Hand Knit Chunky Christmas Wreath And Christmas Tree Garland

November 28, 2022

Today I'm sharing my DIY hand knit chunky Christmas wreath and Christmas tree garland.

white chunky knit Christmas wreath with bells

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I've really been on a roll when it comes to DIY  hand knit chunky items this year. I started off with my DIY chunky hand knit fall wreath
fall mantel with gold mirror and brown chunky knit wreath and pumpkins

I fell in love with it, and was determined to make more chunky hand knit items for Christmas. So I opted for a chunky hand knit Christmas wreath and Christmas tree garland. They're both made exactly the same as the fall wreath, so please visit How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath for detailed instructions! 

Supplies For Making Hand Knit Chunky Christmas Wreath 

skein Yarn Bee super bulky 6 guage Astounding White yarn 

Yarn Bee Super Bulky 6 Gauge in Astounding White

14 inch wire wreath form

14 inch wire wreath frame 

I started off by making a chunky hand knit Christmas wreath using Yarn Bee super bulky 6 gauge yarn in Astounding White and the same 14 inch metal wreath form I used for my chunky knit fall wreath.  

DIY white chunky knit wreath

While this yarn was not as thick as the yarn I used for the fall wreath, (which was size 7 Jumbo) it still did the trick. I hand knit a chain until it was long enough to wrap all the way around the wreath form (and then some, as seen above!). 

NOTE: Be sure to read How To Make A Hand Knit Chunky Wreath for the FULL tutorial of how to hand knit the chain necessary to create both the chunky Christmas wreath and the chunky knit Christmas garland!  

Once I realized the chain was more than long enough, I unraveled the extra portion and cut the braid from the skein, creating a small tail. I then wrapped the small tail around the wreath form and secured it on the back by hiding it within the chain itself.  

close-up chunky white yarn chain

While it looked lovely as is, I wanted to add a little bit of something to give it more character. 

white knit wreath with brass bells

Like I said, as much as I loved it plain, I really thought it needed a little sumpin' sumpin', ya know? So brass bells it was!

white chunky yarn wreath brass bells grain sack ticking ribbon

Brass bells and linen ticking ribbon as the wreath hanger.

Hanging bells have become very popular in Christmas decor lately. I wholeheartedly approve.

white knit wreath with Christmas bells

   I mean, how cute are those bells?

white chunky yarn hand knit chain

Next up is the chunky hand knit Christmas tree garland. While researching how to hand knit, I came across a beautiful white chunky hand knit Christmas garland on Etsy -- something I had never even thought of making -- super simple and just neutral enough to make the perfect addition to a low-key neutrals decorated Christmas tree.

Even though I ordered the same type of yarn I used for the chunky knit Christmas wreath, the yarn I ultimately received seemed a bit thinner, resulting in a thinner chain. 

white chunky knit chains coiled on table

One chain alone was definitely too thin for the garland I had in mind. So I thought -- why not make two chains and attach them together to achieve the look I envisioned?  

frosted pencil tree with white knit garland and Target grain sack bag Advent calendar garland

The fact that I wanted to decorate a neutral looking Christmas tree inspired me to use some twine tassels I had in my stash to combine the two thin garland chains together. 

NOTE: For reference, I hand knit two garland chains that were each 13.75 feet long to go all the way around my 4 foot pencil tree. 

Target Bullseye Playground Advent calendar garland

But even after combining the two chains with tassels the tree was missing something. That's when I added the mini grain sack bag Advent calendar garland from Target as a second garland. Then I had the neutral look I was going for.

While I can't find it at Target stores or even Target online anymore (I paid $5.00 in Target Bullseye Playground this year), I did find a few other Advent calendar garlands and houses that definitely have potential for decorating a neutral Christmas tree:

Christmas Advent Calendar Burlap Bags

Advent Calendar Boxes 

snowy faux pencil tree canvas bags Advent garland white knit garland

The grain sacks were absolutely what the tree needed.

While I used it as a garland on the tree, it can still be used in the future as a traditional garland, hanging over the mantel perhaps. 

flocked pencil tree with garland in basket

One of my family's most favorite Christmas traditions when the kids were little was allowing the kids to open the advent calendar drawers every morning before school. We filled the drawers with tiny ornaments that the kids used to decorate their own Christmas tree.

seagrass basket filled with Christmas tree and surrounded by lambs ear garland and wood bead garland

This year was the first time I set up the flocked pencil tree in (and on) baskets. I wrapped two more garlands around the base of the tree -- a lambs ear garland and a farmhouse wood bead garland.

flocked pencil tree display in foyer 

The entire display was placed on a large lidded rattan basket I got at a thrift store many years ago -- one of the best purchases I ever made.  

white chunky knit wreath with bells hanging over neutral Christmas tree and star topper

When I saw this plush knit star tree topper at Target I knew it was just the right thing for my neutral Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree knit star topper

The neutrality of the wreath, star and garland create the calm, peaceful feeling I was going for.

neutral Christmas tree with garland in basket

And while the tree and wreath are certainly neutral, the large bright red floor lanterns and Christmas pillow add lovely pops of Christmas color. 

bright red floor lanterns at foot of pencil Christmas tree

I picked up the large red lanterns with LED candles over time (two years) at a local home center's Christmas clearance sales. They're huge and I love them. I actually have four of them now (thanks to my husband), so I can put two in the living room/foyer and two in the bedroom. If we had a covered porch that's definitely where they would all go.

chunky white hand knit wreath and knit star topper

So between the chunky wreath and the garland I am truly happy with the result of my DIY efforts.

flocked pencil Christmas tree in basket with knit garland and Advent calendar garland

Have you ever decorated in neutrals, or are you team color all the way? Either way, you do you -- and enjoy decorating for Christmas totally your way this year.

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my 

Hand Knit Chunky Christmas Wreath

And Christmas Tree Garland

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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white chunky knit Christmas wreath with bells

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Junkchiccottage said...

Your chunky wreath is so pretty. Love the old gold bells. Your advent tree is fun too. Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holidays. xoxo Kris

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