How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath

October 15, 2022

Today I'm sharing how to make a hand knit chunky wreath.

hand knit chunky wreath pumpkins orange ribbon mantel gold mirror

I've been in love with chunky knit blankets for a few years now. But they are so expensive! So I told myself I'd hand knit one for myself to save money. Only that never happened, and I actually got one for Christmas a few years ago. Thing is, I still wanted to learn how to hand knit with chunky yarn.

Chunky Grande Loops & Thread chunky size 7 yarn skein in sand

So I studied blog post tutorials and YouTube videos to figure out how to do it myself and again did nothing . . . . . until I found this incredible size 7 Jumbo Chunky Grand yarn in sand on clearance at Michael's for $3.00 a skein. $3.00! (They can easily be as much as $10 per skein when not on sale.) I knew it was a sign that I had to buy it, and finally get started on a hand knitting project.

And what better thing to make at this time of year than a hand knit chunky fall wreath? So here goes.

How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath

NOTE: There's a difference between hand knitting, finger knitting and arm knitting. I believe hand knitting is the easiest of the three methods. All you need, pretty much, are your hands and your yarn. 

You're essentially knitting a chain that you will wrap around your wreath form and secure to the back side of it. You can stop at any time during the process and put the project aside until you're ready to return to it (unlike arm and finger knitting projects).

For this project you'll need a wreath form (I got mine at Dollar Tree) and any decorations you might want to add to it as well as ribbon to hang it from. And of course you can always leave your wreath plain.

Supplies For Making A DIY Chunky Yarn Hand Knit Wreath

1. wreath form - mine is a 14" metal wreath form from Dollar Tree

2. one 29-32 yd. skein of chunky size 7 Jumbo yarn  

NOTE: I used 25 yards of this particular chunky yarn (in "sand") for my 14 inch wreath form.

3. Any and all decorations of your choice, including ribbon for decoration and hanging 

I also added some mini cable knit pumpkin clips from Dollar Tree in honor of the fall season. You can also purchase some cute felt crafting pumpkins online (which will need to be hot glued onto your wreath since they have no clips). 

4. scissors

How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath

Jumbo size 7 chunky yarn color sand

1. To start, pull about 10 inches of yarn away from the skein and lay it flat on the table (keeping it attached to the skein on your left), then fold it in half.

Jumbo size 7 chunky yarn color sand

2. Cross the tail end over the other piece of yarn. 

Jumbo size 7 chunky yarn color sand

3. After crossing the tail end over, pull it through the opening you created making a slip knot, or loop (or stitch).

Be sure to leave a tail that you can later weave into the back of the wreath once your chain is completed.

4. Place your four fingers inside the first loop as a guide for its' size. Pull taut if need be to fit snugly around your fingers.

5. Now place your right hand through that first loop (while maintaining its size), grabbing the working yarn from the left and pulling it through the loop, 

6. thereby creating a new loop. 

7. Continue placing your four fingers inside each new loop for size consistency (pull tighter if necessary to match with your prior loop sizes) and repeat the process over and over, creating new loops, until you've reached the length of chain you need for your project. 

For this project, continue hand knitting until you have a long enough knitted yarn chain to wrap around your entire wreath, depending on your wreath size. 

Jumbo size 7 chunky yarn color sand braid scissors

When you get to the desired length, stop creating loops and cut the yarn off from the skein with a few inches of loose yarn left as a tail. Feel free to make a small knot against the final loop to keep it from unraveling, but be sure to still leave a tail.

back side of chunky knit wreath

Starting with the initial tail end of the chain, secure that tail to the wreath by tying it on and threading it through the beginning of your chain if necessary. Then begin wrapping the chain around the wreath. Here's the back side of my completed wreath.  

chunky yarn hand knitting tails

Here is one loose, unwoven tail on the left, and one woven tail on the right. 

two woven chunky knit yarn tails back side of wreath

Here it is after I made sure to weave both tails back into the wreath. 

Depending on what type of wreath you use, you'll secure the yarn tail to the back of the wreath differently. 

I chose to weave it in through the wire rings and then push it through some stitches on the back so that no one would notice. You might also choose to use hot glue depending on the type of wreath you use.

There's no right or wrong way to do this part -- it's whatever works for you!     

And relax -- if you're unhappy with how a certain loop (or heck, the whole thing) looks, just unravel it and start again!

chunky knit wreath orange ribbon gold mirror mantel decor

Here's the plain version without any adornments other than a ribbon for hanging. To be honest, I don't love the orange wire ribbon for this project (based on my other available home decor accessory colors), but it's what I had on hand.

fall living room decor

The wreath's light brown color created just the right fall feel, and coordinated beautifully with all the dried hydrangeas -- another fall decor favorite of mine.

fall mantel decor gold mirror knit wreath ginger jars

I originally decorated the mantel with my trusty chinoiserie ginger jar filled with some fall-colored faux hops stems.

I love how they drape over the jar and hang over the edge of the mantel as well as how their color pops.

I know they say if it ain't broke, don't fix it -- but I was never one to follow the rules. So I decided to switch things up. 

DIY hand knit chunky wreath with pumpkins hanging on mirror

That's when I decided to add some cable knit pumpkins into the mix. 

fall wreath decor

As I explained in Dollar Tree Treasures # 21, these adorable cable knit pumpkins have clips on the back so that they can easily be added to seasonal wreaths and garlands. 

orange wire ribbon fall wreath mirror mantel

I changed my mind about the orange ribbon once I added the orange pumpkins. They matched beautifully.

I replaced the faux hops stems with a rustic fall farmhouse faux floral display.

fall living room mantel decor chunky knit wreath pumpkins chinoiserie jars

The rustic box is also filled with subtle white pumpkins and pine cones. I'm really loving the fresh fall look in the living room.

When all is said and done I can take the pumpkins off without harming the wreath. Who knows what I might add to it next fall?

And I'm so happy I finally made my chunky knit wreath! I enjoyed making it so much that I'm thinking of using my new-found hand knitting skills for a Christmas project!

Well that's it for today, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading about 

How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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hand knit chunky wreath pumpkins orange ribbon mantel gold mirror

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My thrift store addiction said...

Love the texture of your chunky wreath, Kathleen! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

Junkchiccottage said...

Kathleen this is so pretty and unique. Love it. Happy Fall.

Allyson @ Southern Sunflowers said...

Your wreath turned out perfectly! I really like the addition of the pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Love the texture ofyour wreathe. Your tutorial was very easy to follow. I haven't bought any of that yarn--yet, knowing I didn't want to make a blanket. NOW I know what to use it for!!! Kathy A

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