How To Make Faux Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Toppers

February 3, 2022

Today I'm sharing how to make a faux whipped cream Valentine mug topper.

DIY faux whipped cream Valentine mug toppers

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I'm not known for creating big Valentine decor displays. Frankly, I could skip them altogether. But when I saw this awesome DIY faux whipped cream mug topper craft on social media around Christmas time I absolutely fell in love with it. While I was too busy to try it then, I did have some time to do it for Valentine's Day, so here we go. . . . . .

Supplies For Making Faux Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Topper

Valentine craft supplies for DIY spackle whipped cream

(Photo not representative of all supplies listed below.)

2. thick white foam board (needs to be sturdy)
4. aluminum foil (optional)
12. white acrylic paint (and/or any other color paint you prefer)
13. non-adhesive glitter foam sheets in assorted colors
14. toilet paper or paper towel roll, cut to fit (optional)
15. scissors
16. tweezers
17. masking tape (optional)
18. disposable mixing bowl(s)
19. disposable spoons for mixing

NOTE: I get as many of my supplies at Dollar Tree as possible. I've included links to some of the supplies in case you have trouble finding them at your local Dollar Tree or elsewhere. 

All in all (in part due to my learning curve) I went through 6 piping bags (don't ask)! Also, I used 2 1/2 six ounce containers (approximately 15 ounces worth) of spackle for four toppers (with a little left over). I also ended up accidentally throwing away a piping tip, just sayin. So remember to take the tip out before throwing away the pastry bag!  

How To Make Faux Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Topper

1. Place mug face down onto cardboard. Trace around the outside of the mug.

2. Cut out your circle. 

NOTE: If you are planning to make more than one topper, be sure to cut out ALL your cardboard circles in advance. You don't want the prepared spackle mixture to dry out while you go back and cut out more circles:)

You also need to have all your decorations prepared in advance as well. For example, you can cut down all your straws and picks to size, as well as make your fake sprinkles so they'll be ready to toss onto each topper as you make them. 

white mug toilet paper ro,,

3. (OPTIONAL) Place toilet paper roll, or cut-down-to-size paper towel roll, into the mug as a placeholder for the whipped cream topper. You want the top of the paper roll to reach just under the inside rim of the mug. (These come in handy if you make the cardboard circle a wee bit too small so that it almost falls into the mug. This way you can hopefully prop it up to make it more even with the mug's rim rather than have to cut out another circle.) 

NOTE: I used a paper roll inside the mug for the first topper I made, but didn't use one for the next three toppers. 

white foam board circle base for spackle whipped cream white mug

4. Place your circle of cardboard on top of the mug to see how it all fits together. Make sure the topper sits flat and straight across the opening of your mug. If necessary, trim the circle so that it fits comfortably just inside the rim of the mug on top of the paper roll place holder (if you're using one.)

paper plate foil ball foam board circle

5. FOIL BALL METHOD: When you're happy with the shape and size of your cardboard circle, make an aluminum foil ball that will fit in the middle of your circle. I used a 4" x 5" piece of foil. You want to scrunch it up so that it resembles the shape of a bee hive. I secured it to the cardboard with masking tape, but you can always glue it to the circle before you start piping the spackle around it. 

white styrofoam ball white foam board circle wax paper

ALTERNATE METHOD: Instead of using foil you can use a styrofoam ball cut in half. (I used a 3 inch ball.) Place the flat side of the halved ball in the middle of the cardboard circle and secure with masking tape or glue. 

NOTE: I liked using the styrofoam ball better than foil because you can gently push your straw, or any other decorations, right into it and it provides a more secure set-up. The foil ball pretty much got in the way and made it harder to decorate the topper. 

Regardless of the method you choose, once the topper base is completed, place it on top of a sheet of waxed paper to use as your work surface.
red Silly Winks glitter sheets

6. Make your fake sprinkles. I did this by cutting two long, very thin strips from a sparkly red foam square. 

red glitter foam sheet strips

Then I cut those strips into even tinier "strips" to resemble real sprinkles. 

cut up pink and red sparkle foam sheets DIY sprinkles

Then I repeated the process with a sparkly pink foam sheet.

plastic mixing bowl spoon spackle paint water

7. Pour your spackle into a disposable bowl and mix in 1 tablespoon of acrylic paint (white or any other color you prefer) per every 6 ounces or so of spackle used. I just stirred the concoction with a spoon. Then I added a small amount of water to the spackle mix. 

While I didn't measure it exactly, I can tell you that I turned on the kitchen faucet so that it was barely running (with warm water) and let it run into the bowl for 6 seconds. Scientific, I know. Then I stirred some more until I felt the mixture was smooth and thin enough to push through a pastry tip like real icing would. 

NOTE: The main goal is to make sure the spackle will be thin and creamy enough to pipe through the pastry tip easily. Without the added paint and water my spackle was too thick and I was unable to  force it through the tip despite my best efforts. If you think it's too runny you can always add more spackle.   

beer glass pastry bag tip

8. Place the icing tip (most people I've seen do this used a 1M tip -- I didn't have a 1M tip, so mine had a bigger opening than that) into the cut-off end of your pastry bag, then place the bag into a tall glass to make it easier to fill with the spackle. Using a spoon, transfer the spackle mix from the bowl into the pastry bag.

pastry bag with tip filled with white spackle for DIY whipped cream

9. Gently massage the spackle-filled bag and try to smooth the mixture down toward the tip. Then gently twist the top of the bag closed and you're ready to start piping the spackle out.

DIY fake whipped cream topper red sparkle heart red striped straw

10. Gently squeeze out the spackle onto the cardboard base, starting at the outermost edges of the cardboard and incrementally working your way around in concentric circles and upwards, around the foil ball (or styrofoam), just like you would if you were decorating a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream from a can!

