Terrain Sphere Hanging Basket Knock-Off With Dollar Tree 3-D Wreath Form

October 25, 2021

Today I'm sharing how I created a Terrain sphere hanging basket knock-off with a Dollar Tree 3-D wreath form.


orange white pumpkins hanging globe wire basket fairy lights

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 wire globe hanging basket fall decor

Terrain Sphere Hanging Basket

The idea for this knock-off came to me a long time ago. So long ago that when I finally got around to making it I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a photo of the actual product that inspired me in the first place. Luckily I was still able to find it!  

If you go the Terrain website you'll see the prices for their sphere hanging baskets range from $38.00 to $138.00 depending on whether you order a S, M, L or XL sized basket. The price is for the metal basket only - they do not even come with a coco liner! 

As much as I am enamored of Terrain and their beautiful products, their prices for this product really gave me pause. While I thought it was a neat idea, especially for fall, there was obviously no way I'd ever spend that kind of money for it.


wire Dollar Tree 3-D wreath form round tin tags

Some time after I first saw the Terrain hanging basket, I came across this 14 inch 3-D wreath form at Dollar Tree. It brought images of said hanging basket to my mind, so I bought it.You can see it here, lying flat, with the included silver, bendable metal rings.
two coco liners

Some time later I picked up a 10 inch round coco liner at Dollar Tree as well. While they usually carry it in the stores, at least during the spring and summer months, I could not find it on their website right now. Hence, the picture above is a two pack of 10 inch coco liners from Amazon.  

With the wire wreath form and the coco liner in hand I was ready to go.


Dollar Tree 3-D wreath instructions

1. Put the 3-D wreath form together. In all honesty I had a slight problem with this as I didn't find the directions (see above) all that helpful. 
3-D wire wreath form table

If I had to put it into my own words, I'd say the first step would be to open the wreath into its 3-D form (see above).
Then place it on a table for some stability, holding the wires at the very top (where they all meet) with one hand, while placing one of the included silver metal rings over the top of the form with your other hand.
Dollar Tree 3-D wreath form
Securing one wire at a time, fold the metal ring's flaps (for lack of a better word -- or end pieces), securely around each wire until the entire silver ring has been attached, wire by wire, to the top of your globe wreath. The really tricky part is keeping the globe's proper 3-D shape while you tackle attaching the metal ring. 
Sorry I didn't take pictures of this - it was impossible for me to do both! I do know there are Youtube videos of people crafting with this wreath form so maybe one of those videos actually shows how they attached the metal rings onto the wires.
Then you can also attach the other silver metal ring to the bottom of your globe wreath. This one should be easier to attach since the top metal ring has already been secured and the wreath should be immobile now.
2. Place coco mat inside the wreath.
3. Place the first of two fairy light battery packs into the liner. Then carefully wrap the string of lights around one of the wires all the way up to the top of the globe. Repeat with the second strand, winding the string all the way up the wire just opposite, so that you have lights wrapping up two sides of the globe.    

I used the gold leaf lights as shown above, which you can hopefully find at your Dollar Tree. I've linked to their website which, sadly, makes you buy 36 of them in bulk! You really can use any type of fairy lights you prefer, like these tiny leaf garland string lights from Amazon.   

4. Using Dollar Tree floral garden decorative rope rope (again, you have to buy a case of them online so try to find them in-store or get some jute rope from Amazon), cute two lengths of it, each one long enough to cover one wire, twisting it around the wire, from underneath the coco mat to all the way up to the top of the globe, allowing for some extra length you'll then use to create a knot for hanging at the top.
You don't need to glue the rope to the wires. I just slid one end of my cut rope in between the coco mat and the bottom wires of the globe, then started twisting it around the individual wire all the way up to the top of the globe. Once I had done this on the other side as well I then brought the two pieces of rope together and created a knot at the top that I could use for hanging.    

5. For the last two remaining "naked" wires, I broke into my stash and came up with a faux mini green leaf wire garland to cover them with. Not from Dollar Tree (I think I got it from Hobby Lobby), but you can always use this vine string light with timer function (which is actually better because it has built-in fairy lights!).  

Just twist the garland around the wires as you did for the gold leaf lights and the rope. 

6. Fill the coco liner with moss balls (or any other natural elements you might have on hand) that can serve as a filler underneath the pumpkins. 

7. Add the pumpkins.

8. If possible, throw in some faux greenery around the pumpkins as well as some faux hanging greenery. I got my two faux greenery hanging pieces from Target Dollar Spot, but you can also get some artificial hanging plants from Amazon as well. The other faux greenery filler is a faux eucalyptus garland from Wal-Mart.

9. Last but not least, hang your creation in a place of honor. If you don't have a covered porch or patio, you can always hang it from a shepherd's hook during the day and then bring it inside at night to protect it from the elements.
3-D hanging wire globe pumpkins

I initially hung mine from a forged metal plant hanger that's attached to the back of our house near the patio.
orange white baby pumpkins leaf garland coco liner wire globe wreath

sunny yard hanging plants pumpkins

As the day progressed I moved the wreath to another spot. I hung it from our patio tent's metal frame, just like I did with my Dollar Tree LED hanging lamp with fairy lights.    

gold leaf LED lights green leaf garland rope moss balls pumpkins

mini pumpkins Target Dollar Spot faux greenery coco liner

Finally, as the sun started to go down, you could see the pretty lights.

romantic patio hanging basket fairy lights pumpkins

How magical is this? Who knows? I might eventually add even more lights!

I could also see making more of this type of "wreath" come winter - filled with evergreen boughs, large pine cones and colorful red berries. But for now I'm thrilled with how this fall garden decor project turned out.

 Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my

Terrain Hanging Basket Knock-Off

With Dollar Tree 3-D Wreath Form 

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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 orange white pumpkins hanging globe wire basket fairy lights
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Debra@CommonGround said...

this is so pretty, and I love the lights!!

Junkchiccottage said...

So pretty. Their stuff is so neat and gorgeous. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

Linda Kilsdonk said...

This is beautiful. Your instructions are perfect. I've seen these weird wire things at Dollar Tree from time to time, but had no idea what to do with them. I saved your tutorial for when I go there the next time and buy myself one of the weird wire contraptions. Thanks for sharing. It turned out wonderfully! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings

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