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October 24, 2020


tree collar collage Christmas trees tree skirts

I've decided to go with a Christmas tree collar instead of a traditional tree skirt this year. I've wanted one for years but they always seemed too expensive. This year I've found that the prices have come down somewhat and the selection of Christmas tree collars has grown exponentially. So today I'd like to share a few of my favorite styles of Christmas tree collars with you, as well as some alternative Christmas tree decorating ideas to help you create the Christmas tree of your dreams.

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 galvanized farmhouse Christmas tree collar


 Farmhouse Christmas Tree Collar

I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. Galvanized tree collars are very farmhouse, which I absolutely love. 



willow wicker Christmas tree collar


 MGP Willow Ring

My second favorite Christmas tree collar is the willow ring. Like the galvanized tree collar, it's very farmhouse. I love the rustic look and texture you get from using this tree collar.

golden hammered metal Christmas tree collar

 Golden Hammered Metal Tree Collar

This golden hammered metal tree collar, giving off more of a farmhouse industrial vibe, also comes in silver.

red galvanized Christmas tree collar

Lakeside Collection Red Tree Collar

This red galvanized tree collar is uber-farmhouse!

red and black buffalo check Christmas tree collar


 Red and Black Buffalo Check Christmas Tree Collar

 You can't go wrong with buffalo check, in any color combination.

ruffled burlap Christmas tree collar


 Burlap Ruffled Christmas Tree Collar

Nothing says farmhouse like burlap! I'm a huge fan of both burlap and ruffles, so when this ruffled burlap Christmas tree skirt caught my eye I knew it was a winner.


Behrens metalware galvanized tub

15 Gallon Round Steel Tub

And last but not least, for those of you who love a good DIY, you can always buy a plain galvanized tub like this one and make a Christmas tree collar for yourself. Check out YouTube for instructional videos.

white willow oval laundry basket

White Wicker Laundry Basket

But if a willow basket Christmas tree collar is more your style, you can also DIY one of these for yourself. In a nutshell, you use a jigsaw to cut off the handles, then cut out the bottom of the basket. Flip it over and voila, you have a tree collar. YouTube also has videos on this.  

large willow wicker laundry basket liner


Willow Wicker Laundry Basket

If you prefer a more natural basket versus the white oval one I believe this one will do the trick.

CAVEAT: No matter what type of tree collar you prefer, please be sure to pay attention to their sizes before ordering one! They are different heights and diameters. And some come in two parts as opposed to one. Decide what type and size you want before buying, based on the usual size of your Christmas tree.    

prelit Christmas tree lanterns gifts white rufflee tree skirt

White Ruffle Tree Skirt

Not everyone wants a tree collar. More traditionally, a tree skirt is the preferred option. In all honesty, like tree collars, nice tree skirts can be very expensive -- so as a result I think I own all of three tree skirts spanning the past 25 years of marriage. But the prices have definitely been falling. And as a ruffle-lover, I absolutely fell in love with this white ruffled Christmas tree skirt. If you click the link to check it out you can see it in a more traditional red version.

buffalo check tree skirt white gift boxes red gift bag

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Tree Skirt

I have become very enamored of the black and white buffalo check pattern for Christmas decor. So I love this buffalo check tree skirt! I added some buffalo check Christmas decor items to my repertoire last year and I'm adding even more again this year. You can see some of that in Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments.

 glamorous Christmas tree white tree skirt fireplace candlesticks

White Fur Tree Skirt

I have been known to use Ikea faux fur rugs as slipcovers on my white farmhouse furniture -- to protect it from our beloved wheaten terrier, Riley. So I absolutely love this white faux fur Christmas tree skirt. I think it'll add a bit of glam to just about any tree.

burlap tree skirt painted red truck Merry Christmas

Red Truck Burlap Tree Skirt

Okay, so now we're totally back to farmhouse style with this tree skirt. What is more quintessential to an authentic farmhouse Christmas than a Christmas tree skirt with a red pick-up truck that has a Christmas tree sitting in the back? This tree skirt is rustic, farmhouse and retro, all at the same time.