NOTE: I reviewed TONS (technical term) of YouTube videos and blog posts about how other people did this. Not ONE of them mentioned having trouble getting the spackle to go through the tip and actually come out of the pastry bag. Well, I'm here to tell you that it was NOT EASY to do. 

My first attempt was a bust since I didn't add in any paint or water to thin the mixture first. So for my second try I winged it. Here's what I learned:   

-- You have to add something to the spackle (paint and/or water) to make it thin enough to pipe through the pastry tip. (The larger the tip opening the better the chance of success.)

-- Unless you're really familiar with all the different types of pastry tips out there, you should practice first with different tips to see which one you like the best (you could even do this with real icing). Not all tips create the same finished look so you should decide in advance which one(s) you want to use.

-- Getting the cardboard circle to fit the mug without any noticeable gaps was the hardest part of this craft for me. Luckily, I was on the mark with three of the four toppers. TIP: It's probably better to go heavy on the "whipped cream" around the edge of the topper so that when it dries it might just cover up any small imperfections in the size/shape of the topper.  

-- Use tweezers to pick up and apply the tiny DIY foam sprinkles. Gently push them into the fake whipped cream without making a huge dent in it.  

-- Don't use real sprinkles and/or baking sugars to decorate the toppers. While I've seen some people do it, others have complained that real toppings end up kind of melting and/or bleeding color onto the topper. Plus, if you want to be able to store these for any length of time (say, until next Valentine's Day) the decorations might go bad and/or attract bugs (yuk). 

But I digress. Now it's time to decorate!

11. Before the spackle starts to dry (you have a bit of time here) be sure to add some colorful fake sprinkles, a straw (cut to size), fine colored glitter and any other fun Valentine decorations your heart desires.

12. After you're satisfied that the topper has completely dried (best to wait 24 hours), place your faux whipped cream topper onto the mug! Some people actually spackle the cardboard to the mug, or hot glue it on. But I love my mugs and want to be able to use them again for other things, like drinking out of them! Instead, I used glue dots to secure the topper. That way I can take the cardboard and "whipped cream" off of my mugs after Valentine's Day.     

three Valentine decorated fake whipped cream cocoa toppers

Here are three of the toppers drying on wax paper. 

Valentine three tier tray decor whipped cream toppers

And voila! I've displayed all four of them in front of my three tier tray that I  decorated for Valentine's Day. I'll share how I put that together in a separate post!

two white hobnail mugs Valentine vignette fake mug toppers

This one was the first faux whipped cream topper I made and you can see that I was a bit off in cutting my cardboard circle so there's a tiny gap between the topper and the mug in one area. But the fact that the mug is white and the cardboard and "whipped cream" is white does camouflage it a bit. I'm still very happy with it, and the next three toppers I made fit the mugs pretty well.

four decorated mugs Valentine vignette

four white hobnail mugs DIY fake cocoa whipped cream toppers Valentine theme

Some toppers are taller than others and they're all shaped a bit differently because that's how it would be in real life. So try not to sweat the small stuff, they don't have to be perfect!

Decorations include striped paper straws, pink and red glitter heart picks from Dollar Tree, DIY sprinkles and fine glitter "sugar." 

white hobnail mug pink glitter heart pick DIY sprinkles fine pink glitter

The fine pink glitter really added a nice touch to these toppers, although the photos don't do it justice. 

Hobby Lobby glitter Valentine heart pick white mug fake topper

white mugs red glitter heart Valentine display

many decorative hearts Valentine vignette tray decor

Even though it was not as easy as I thought it would be, I'm glad I made them -- and just seeing them displayed like this makes me smile.

two white hobnail cocoa mugs with fake whipped cream toppers

I learned a lot as I stumbled my way through making this craft. Overall, I'm really happy with how cute they look and I think I'm going to be making more this Christmas!

I think they would make great gifts, too, filled with cocoa and marshmallows -- for both Valentine's Day and Christmas!

If you like these fake whipped cream Valentine mug toppers you might also enjoy How To Make A Fake Naked Cake. Now I'm definitely on the hunt for more faux food spackle projects!  

 Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about

How To Make Faux Whipped Cream 

Valentine Mug Toppers

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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DIY faux whipped cream Valentine mug toppers

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Debra@CommonGround said...

golly, these are adorable, but look like a ton of work. You were a brave gal to create these and share the DIY. they're so cute with your Valentine tiered tray. I'm going to check out the naked cake too. pinning them both! Happy weekend!

My thrift store addiction said...

This looks like an involved process--I am impressed! They sure are cute!

The Antiqued Journey said...

Wow! You go, girl!!!

Jennifer Adams said...

Found you at Wonderful Wednesday (Penny's Passion), LOVE these! If you are interested in creating more fake bakes, I recommend the 'Fake Bake Craft Supplies' and 'Faux Ever Desserts' groups on Facebook. There are tons of groups like these, but these two are my favorites because the administers allow you to share your blog posts. I know the group members would love to see how you made your faux sprinkles by cutting the glitter paper, if you put that in your FB group post title I bet you would get a lot of hits! Happy crafting!

Junkchiccottage said...

These are so cute. Very sweet for Valentines Day. xoxo

Unknown said...

Great job, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing! Have a happy Valentine's Day, Donna

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

These are just so darn cute!! I love them! I will have to put this on my ever growing Craft To Do List!! LOL!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Pinned!!

Vintage Style Gal said...

I like your version so much better. I kept seeing the mugs with faux whipped cream for Christmas, but I could not justify wasting a mug. Your idea is the best! No wasted mugs, and you get to display cute Valentine mugs. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting ,that you have to add water and /or paint so it's thin enough to flow through .. I spend the entire evening trying until I try it

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