Copper Cookware Collection And Cleaning Tips

February 12, 2023

Copper pots and pans, especially vintage ones, are some of my favorite thrift store finds. I "accidentally" started a copper cookware collection of sorts, and recently found a fabulous vintage hammered copper sauce pot to add to my cache of copper goodies.

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I'm going to share that new sauce pot, as well as all my other gorgeous copper pieces I've accumulated so far. I promise by the end of this post you will fall in love with copper cookware!

French country copper cookware ranunculus

When I think of copper pots and pans, I picture a French country kitchen with tons of copper pots and pans hanging above the stove. Can you envision it? While I don't have a French country kitchen, I do have some copper pieces I'm in love with.   

thrifted polished copper merinque pot

Just about one year ago I published a blog post on How To Polish Copper Cookware. In it, I determined that the best way (in my experience) to polish copper cookware was to use Bar Keeper's Friend Soft Cleanser. I mention some other mainstream ideas as well. 

bottom of thrifted copper sauce pot

Most recently I purchased a vintage hammered copper sauce pot at Goodwill. Normally $9.99 (written in crayon on the bottom) is too rich for me. But knowing that copper cookware is incredibly expensive, I knew that $9.99 was actually a steal. So home it came. 

inside of vintage copper pot dark patina

The inside of the sauce pot was clearly a mess. 

While I love the patina that comes with age, I really wanted to polish it since I have a hammered copper pitcher that I got for Christmas last year, and I wanted to display the pitcher, the bowl, the copper colander I found while thrifting (which you can see in Thrill of the Hunt #119) along with some Moscow mule mugs I'd collected, and this awesome new-to-me copper sauce pot. 

copper pot with brass handle

I polished it the same way I polished my copper meringue bowl -- with Bar Keeper's Friend and a sponge. You can see the "before" (on the left side of the pot) and the "after" (on the right). It was starting to look really good!

bottom of copper pot Bar Keeper's Friend

The bottom cleaned up beautifully.

side of hammered copper sauce pot

I wasn't even aware that this pot was hammered copper until I cleaned it!

clean bottom of vintage copper pot

Once it was cleaned up I thought about all my other copper pieces, and realized that I had never displayed them all together -- and what better time to do it than now? 

hammered copper Moscow mule mugs copper pitcher brass handle

I started this collection accidentally, years ago, after purchasing a few Moscow mule mugs.

three copper Moscow mule mugs copper utensil holder copper ladles copper colander

I have a few different styles of Moscow mule mugs -- hammered or smooth, and with various type handles made of either brass or copper. 

hammered copper Moscow mule mug copper colander brass legs

This whet my appetite for more copper pieces. Up next was a copper colander. Great for washing berries.

copper ladles copper scooper copper utensil holder wooden spoons

Then came the copper utensil holder, copper ladles and copper scooper.

copper scooper

This scooper was perfect for things like flour, ice or nuts.

shiny copper ladle spoons wooden spoons

I've used these copper ladles for many a recipe thus far. They're beautiful to look at and super practical, too.

four copper ladles spoons with metal handles

hammered copper pitcher with brass handle

I was later thrilled when I found this hammered copper pitcher with a gorgeous brass handle at a T.J.Maxx. It makes a fabulous flower vase.
copper cookware collection fresh hydrangeas

copper Moscow mule mugs copper meringue bowl copper pitcher with flowers

Front right in this photo shows my vintage copper meringue bowl that looks just lovely filled with faux boxwood.

hammered copper pitcher filled with fresh hydrangeas

rectangular copper tray filled with ironstone creamers

And this copper tray, a gift from my husband, was a great addition to the collection. I filled mine with ironstone, but it can be used for corralling any number of items. 

farmhouse shelf with ironstone and copper accessories

ironstone pitcher filled with boxwood on farmhouse shelf

two porcelain birds on farmhouse shelf

farmhouse dining room copper cookware collection ironstone collection

romantic fresh hydrangeas hammered copper pitcher copper mugs

So are you in love yet? In case you are, I've included a resource list below. Good luck with starting your own copper cookware collection!

Copper cookware resource guide:

Moscow mule mugs

Rectangular copper tray

Copper utensil holder

Copper ladles

Copper scooper

Copper pitcher

Copper colander

 Copper meringue bowl

I was unable to find a copper sauce pot to recommend that was not exorbitant in price:( If you have any questions regarding the copper pieces I've shared, just drop them in the comments section below. 

 Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my 

Copper Cookware Collection

And Cleaning Tips

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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Debra@CommonGround said...

Your have such a gorgeous collection, Kathleen. I don't have any hammered pieces myself. Mine was sort of accidental too, and some was clearly old and very well used. Love that tray, so pretty with the ironstone pieces.

Junkchiccottage said...

Good morning Kathleen. Your collection of copper pieces is gorgeous. Little Riley is adorable. Happy belated birthday. Hope your day was great. Hugs. Kris

Anonymous said...

Your collection is beautiful & it looks lovely in mass Kathleen. I have a small collection, accidental as well but it keeps getting bigger. Your pups are adorable. Ours just had surgery too. XO- MJ

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