How To Make Faux Whipped Cream Christmas Mug Toppers

November 7, 2022

Today I'm sharing how to make faux whipped cream Christmas mug toppers.

Christmas mugs filled with faux whipped cream toppers

I've already made faux whipped cream toppers for Valentine's Day, so today I'm branching out into making faux Christmas whipped cream toppers!

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large white mugs filled with faux whipped cream and Valentine's decorations

This past Valentine's Day I tackled how to make my own DIY faux whipped cream mug toppers, and was thrilled with the result. So why not branch out into Christmas faux whipped cream mug toppers I thought to myself?   

Since my Valentine's faux whipped cream mug topper post includes a seriously detailed tutorial, I won't be doing that here. I will, however, share some details as to how I tweaked that DIY project and turned it into a stunning Christmas project success.   

The instructions for how to make these toppers are exactly the same as the instructions in my Valentine's DIY tutorial. The only difference  is that I've used different mugs (Christmas-themed) and different decorations  -- aligned with the Christmas season. 


1. mug(s)
2. thick white foam board (needs to be sturdy)
6. glue dots or hot glue to secure cardboard rounds onto the mugs (optional)
8. colored fine glitter and/or puff paint (optional, I didn't use) 
9. 3 inch white styrofoam balls, cut in half 
10. white acrylic paint (and/or any other color paint you prefer)
13. scissors
14. tweezers
15. masking tape (optional)
16. disposable mixing bowl(s)
17. disposable spoons for mixing

NOTE: I get as many of my supplies as possible at Dollar Tree. I've included links to some of the supplies in case you have trouble finding them at your local Dollar Tree or elsewhere. 

How To Make Faux Whipped Cream Christmas Mug Toppers

For detailed instructions please see my all-encompassing tutorial How To Make Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Toppers. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Okay, so having taken all that in, are you ready to begin?

For my Christmas mug toppers, in a nutshell, I:

1. Picked Out My Mugs

red and white Christmas mugs

2. Traced And Cut Out My Cardboard Circles

three red and white Christmas mugs

NOTE: You can always use glue dots or removable white tacky putty to adhere the cardboard round to the mug. I don't know about you, but I like to use my favorite mugs for things like real hot chocolate -- and this way you can use your mugs later for real hot drinks and enjoy! 

3. Got All My Supplies Together

candy cane ornaments peppermint ornaments gingerbread ornaments

I was thrilled when I found these mini Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I knew they'd be perfect for the hot cocoa fake mug toppers.

NOTE: I don't recommend using real candy/food to decorate the faux mug toppers, assuming you're hoping to save the toppers to use again in the future. I've heard that real things like candy sprinkles, etc., can melt or disintegrate after time and ruin all your hard work. It's just smarter to go faux. 

crafting supplies for DIY faux whipped cream mug toppers

Here's most of the rest of the Christmas mug topper supplies including spackle, white paint, red glitter, Christmas colored sequins, red "candy" dots, styrofoam balls, fun Christmas straws and red puff paint.

4. Mixed My Spackle With Paint And Water

plastic bowl filled with spackle water and paint

See How To Make Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Toppers for the actual mixing details.

5. Filled My Icing Bag

icing bag filled with spackle

See How To Make Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Toppers for details on how to fill the bag.

6. Piped Out Mug Topper #1, Then Decorated It*

Rae Dunn Cheer Christmas mug and faux whipped cream topper

* Be sure to see How To Make Whipped Cream Valentine Mug Toppers for details on how to pipe out the faux whipped topping. 

Cheer Christmas mug with faux whipped cream topper

I love this mug for its Rae-Dunn-ness (shh, it's a dupe) and the fact that I picked it up at Home Goods on clearance last year for $1.69. 

7. Piped Out Mug Topper #2, Then Decorated It

faux whipped cream mug topper with red and white decorations and gingerbread girl

red Christmas mug with whipped cream topper

This "cable knit" textured mug was a Wal-Mart bargain purchase last year as well. I love how the bright red really pops.

8. Piped Out Mug Topper #3, Then Decorated It

Fa La La Latte hot cocoa mug and fake mug topper

This Fa La La Latte mug with ceramic spoon is another Wal-Mart special from a few years ago. I mean, how cute is that?

peppermint candy cane straw red glitter

I used a faux peppermint candy and striped straw on each faux whipped cream topper, then varied the other mini decorations (i.e., gingerbread girl, boy, candy cane, Christmas house).

I was thrilled with the sheet of red dots I picked up at Dollar Tree. They made the best "sprinkles"! And super fine red glitter added a lovely faux sugary effect.   

9. Piped Out Surprise Mug Topper #4, 
Then Decorated It

Santa mug faux whipped cream topper with house decoration

I have a collection of Santa mugs that I love to display each Christmas. 
Santa mug closed eye faux topper with plastic house decoration

After messing up and making my second bag of "whipped cream" too runny, I went back to square one and added more spackle and filled a whole new piping bag. This gave me enough "whipped cream" to make not only one more topper, but two! Hence the "surprise" Santa mug topper.

10. Let The Toppers Dry Overnight 

four faux whipped cream Christmas mug toppers

While you may be tempted to display your mug toppers right away, I strongly urge you to set them on wax paper in a safe place and let them dry for 24 hours first.

faux Christmas cake faux whipped cream toppers Christmas mugs

And voila! I couldn't be happier with how the faux mug toppers turned out.

Cheer mug Santa mug cable knit sweater mug

white fa la la latte cocoa mug with attached spoon

I have fun every year setting up a hot cocoa station, and these faux whipped cream Christmas mug toppers will add a wonderful festive touch to the display!

Do you have a hot cocoa station in the winter? There are no hard and fast rules -- you just gather together all your favorite hot cocoa goodies including marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, etc. -- the sky's the limit! Oh, and whipped cream, of course:)

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Make Faux Whipped Cream 

Christmas Mug Toppers

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Christmas mugs filled with faux whipped cream toppers

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Junkchiccottage said...

Oh my gosh Kathleen these are just adorable. What cute toppers. Love the mugs you found too. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

Ann said...

Absolutely charming, Kathleen! You've done it again - I remember the Valentine ones.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE this idea!! I think I will try this but put a different spin on it and do cup cake toppers....using a styrofoam ball and Christmas cupcake paper containers...Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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