Flocked Farmhouse Christmas Tree

October 26, 2020

  flocked artificial Christmas spruce tree fireplace mantel red check Christmas pillows

Festively decorated Christmas trees have always evoked happy memories for me. That's why every year I've cherished picking out that one perfect tree and bringing it home to decorate with my family. But this year I tried something different -- I agreed to try a flocked artificial Christmas tree from Nearly Natural -- and I'm super happy I did.   

The tree was provided by Nearly Natural, and I was compensated for this post. However, all opinions are my own. To read more, please see my disclosure page.

While I've always loved live trees, their cost can be prohibitive, especially if you need a large one. (We usually get a 10-12 foot tree for the family room because it has super high vaulted ceilings.) And you have to keep it watered. And the needles just keep falling and falling and falling. And you ultimately have to find a place to discard it. Our local trash hauler won't pick it up so we have to burn it ourselves. It's a lot of work. Period. And then you have to turn around the next year and do it all over again.


The Nearly Natural Tree

So when Nearly Natural contacted me and asked if I wanted to try one of their beautiful, life-like artificial Christmas trees I said yes. I have wanted a flocked artificial Christmas tree for YEARS and I'm thrilled that I finally have one. I received an 8 foot flocked spruce with 1186 bendable branches and 500 LED lights. Once it arrived I easily attached the three branch sections (bottom, middle and top) onto the tree base and gently "fluffed" the individual branches to get it ready for decorating. And having the lights already attached was just the icing on the cake! Each of the three sections' cords attach to the next, creating a seamless string of lights.


The Flocking

I will say that the flocking has a mind of its own, so be prepared for some shedding. I actually laid a tarp down underneath it all before setting up the tree so that I could just remove the tarp and most of the "snow" in one fell swoop. But the more you adjust the branches while decorating the tree, the more the flocking falls. Never fear,  just have your vacuum cleaner at the ready. And don't wear dark clothing because you will end up covered in flocking! (I recommend using a lint roller on your clothes before throwing them in the wash.)


Christmas Tree Placement

Before ordering your tree, be sure to measure the ceiling height in the room you want to place the tree. Since the 8-foot tree was just the right height for our master bedroom, that's where I set it up. Little did I know it would lead me to ultimately create a whole farmhouse Christmas master bedroom  --  but that's a story for another day. Right now I only want to talk about my beautiful 8 foot spruce tree.   

 artificial spruce Christmas tree pre-lit decorated toile Christmas stockings mantel

Isn't it gorgeous? While I knew, initially, that I wanted to go with a black and white buffalo check farmhouse look, I also knew that I wanted to add pops of color. I finally decided to add red and silver. Most of the red pops are from family heirloom red glass ball ornaments, in addition to some rustic red and black buffalo check ornaments. The silver balls were actually Dollar Tree finds.   

 flocked farmhouse Christmas tree wicker tree collar

While planning how to decorate the tree I got excited about decorating the room as well. The tree created such a warm, cozy feel I wanted to extend that feeling with other Christmas touches around the room. So stay tuned for how to decorate a farmhouse Christmas bedroom!

white bedside table aluminum birch log bucket fireplace mantel toile Christmas stockings

I added a flocked garland to the mantel to compliment the flocked tree. 

 decorated Chrismas tree farmhouse Christmas bedding

white firepalce mantel 4 red toile Christmas stockings wrapped Christmas gifts


 flocked Christmas tree red ball ornaments ribbon garland

I also added red berry picks for additional pops of red and some texture. I even skipped the traditional Christmas tree topper and made my own with sparkling red and silver Christmas floral picks (plus an inexpensive silver snowflake ornament at the very top).

 lush full flocked red black Christmas tree

The flocking adds a fabulous, rustic, farmhouse touch to the tree -- something that traditional, plain artificial Christmas trees just don't have. But if flocking isn't for you, Nearly Natural has many non-flocked artificial Christmas trees to choose from as well.

 farmhouse Christmas bedroom flocked tree red quilt birch logs


 wicker Christmas tree collar

The wicker Christmas tree collar adds warmth and even more texture. It's perfect for that farmhouse vibe. I don't know why I waited so long to get one! If you're interested in farmhouse tree collars, as well as tree skirts, I share some of my favorites in Best Christmas Tree Collars, Skirts, Stands and More.   

pre-lit artificial farmhouse Christmas tree

  Once lit, the 500 LED lights create an absolutely beautiful glow.



 I love to put the tree lights on even during the day -- especially during the dark, cold and rainy fall days we're experiencing now. The lighted tree totally warms up the room. If you're interested in where I got some of my ornaments, be sure to check out Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments for inspiration!

flocked farmhouse Christmas tree

I'm excited to be able to enjoy our festive, farmhouse Christmas tree starting now. And a big thank you goes out to Nearly Natural for giving me the opportunity to experience one of their many beautiful, flocked, artificial Christmas trees this holiday season. I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come. 

Well, that's it until next time, friends!
 I hope you enjoyed reading about my
  Flocked Farmhouse Christmas Tree
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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flocked artificial Christmas spruce tree fireplace mantel red check Christmas pillows

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Artsy VaVa said...

The tree is gorgeous! And, I love the wicker collar. I'm going to check out your post on that. I'd like that more than a tree skirt that gets caught in the roomba!

Ann said...

Your tree is beautiful, Kathleen and you placed it in the perfect spot. It definitely puts me in the mood for Christmas!

Kathy said...

Your tree is absolutely beautiful. You did an awesome job! I love a room lit by nothing other than the Christmas tree! I am trying to hold off playing Christmas music till after Halloween, but I think 2020 sure needs some happy music--real soon! I have never done a themed tree, rather I do a mish-mash of ornaments including the children's handmade ones. Since kids left home (and I sent their themed ornaments with them!), I have slowly upgraded to more blown glass ones that I love! My current love is the red pickup theme and I love red buffalo plaid, too--my last year's wreathe theme.

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