DIY Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree Wall Art

November 24, 2020



yarn Christmas tree wall art cathedral background

Mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed recently, I happened upon a really cute and novel (to me) boho tassel Christmas tree. Then I began seeing them on Pinterest as well. I knew right away that it would be one of my 2020 Christmas crafts. I had never seen a tassel Christmas tree before and I was intrigued. So how do you make your own tassel Christmas tree?  

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 DIY pom poms white yarn darning needle

Lucky for me, I still had a stash of white yarn left over from a pom pom making frenzy three years ago. I was totally thrilled with my DIY pom pom garland back then. But I knew that today it was time for a new yarn Christmas tree project. 


Supplies Needed For DIY Tassel Christmas Tree Wall Art  

1. yarn
2. scissors
3. cardboard
4. frame/shadow box/canvas with wood frame (use the back side)
5. rustic wooden stick for tree trunk or small wood disks
7. paint (optional)
8. small tree topper (optional)
9. faux wood grain paper (optional) 
10. seam ripper (or crochet hook)
11. hot glue gun finger protectors  (optional, highly recommended)
skein whiye yarn scissors wood slices seam ripper cardboard
Yarn, scissors, seam ripper, cardboard, wood slices.

three wood slices
 Caron 100% acrylic white yarn size 4
Here's the specifications for the yarn I used for my tassels. You can use thicker or thinner yarn depending on your preference and the type of tassel you wish to make.

 Can of Rust-oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White

And here's the paint I used: my favorite, Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in linen white.
Crafter's Square finger protectors package

I actually found my finger protectors at Dollar Tree, but if you can't find them there I put a link for them in the supply list above. When I saw these I was thrilled -- I hadn't even known they existed! Genius! I've always burned my fingers with the hot glue gun but these little gems really saved me this time!

How To Make A Tassel Christmas Tree

basket filled with pillows and throws in front of fireplace
This tassel Christmas tree project was a no-brainer for me considering that I recently added large, fluffy tassels to a blanket I had purchased from Costco (as seen in the basket above). You can see what I did and how I did it in How To Make Yarn Tassels For A Cozy Fall Throw. The post will give you a step-by-step guide to creating a tassel so I highly recommend you look it over first.    
One difference between these tassels and the cozy throw tassels is the size of the tassel. The tassels for the Christmas tree wall art are very small in comparison to the cozy fall throw tassels. Also, I used a piece of cardboard as my "frame" to wrap the yarn around, rather than a book. The cardboard was 2.5 inches tall and I wrapped the yarn around it 25 times for each new tassel. I made 15 tassels total.

Finally, where I used a crochet hook in the tassel throw project to "hide" any leftover string, I used a seam ripper to do that for this project.   

And if you'd rather not have to make 
the tassels yourself, you can always 
buy premade tassels online.
buffalo check canvas frame

I had this buffalo check farmhouse frame on hand and knew it would be perfect for this project.

I just flipped it over to use as kind of a shadow box that I could place my tassel Christmas tree in. You can see here how I placed the bottom five tassels inside the frame just to get a sense as to how they would fit. 
white frame shadow box wood grain paper liner wood slices
For starters I painted the outside of the frame white. And then I placed faux woodgrain paper into the frame with double sided tape as a great rustic background for the tree. I also tested the size of the tree trunk with my wood slices.
For the tree trunk you can use a small stick picked up outside in your yard or from a walk in the neighborhood. I just happened to have a bag of tiny wood slices. You can also find similar small wood slices online. 
 white yarn tassels CHristmas tree wood slice tree trunk
Then I went ahead and did a dry run (no gluing) by putting all the tassels in place to see how the finished tree would look. It's important that you space things out ahead of time so that you don't run out of room. Don't ask me how I know this.  

Once the wood slices were glued together and the trunk was dry and in place, I glued down the bottom row of the tree. Here's the first tassel I glued on, right above the trunk. It's best to start from the middle and work your way outwards.

There should be five tassels on the bottom row, then four, then three, then two, then one. I kept the top tassel sitting where I wanted it to ultimately be so that I had a reference point while building my tree. I wanted the spacing of the rows to be just right. I didn't want to build it too tall and then have to start again.
white yarn tassels Christmas tree

Here it is, all but the fourth row (two tassels) finished. Each tassel was positioned so that it hung over the tassel beneath it just a tiny bit.
cathedral arch framed yarn Christmas tree pine cones
And here's the finished product hanging over the living room mantel. While I liked the rustic look I had going, I felt it maybe needed a bit more color. 

red Merry Christmas yarn tree picture frame shadow box

So I added some red wooden Merry Christmas stickers to the top of the display. Then I placed another wood sticker ornament on the top of the tree.   

white cathedral arch window tree display

They can be removed if I decide to go back to the more plain look.

sugar pine cones mini pine trees fairy lights Merry Christmas sign

I played around with adding real greens to the display and then trying it without. 

sugar pine cones evergreen boughs

I still can't get over the size of these sugar pine cones. I love them.

Christmas mantel decor vines happy lights Merry Christmas sign

I'm also loving the fairy lights on the mini pine trees and on the vine laced around the outside of the cathedral window. It looks so pretty at night.

white wooden chippy cathedral arch vines red Merry Christmas

red Merry Christmas yarn tree picture frame shadow box

I'm very happy with how the tassel Christmas tree turned out. It's more boho than my usual Christmas decor, but change can be a good thing, right? So how do you decorate your mantel for Christmas? 

Well, that's it until next time, friends!

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my 
DIY Tassel Christmas Tree Wall Art
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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yarn Christmas tree wall art cathedral background
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handmade by amalia said...

Such a fun craft idea.

Junkchiccottage said...

Kathleen this is too adorable. Love it. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo

Karolyn said...

I really like this!! The addition of the red and the tree topper was a great idea! I like it plain, but the red adds that pop that makes it special!!

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