How To Turn An Aldi Christmas Tree Into Elegant Christmas Decor

December 24, 2021

I'm so excited to share how I took an inexpensive Aldi tabletop Christmas tree and turned it into high end, elegant Christmas decor. 

flocked Aldi tabletop tree elegant decorations

And it all started with a few chinoiserie ginger jars . . . . .

blue white gold Christmas tree fireplace wreath packages

You may have seen my Blue, White and Gold Chinoiserie Christmas Tree. It led me to decorate my entire living room in a more elegant style than I'm used to. It's definitely been challenging, but I can say that overall I'm happy with the end result.

One of my favorite additions to the living room Christmas decor this year is an inexpensive ($7.99) pre-lit Aldi Merry Moments tabletop Christmas tree I got last year. It's super plain but for the flocking and the pre-lit lights. And in keeping with my love of chinoiserie I knew exactly what to do with it. 

large chinoiserie jar pine cones Christmas tree

Can you believe this is the same basic tree? With just a few tweaks I changed it into some truly elegant Christmas decor.   

large ginger jar flocked Christmas tree pine cones mantel decor

First I stuffed the chinoiserie jar with crumpled up newspaper.

blue gold ribbon garland tabletop Christmas tree

Then I topped it all off with some batting (or stuffing) to resemble snow to help secure the tree in the jar.

three ginger jars chinoiserie mantel decor tabletop Christmas tree
I plopped the tree into the jar and taped the fairy light battery pack onto the back with painter's tape, then added a few lamb's ear and white berry picks for fullness.

chinoiserie ginger jars on white mantel flocked Aldi tree

I then swathed it in a gorgeous blue and gold wired ribbon, just like the ribbon on my 7 foot Montreal Fir Christmas tree. 

frosty flocked tabletop Aldi Christmas tree on mantel in jar

I then placed it on the living room mantel along with some other equally beautiful chinoiserie ginger jars for effect. No ornaments were even necessary!

rustic blanket ladder grapevine wreath white mantel flocked tree

Overall I was thrilled with the final outcome. Who would have thought that an Aldi $7.99 tabletop Christmas tree could ever look this good?

While it helped to have the chinoiserie pieces on hand to add a bit of style, I'm sure you can dress up a similar inexpensive tree with any type of unusual container. And by unusual I mean unique. Maybe it's an old rusted olive bucket. Or a whiskey barrel planter. Or a mini Christmas tree collar.

No matter what you choose it's all good. Whatever works for you and your inexpensive mini tree. I'm just happy that I found an easy,  elegant way to display mine.

  Well, that's it for today, friends! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Turn an Aldi Christmas Tree

Into Elegant Christmas Decor 

 and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Aldi Merry Moments tabletop tree

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