How To Make A Moss-Filled Wire Garden Urn

April 8, 2023

Today I'm sharing how I created a mossy garden urn filled with spring flowers.

mossy wire garden urn ceramic urn hyacinths

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moss bunny and moss roll sheet

I started off with a moss roll from Michaels -- it's a 14" long x 48" wide roll. My photo only shows the top of the roll in the package but it is actually 14" long. If you can't find it at your local Michael's there's a super similar Super Moss All Purpose Moss Runner you can order from Amazon.

bag of natural loose moss filler from Michaels

I knew I'd need more and different types of mosses so I also picked up a bag of loose moss for filler from Michael's 

bag of Better Homes & Garden sheet moss from Wal-Mart

And last but not least I picked up an 11.5" wide x 8" high Better Homes & Gardens moss sheet from Wal-Mart.

The Easter moss bunny figurine came from Target a few years ago. It's been discontinued, so I've included an Amazon link for a set of similar moss bunnies.

vintage thrifted white metal garden urn

The first container I used was this wire garden urn I got at Goodwill for $4.99. With a wire urn like this you're pretty much limited to using either a coco mat insert or a roll of moss. I chose to go with the moss idea for spring.

purple hyacinths in flower pot on mantel

I picked out these purple hyacinths for the wire urn.

thrifted ceramic urn moss bunny table runner

The other urn for this foyer decor project is a concrete garden urn I also picked up at Goodwill a number of years ago. 

potted white hyacinth on mantel

I thought this white hyacinth would look beautiful in it.

loose moss wire garden urn

I started with the wire urn. First, I filled the bottom of the wire urn with some loose moss.

white dinner plate moss mat roll

I realized that the circumference of the wire urn was approximately as large as a dinner plate. So I rolled out the moss mat and placed the plate on it to be sure it was wide enough to fill the urn. I thought it was, so I estimated the length needed and cut the mat down, making sure to round the corners.

moss mat cut stuffed inside a wire garden urn

I stuffed the moss sheet into the urn and then scrunched it down to try and make it fit. Then I started cutting off the extra moss that was spilling over the top.

moss mat cutting remnants on newspaper

Here are the moss scraps that were left after cutting off the excess.   

purple hyacinths wire garden urn

I then placed the hyacinth plant into the urn and covered the top of the plant with loose moss pieces.  

purple hyacinth plant in wire garden urn

three garden urns filled with moss

I still need to go back and cut off more of the moss sheet that is sticking up over the top of the wire urn. It wasn't as apparent to me in person as it is in these pictures! Still, I was satisfied with the overall look. 
white hyacinth plant in pot in garden urn on table

I placed the white hyacinth plant into the second thrifted ceramic urn and wrapped the plastic pot with some moss sheet remnants.

spring flowers white hyacinth ceramic garden urn

I then covered the base of the plant with some loose moss pieces for a more natural look.  

bright green moss in ceramic urn with blue eggs

To keep the urn theme going I added a third thrifted ceramic urn that was already topped with moss. Then I placed two light blue eggs on top of that.    

purple hyacinth white hyacinth wire garden urn ceramic urn foyer display

I thought the three urns created a beautiful spring vignette.

romantic garden urns moss eggs hyacinths

You can't go wrong with hyacinths and eggs for spring decor.

romantic pastoral foyer decor

I added a new-to-me vintage pastoral painting to the foyer spring vignette. It's actually a painting of pastoral sheep (love!). I'll be sharing details on that vintage find in a future post.  

I still need some practice with cutting a moss roll to fit inside an urn. I'll admit that it's a bear to water the hyacinths because I have to remove the loose moss on top and take the pots out of the urns. Still,  I'm still happy with how the urns turned out. They add a very spring-like feel to the foyer. 

Easter is in a few days and I absolutely can't wait for spring to really come into its own. In light of the season, next up is flower gardening! Stay tuned.    

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about 

How To Make A Moss-Filled Wire Garden Urn

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mossy wire garden urn ceramic urn hyacinths

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