How To Spray Paint Christmas Cow Bells

December 18, 2021

Today I'm sharing how to spray paint Christmas cow bells.

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three galvanized cow bells with rope handles

I purchased these cow bells online as part of a set. They can be quite expensive, but I got these for a reasonable price (which is why I jumped on them). The only problem is that I didn't like the galvanized metal look. At least not for Christmas.

I've been seeing lots of gold Christmas bells, cow and otherwise, all over the internet, as well as in stores. So I thought, why not just spray paint them? 

shower curtain liner spray paint sand paper painter's tape


1. galvanized cow bells (If you'd just rather forego this DIY and purchase ready-made gold cow bells you can do that, too!)   

2. sand paper

3. painter's tape

4. tarp (I use Dollar Tree shower curtain liners)

5. spray paint in color of choice (I used Krylon Fusion All-in-One Paint and Primer in Metallic Gold

6. Optional: something to use as risers (I used cinder blocks) as well as a pole to hang the bells from (I used a shower curtain rod

7. Optional: red velvet ribbon


painter's tape cow bell clappers

1. First, gently rub the bells with sandpaper. This will help the paint adhere better. Then cover the clappers (the things that actually ring) with painter's tape. Mine were wood so I knew I wanted to keep them intact and not paint them.

cinder blocks curtain rod showeer curtain tarp

2. Lay down a tarp. Set up risers (I used cinder blocks) and place a pole across them (I used a shower curtain rod).

galvanized cow bell blue painter's tape on rope handle

3. Cover the rope/handle with painter's tape.

gold spray painted cow bell

4. Slide the rope onto the rod. Using a light touch, move the spray paint can from side to side, making sure not to paint too thickly (so as to avoid paint running/streaking). It's best to apply a few light coats. Be sure to wait the appropriate time between coats, depending on the can's instructions. I applied two coats.  

5. Once fully dry, remove all painter's tape.

6. (Optional) Tie all three cow bells together in preparation for hanging.

boxwood wreath mantel garland gold cow bells red velvet ribbon

I fell in love with bells like these a long time ago when I saw them as part of a HUGE front door Christmas wreath. While I don't have that wreath, I can still use my cow bells to add rustic, farmhouse flair to my fireplace.

three gold spray painted cow bells hanging red ribbon

The red velvet ribbon added a nice punch of color, along with the red berries on the mantel garland. 

Flea Market Antiques garden gate sign mantel Christmas decor

Sorry for the bad photo, but I wanted you to get an idea as to the whole mantel/fireplace area in the family room. (Horrible light in that room!) Directly underneath the mantel is a fabulous vintage-inspired estate sale find that I'll be sharing with you soon! The wooden "Flea Market" sign was a roadside rescue I made out of a neighbor's discarded garden gate.   

I don't particularly like how you can see the fairy lights on the boxwood wreath but at night it really does look magical!

red berries mantel garland gold hanging cow bells

25 cent sleigh ride sign gold cow bells mantel Christmas decor

I can tell that these spray painted Christmas cow bells are going to be part of  my Christmas decor repertoire for many seasons to come. Heck, I'll probably end up displaying them all year long! Have you gotten on the cow bell band wagon yet? 

Well, that's it for today, friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my

  Christmas Cow Bells

 and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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gold cow bell with red velvet ribbon

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They look great! Merry, merry!

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These are great. Super cute. Merry Christmas. xoxo

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