DIY Fall Pillows From Placemats

September 12, 2022

I'm a huge believer in DIY pillows and pillow covers. I mean, have you ever noticed the price of throw pillows? What a racket! They're HUGELY overpriced. But you can do better.  And I can show you how.

fall colored DIY pillows on Bergere chair

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One of my favorite DIY pillow hacks is using an unsuspecting placemat as a pillow cover. I've done it for years, for a number of holidays (Christmas: here's looking at you). This is my most recent foray into DIY fall pillow covers -- made from placemats!  

mustard yellow buffalo check placemat

I picked up these very fall-inspired buffalo check farmhouse placemats on clearance at Kirklands, knowing that I would use them as pillow covers. They were $3.97 each. I had $5.00 in Kirkland dollars to spend, so the two placemats cost me a total of  $2.94.


1. fall placemats

bag of the Original Poly-fil polyester fiberfill

2. polyfil or pillow form

supplies for making a DIY pillow from placemat

3. seam ripper

4. scissors

5. thread 

6. needle

7. poly stuffing tool (or any dowel or chop stick) if using poly-fil 


buffalo check pillow cover filled with polyfil

1. Using a seam ripper, rip out the seam on one of the short sides of the placemat. 

2. Place appropriate sized pillow insert (or polyfil) into the pillow cover. 

3. If using poly-fil, take the poly stuffing tool and insert it into the pillow cover, using it to distribute the poly-fil as evenly as possible within the cover. 

4. Close the pillow by hand-sewing the opening back together with matching thread. 

That's it. It's seriously that simple.

Bergere chair fall buffalo check pillows

I did the same thing for the copper colored buffalo check placemat as well.

two DIY buffalo check fall pillows resting on plaid throw

I was later thrilled to realize that I already had a fall throw in the same colors as my new fall pillows!

fall hued buffalo check DIY pillows

Aren't they perfect together? I'm loving it.

four DIY Christmas pillows

You can find many more (Christmas) DIY placemat pillows in my post DIY Target Gift Sack Christmas Pillows. While the theme is Christmas, there may be some details that you can use with more generic placemat pillow covers.

Well, that's it for today, friends.

 I hope you've enjoyed reading about my 

 DIY Fall Pillows From Placemats

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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fall colored DIY pillows on Bergere chair

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Junkchiccottage said...

What a great idea. These are awesome. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

The Antiqued Journey said...

These are ADORABLE, Kathleen!! What a super cute and affordable decor idea!!!

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