The nice thing about artificial trees (among other things) is that you don't need to water them! So artificial tree stands don't have to hold water. This makes them smaller (usually) and allows them to have more bells and whistles than fresh tree stands.

rotating musical Christmas tree stand

BryLane Home Rotating Musical Tree Stand

Here's a fine example of what I mean by bells and whistles. This tree stand rotates AND plays Christmas music at the same time! Who knew? I call this one the Cadillac of artificial Christmas tree stands.

rotating Christmas tree stand

Winter Wonder Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

If music isn't your thing, this artificial Christmas tree stand rotates without the music. I'll admit that we've never had a rotating stand but it might work for some people, depending on where their tree is displayed. Although it did occur to me that if you use a rotating stand you most definitely have to decorate the entire tree, back side and all. Not that I've ever left the back side of the tree bare, of course. . . .


rolling Christmas tree stand wheels

This stand's bells and whistles are wheels! No rotation, no music, but you can move the tree anywhere in the house! Don't worry, the wheels lock so you can be sure no little one or family pet will be able to move it -- at least not any more than they could move a traditional artificial tree stand. Honestly, I'm not sure why you would need to move the tree once it's decorated, but who am I to judge lol? 
folding artificial Christmas tree stand


Folding Artificial Christmas Tree Stand

I'd never seen a folding artificial Christmas tree stand before this one but I think it would be great for when storage space is an issue (and who doesn't have an issue with storage space?)   



tree genie Christmas tree stand

 Kinner Tree Genie

We have used this tree stand (for live trees) for the past 8 years. We usually get a 10-12 foot tree and this stand is a godsend (it's size XXL)! You drop the tree into the stand and with one movement of your foot you lock it in place.

It has a big water reservoir and a built-in water gauge so you can see when it needs water. It's great when you discover you've brought home a tree with a crooked trunk -- you can adjust the angle of the tree in the stand to make it look more straight. Who isn't driven crazy by a crooked Christmas tree? Okay, maybe it's just me? 

Anyway, my husband also loves the easy release latch -- again activated by your foot. It's not called the Tree Genie for nothing! One caveat: the XXL sized Tree Genie is pricey (although definitely worth it after 8 years) but it can also be purchased for smaller sized trees at a lower price.      

large green plastic Christmas tree stand

 Oasis Tree Stand

Prior to using the Tree Genie we used this Oasis Christmas tree stand for a number of years. We still have it. This one is the large version, which has a 1.5 gallon water capacity and can hold trees up to 10 feet tall. You can also get it in medium, which is smaller, for less cost.


 red green steel Christmas tree stand


Steel Tree Stand

You might recognize this tree stand -- I think this exact style has been around for a long time. I remember my family using it when I was a kid growing up. While it doesn't have any bells or whistles it gets the job done and is way less expensive. This one can hold up to a 7 foot Christmas tree.

two Christmas tree trunks before and after

Shhhh -- this is a Christmas tree decorating secret. Have you ever seen one of these before? I hadn't and I love it! It's an adjustable, reversible tree pole cover (one side has a faux-wood look and the other side has a candy cane pattern) for those pesky artificial tree trunks you can't seem to camouflage with a tree collar or tree skirt. If it's too long you can cut it to size. However, make sure to measure and be sure that it's actually long enough for your tree's trunk before you buy it!

Miracle-Gro Christmas Tree Plant Food Christmas tree red ball ornaments brown gift boxes

Miracle-Gro Christmas Tree Plant Food

WARNING: Christmas tree plant food can be harmful if swallowed so be sure to keep away from small children and pets!

We've dabbled in using Christmas tree "food" over the years, but it's been hit or miss and I'm not really sure it actually helped extend our tree's life. That being said, this Miracle-Gro Christmas Tree Plant Food gets rave reviews, so I'd be willing to try it this year. We usually get our live tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we keep it up until New Year's. And the needles fall. And fall. And fall. Thankfully this product is supposed to help with that. 

Well, that's it until next time, friends!

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