How To Make A Hand-Painted Dollar Tree Garden Sign

April 30, 2023

Today I'm sharing how I created my hand painted Dollar Tree garden sign. It's a fun spring garden project that you can easily do yourself. 

wooden garden sign market fresh flowers seeds stems blooms

wooden Dollar Tree garden sign

Over the last few years I've become an avid flower gardener. I love planting the seeds and watching the flowers grow. I also like to accessorize the garden with cute garden ornaments and signs. So when I saw this lawn and garden wall decor sign at Dollar Tree I knew I had to find a way to make it work for me and my flower garden and/or backyard patio this summer. 

package of The Brush Works paintbrushes with plastic paint palette

Obviously the wood sign was in sore need of some color! So I gathered my tiniest paint brushes, a plastic paint palette from Dollar Tree, a fine point and ultra fine point black Sharpie (not shown) and some pretty spring-colored acrylic paints (not shown) and got to work. 

While doing research for this project I learned that there is actually polyurethane paint as well as polyurethane varnish. Since this is just a Dollar Tree sign I wasn't about to invest a ton of money in new paint, but I do plan on applying some DecoArt Dura Clear Varnish that's formulated for outdoor use as added protection.

Market Fresh Flowers Seeds Stems Blooms wooden garden sign

Here's the sign after I added my black Sharpie goodness to the extra thin outline detail and letters, before adding paint. 

painted Flowers sign

And here it is after I painted in the word "Flowers" with some of my brightly colored acrylic paints.

Dollar Tree painted wooden garden sign

It came out so pretty that I've decided to hang it on the patio under our pergola for extra protection to hopefully make it last throughout the summer (as well as adding some DecoArt Dura Clear Varnish).

modern painted canvas art willow candle wooden garden sign

willow candles garden sign modern canvas wall art fish bottle case

Here it is displayed on top of a bookshelf in my daughter's apartment, along with some of her artwork, candles and a vintage fish bottle filled with faux tulips. 

Seeds Stems Blooms wooden garden sign

Now I'm even more impatient to see my summer flower gardens in full bloom! And you can be sure that I'll be sharing those lovely flowers with you throughout the summer.

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Make A Hand-Painted 

Dollar Tree Garden Sign

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wooden garden sign market fresh flowers seeds stems blooms

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Junkchiccottage said...

Super pretty. Happy New Week.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE how this sign came out!! I frequently "dabble" a bit with signs from Dollar Tree too!! Thanks for sharing!!

Allyson @ Southern Sunflowers said...

You really pepped up the sign with color! It looks pretty for spring. Pinned!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. So great that you could envision making something awesome out of such an everyday object!! I envy you your detail painting skills! On raw wood, you can't spit on a tissue and wipe off a mistake!!! Try as I might, my detail painting has always been lousy! And seeing as I don't practice, liable to remain so!!! If Maine EVER gets sun again (we're had like 10 days of rain!), I want to dig up and relocate some of my perennials! Still cold at night here! Kathy A

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