How To Use 3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger

February 12, 2022

Today I'm sharing how to hang a heavy mirror using a 3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger.

3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger

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Hanging heavy mirrors and artwork can be an anxiety-inducing project for just about anyone. Take it from me, I know. But I’m happy to say that recently, thanks to discovering a really great 3M product, that anxiety has nearly vanished. It worked for us and it will work for you, too!

We all know that drywall anchors can do the job, BUT . . . first you have to drill, and then when you eventually pull the anchors out they leave HUGE holes in the wall! And who wants to deal with that?

Enter the 3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger. If you want to take it out later it leaves only minuscule holes by comparison! Never heard of it? Read on!

3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger

The 3M Drywall Picture Hanger is so awesome that it was named one of Popular Science's 2020 Best of What's New Award! And I'm here to show you why.

package 3M Claw Drywall Picture Hanger 25 pounds

Enter the 3M Claw

No worries, no tools, no suds, no guesswork 3M Claw picture hanger

This product has revolutionized how to hang things from 15 to 65 pounds. (It comes in four different strengths: 15 lbs., 25 lbs., 45 lbs. and 65 lbs.) No more huge holes in your wall from wall anchors. No more anxiety over putting the holes in the right place. Seriously.  

messy dining room empty wall boxwood wreaths windows

Here's the unsuspecting empty wall.  

vintage gold Windsor mirror

And here's the gorgeous Windsor mirror I thrifted many years ago for just a few dollars. I always knew that I wanted to hang it on that empty wall. Hanging this behemoth of a mirror was more than daunting. It easily weighs 20-plus pounds, and we were wimps about putting holes in the wall! So it lingered, propped against the wall, for a few years. Yes, years. 

So you can imagine my happiness at the thought it would be hung!

back side of vintage mirror Illinois Moulding Co. Chicago Illinois 60608

On the back of the mirror it says Illinois Moulding Co., Chicago, Illinois 60608 Made In the USA. Not surprising since we live in the Chicago suburbs.

instructions for hanging Windsor mirrors

I found out it was called a "Windsor" mirror by way of this instructional sticker on the back. It also talks about "the correct way" to hang this heavy mirror, versus "the unsafe way."

Basically, it's saying that you should not use picture hanging wire due to the mirror's serious weight. It says you should use "hooks" instead. Up until now that basically meant wall anchors. But not anymore! I can tell you exactly what "hooks" (a.k.a. 3M Claw) you should use and how you should use them!


 Step 1: Identify Frame Hardware

pamphlet 3M Claw instructions

These are the actual 3M Claw drywall picture hanger instructions (for Sawtooth, D-Ring or Wire hangers). Top left is the temporary "spot marker" (sponge in the shape of an arrow with a removable liner on both sides) and top right is the actual claw with prongs on the back (note the notch in the bottom of it). 

NOTE: the temporary spot marker does NOT hold the frame up.

D-ring hanging instructions

We followed the "D-Ring" instructions because that's what was on the back of our mirror -- two "D-Rings."

Step 2: Mark Hanging Spot

Steps 2 and 3 of 3M Claw Hanger instructions

Note: For us, this step follows the D-Ring Instructions, above, under Step 1. (Mark a dot on the frame where a nail would normally go and flip down D-Ring. Remove liner from gray side and stick marker to the frame so that the top points to your dot. Remove liner from white side. Repeat on the other D-Ring.) 

D-ring with two screws back of mirror

NOTE: Since our D-ring was secured by two screws, we had to remove the top screw that was holding the D-ring in place before we could fold the whole thing down and out of the way so we could then adhere the sponge marker to the back of the frame. 

two 3M Claw spot markers

Step 2 instructions say to lightly touch sponge marker to wall and pull back, without letting go of the frame. (Now the sponge marker is stuck to the wall.) 

Then mark the wall with a pencil in the bottom notch of the sponge marker. IMPORTANT: now remove marker from wall.

Step 3: Install Hanger 

silver picture hanger 3M Claw 25 pound

Align notch in bottom of hanger (see said notch above) to pencil dot on wall. Keeping bottom edge against the wall, place thumbs in upper corners of hanger and push in quickly and firmly. 

IMPORTANT Continue to push until hanger is completely flush against wall.

Don't forget the removal part (printed on insert) for when you want to take it all down. REMOVAL: Slide a flat head screwdriver between the hook and wall, then gently pull away.

Tool Bench Hardware furniture pads Dollar Tree

TIP: I always add felt pads to the back side of whatever I'm hanging so that the mirror or artwork doesn't make any marks on the wall.

round felt pad on back of heavy Windsor mirror

Here's one of the pads I put on the back of the mirror.

gold Windsor mirror Chicago Illinois boxwood wreath moss balls

Here she is in all her glory. And I do have to say that I absolutely love how it looks on that wall!

gold mirror green wreath moss balls 

Once it was finally hung I thought it looked like it had always been there.

gold gilded mirror dining room wall

And it gives me the perfect opportunity to show off my beloved boxwood wreaths.

large gold Windsor mirror with boxwood wreath

I also love how the bird cage chandelier is reflected in the mirror.

gold mirror green boxwood wreaths altar sticks moss balls

French urn planter gold mirrir boxwood wreath moss ball candlestick

It really was the easiest hanging job ever. Best part? You'll only be left with teeny tiny holes in your wall when you decide to remove it! Trust me, this product works! If you have picture hanging phobia you can now breathe a sigh of relief and start hanging pictures!

P.S. We love this product so much that we just bought three variety packs (three different sizes) for future projects!

Unable to find that perfect mirror in your thrift store travels? Have a look at these, instead:

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about

How To Use 3M Claw Drywall Picture Hangers

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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3m Claw drywall picture hanger

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My thrift store addiction said...

Hanging heavy objects is one of my least favorite tasks, so I appreciate the helpful tips!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Lol, I still get a bit anxious even with this great solution! I use those same felt pads for keeping walls (and doors for wreath hangers) from getting scratched. Thanks for the step by step on this!

Junkchiccottage said...

Thanks for introducing us to this new product and the tips. It is so anxiety ridden to hang mirror or architectural pieces that are heavy. Happy Wednesday. xoxo Kris

mjmaterazo said...

Happy Birthday Kathleen! I am glad you were able to celebrate it with family. The mirror looks great! Thank you for the tip. XO- MaryJo

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