DIY Valentine's Wooden Bead Garland And Heart Wreath

February 3, 2023

Today I'm sharing how to make both a simple Valentine's wooden bead garland with grapevine hearts and a Valentine's wooden bead heart wreath with Dollar Tree supplies.

grapevine hearts wooden bead garland sideboard ironstone display

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I know, I know. I always say that I've never really been one for Valentine's decor. BUT sometimes a DIY idea comes to me and I just HAVE to go with it. Hence my original idea for a simple DIY Valentine's wooden bead garland and Valentine's wooden bead heart wreath made with Dollar Tree supplies.

5 piece heart grapevine Dollar Tree craft supply

I recently stopped in at a local Dollar Tree store to pick up a birthday card and allowed myself a quick once-over of the Valentine merchandise. That's when I saw these simple, rustic grapevine wreath hearts (available in-store only). And I immediately had an idea.

three Dollar Tree wooden bead wreaths

That idea included these Dollar Tree wooden bead wreaths I picked up previously. Specifically, the one in the middle.

Crafter's Square wood bead wreath 10x10cm Dollar Tree

I stocked up on these and I'm so glad I did. Once I got them home I realized that with a little help they could also be used as ready made garlands and Valentine heart wreaths! Let's start with the easy Valentine's garland.

How To Make A Valentine's Wooden Bead Garland

crafting pliers wooden bead wreath on wire

1. Untwist, with long nose pliers, one end of the wooden bead wreath's wire support.

round wooden beads

2. Stretch out the entire wire (with beads) to create the first section of your wooden bead garland (or your entire garland if that's the size you want). 

NOTE: The number of wooden bead wreaths needed will depend on how long you want your Valentine garland to be. Traditional garlands are usually around 5 - 6 feet long. I wanted my garland to be pretty short based on where I knew it would hang. Therefore, I only used one wooden bead wreath. 

3. If using more than one wreath, use your pliers to attach the end wire loops of each wreath you're using to each other to create one total length of garland.

The beauty of using the wooden bead wreath as the base for your garland (versus yarn or string as is usually the case) is that the wire holding the beads is pretty thick and sturdy, making it easier to attach the ornaments to and easier overall to hang. 

red velvet ribbon black sideboard cupboard wooden beads garland

4. Thread your ribbon through the wire at each end of your garland, creating loops that you can then use to hang your garland with. I hung my loops on each end of the garland around two cabinet knobs.

grapevine wreath heart baker's twine wooden bead garland

5. Now comes the fun part. Attach your Dollar Tree grapevine hearts (found in-store only) onto your wooden bead garland.

*NOTE: If your Dollar Tree doesn't have the grapevine hearts, you can still get some similar grapevine hearts on Amazon.

black sideboard white dishes soup tureen hearts Valentine garlandn

You can use anything you want to attach the grapevine wreaths to your garland -- twine, rick rack, lace, yarn, ribbon, you name it. I used red and white baker's twine. Dollar Tree has multicolored baker's twine and Valentine's Day Cotton Twine (available in-store only).

Valentine's garland glitter hearts red ribbon grapevine hearts

kitchen sideboard Valentine's decor

wooden Valentine's garland glitter hearts grapevine hearts

ironstone collection soup tureen glitter hearts wooden garland

I am in love with this garland! And once Valentine's Day has passed I can always take it down, remove the hearts, and save it for another holiday like Easter or 4th of July or Thanksgiving or Christmas, and just add new seasonal hanging ornaments to create a whole new look. Now THAT'S an easy peasy garland!   

How To Make A Wooden Bead Valentine's Heart Wreath

wooden bead heart wreath Dollar Tree

If you're not one for garlands, you can always make a super simple Valentine's wooden bead wreath like this one. It's so simple I'm not even sure I can call it a DIY!

wooden bead grapevine hearts Valentine's display

All I did was reshape a Dollar Tree round wooden bead wreath into a heart and add red velvet ribbon for a pop of color. While the shape's not perfect, I think the imperfect look is just fine for this casual, rustic display.

Dollar Tree wood bead heart wreath red velvet ribbon

You can even paint the wooden beads red or pink. By leaving mine natural I can later reshape it back into its original round shape and use it again for something else!

If you'd like to read about some other ways to use Dollar Tree wooden bead wreaths, you'll find them below: 

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my 

Simple DIY Valentine Wooden Bead Garland 

And Heart Wreath With Dollar Tree Supplies

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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grapevine hearts wooden bead garland sideboard ironstone display

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Pretty! I bought the black wood bead wreath but clearly I need to go look for more bead goodness!

Colo Junkett said...

I really like this idea love how you displayed the garland.

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