Best Arm Saver Gardening Gloves and Tools

August 1, 2022

Today I'm sharing my favorite arm saver gardening gloves and tools that I absolutely love. 

floral garden kneeler arm saver long gloves brown apron

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Gardening gloves are a must-have in my book. From keeping dirt out from under your fingernails to saving you from scratches and rashes on your arms, I find them a real life saver when I'm gardening.  

Womanswork the arm saver gardening gloves

These were a gift from my husband. And while beautiful, they cost more than I would normally pay for gardening gloves ($38.00). After I received them, I looked into whether or not there were cheaper alternatives out there. Lo and behold I found some! Today I want to share them with you (as well as a cheaper pair of mine!).

The cheapest I could find my actual Womanswork The Arm Saver gardening gloves elsewhere was on eBay for $28.97. Now they no longer sell them.

If you're not intent on getting the exact same floral pattern gloves as mine, you can find many alternatives on Amazon for even less:

Ruibo Leather Rose Gardening Gloves

Treedeng Rose Gloves

Womens Goatskin Gardening Gloves

Leather Rose Gardening Gloves

I don't know if you've ever even thought about arm saver gardening gloves before (I know I hadn't until I found a pair myself) but I recommend them wholeheartedly. They've absolutely saved my forearms from many a scratch and allergic reaction to the garden's many scratchy leaves, stems and thorns. 

My cucumber vines presented the hardest challenge, as they're covered with super sharp and pokey spikes. But my arm saver gloves keep my hands and arms both rash and injury-free. 

set of three floral designed gardening tools

I also have to mention my lovely floral-patterned garden shears, trowel and hand rake, also new this year, that I can't do without. 

trowel pruning shear hand rake lying in round basket tray

3 Piece Aluminum Garden Tool Set with Floral Print

I like that they're a bit different than the usual, in that they're covered in flowers! They make me smile whenever I use them. Really. They're not only sturdy and functional - they're downright pretty, too!

yellow floral Gardenline kneeler Arm Saver gardening gloves brown canvas gardening apron

No sane gardener would be caught dead without at least one comfy kneeling pad. While I used to buy a new one every few years at my local Dollar Tree, I finally broke down and purchased a more substantial (and prettier!) version.

pretty yellow floral pattern garden kneeler arm saver gloves canvas two-pocket apron

The floral print (are you noticing a trend here?) is cheery and really lifts my spirits. I got it at my local Aldi. If you can't find this exact kneeler, I've provided a few possible alternatives below:     

Home-X Kneeling Pad

Colwelt Garden Kneeling Pad Set

MYDAYS Garden Kneeling Pad


three piece floral gardening accessory set

Last but not least I also purchased a "gardening apron" for the first time. I put the words in quotes because, ironically, I actually received a true gardening apron as a gift and it just didn't fit well and didn't seem sturdy enough for the job.   

So I bought a cooking apron that checked off all the boxes for me. I got mine on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby in their Spring Shop. If you can't find one at your local store I've provided two similar alternatives below:

Professional Grade Chef Apron

Toseweaver Canvas Crossback Apron

So there you have it! Arm saver gloves, kneelers, aprons and tools -- I'm sure you have some favorite gardening tools and accessories as well. What are some of your favorites?

And even though the summer is halfway over here in the U.S., if you've not done any gardening yet, it's never to late to start! And indoor gardening is a thing as well! Never say never.

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the

Best Arm Saver Gardening Gloves and Tools

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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floral garden kneeler arm saver long gloves brown apron

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Ann said...

Great post, Kathleen! My leather rose gloves that I've had for 30 years, finally 'bit the dust'. I will look into these as replacements!

Junkchiccottage said...

When I garden I use good ole medical gloves. They are sturdy and work the best for me to dig in the dirt. Love your sweet and pretty ones. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing us your great finds. I recently hit GW where gardening stuff was 50% off. I put together a great little tote of stuff and tools--lime green was the main color for my church's bazaar raffle. I ALWAYS buy my trowels with a brightly colored handle as I lay it down and lose it otherwise! Kathy A

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