How To Make Jute Twine Pumpkins

September 19, 2022

In honor of the rapidly approaching fall season, today I'm sharing how to make jute twine pumpkins. 

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I'm embarrassed by how many different kinds of pumpkins I own. You name it: velvet, porcelain, cable knit, decoupage, wooden, painted, natural, white, green, orange, taupe. The list goes on and on. But believe it or not there is another type of decorative pumpkin I don't have, but knew I could make: decorative jute twine pumpkins.  

DIY jute twine pumpkins ribbons green leaves mini hay bales

Full disclosure: I got the idea for this project from a tutorial on the blog Creatively Beth, so thank you, Beth! I featured her tutorial in our weekly Vintage Charm Party #349. Be sure to stop by Creatively Beth and say hi!

I did make a few changes to the instructions based on what I found to be easier for me. Here's how I made them:

glue gun glue stick jute twine floral wire scissors wire cutter


1. jute twine

2. floral wire (the thinner the better)

3. glue gun

4. glue sticks

5. decorative fall ribbon

6. rustic twigs (faux stem or something from outside)

7. wire cutters

8. scissors

9. finger protectors (optional)

10. faux leaves (optional)


1. Cut 2 pieces of 6-inch floral wire with wire cutters. Set aside.

hand with jute twine wrapped around fingers

2. Thread the jute twine around your hand 13 times, creating a circle, and cut it off from the ball of twine. Set aside. 

six jute twine circles and floral wire

Do this 5 more times, creating a total of 6 circles of twine. 

two sets jute string rings held together by floral wire

3. Take one piece of floral wire and use it to connect 3 of the jute twine circles to each other, twisting at the top to secure. Repeat with the other piece of wire and additional 3 jute twine circles. Trim down the wire as short as possible so that it won't be visible. 

two halves of twine pumpkin

4. Fan out the twine of each bundle to create one half of the pumpkin, making sure to keep the wire centered in the middle of each circle. Here the twine has just begun to be fanned out, but not fully yet.

3D jute twine pumpkin

5. Apply hot glue to the middle of one of the bundles, then attach it to the other bundle. Hold for a few minutes, making sure it's secure. If necessary, turn it over and add more hot glue to the bottom of the  pumpkin where the two sides connect together. 

rustic brown twigs

6. Hot glue a small piece of twig onto the middle top of the pumpkin to create the "stem." I had these twigs from the yard to choose from. I just used garden shears to cut them down to size.

jute twine pumpkin on candlestick pedestal

7. Once the stem is fully dry, tie some complimentary ribbon around the stem.

fall foyer decor orange beeswax taper candles twine pumpkin

Display options for your DIY jute twine pumpkins are endless.

amber bottle pampas grass orange beeswax tapers brass candlesticks

I'm particularly fond of displaying mini pumpkins of all kinds on candlesticks.

rustic fall decor

Add an amber bottle with some pampas grass and some orange beeswax taper candles and you've got yourself a rustic vintage-inspired fall vignette.

skinny black and white ribbon twine pumpkin

natural jute charger and jute twine pumpkin

DIY saltwash candle holder with cloche and twine pumpkin

fall foyer decor amber bottle pampas grass orange beeswax tapers

large chicken wire cloche pampas grass large amber bottle

And the beauty of this project is that they do not have to be perfect! You're going for the rustic look, so anything goes! I'm pleased with how easy they were to make, and how cute they turned out. Easy and inexpensive -- just my kind of DIY project!

Well, that's it for today, friends.

 I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Make 

DIY Jute Twine Pumpkins

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for ideas to decorate and celebrate. Thank you for your step by step instructions, material list, measurements, and photos for crafts. We appreciate your decor presentations.

Junkchiccottage said...

These are super cute and easy. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

Maria said...

Oh guy these are so adorable. I love they have such an organic and natural feel to them. Fun project to do with my girls.

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