dollar Tree items I write about might already be gone from your local Dollar Tree stores. But sometimes I find things that I really want to share with you right away in the hopes that you will find them for yourself! So here goes!

red white Christmas mug Santas Favorite

I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw this on a random bottom shelf  in SEPTEMBER. I mean, who would have thought such an awesome Christmas find would be just sitting there waiting for me to find it -- before the first day of fall, no less? 

red bead farmhouse Christmas garland joy tassel

I'm not sure what this type of pottery is called but I know I love it. It will fit right in with my DIY Hot Cocoa Bar from years past. I wasn't sure I was going to make a cocoa bar again this year, but right now I'm thinking that I have to, if for no other reason than to showcase this wonderful mug. Stay tuned for that as we get closer to the holidays.

gold bee porcelain trinket box

Next up is this ceramic lidded trinket box with a gold bee on it.

gold bee trinket box decoupage cloisonne pumpkins

gold bee embellished trinket box no lid

How cute is this? Not to mention the fact that gold, bee-embellished  home decor and accessories have been seriously popular items for a hot minute now.  I've abstained from buying any due to the inflated price tag. Not anymore! I'll be using my bee trinket box for -- you guessed it -- jewelry. But I could also see it being used for hair ties, mementos, receipts, change, you name it. Run, don't walk to your local Dollar Tree for this treasure if you're into bees!

Oh Holy Night white wood sign beaded handle

I had recently come across this at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be lovely combined with my nativity set this Christmas. I just didn't want to pay the price. I thought I'd figure out a way to make the sign myself.  

keep that same energy sign white frame

Little did I know that I'd find practically the same thing at Dollar Tree and that with a few tweaks I could turn it into a copy cat of the Hobby Lobby original.

Oh Holy Night white frame Christmas sign

I painted over the back side of the sign with white paint and then reverse stenciled the words "O Holy Night" on it to make this baby my own. It was a quick and easy DIY farmhouse Christmas sign transformation I am really happy with. I know it seems early for Christmas crafts but just you wait . . . . . as of this writing it's only 88 days until Christmas!  

 Well, that's it until next time, friends!

 I hope you enjoyed reading about
Dollar Tree Treasures #14
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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gold bee decor trinket box Dollar tree
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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

You find the best stuff there! Then I go running and mine doesn't have it but then it has other stuff which I buy and then I see new stuff on your blog and then... You get the picture!

mjmaterazo said...

Awesome! Dollar tree is always full of treasures. Good job on your scores!

XO- MaryJo

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