How To Make A Round Wood Riser

April 14, 2023

Using a wood riser is an excellent way to showcase some of your favorite seasonal home decor items. You can certainly buy a riser, but why not make one? It's cheaper, and you'll get a sense of satisfaction seeing it displayed in your home. 

Today I'm sharing how I made a truly simple DIY round wood riser out of nothing more than dollar tree craft supplies, acrylic paint and antique wax. Why pay more when you can make it yourself?

pink tulips white ranunculus pink vase wood riser

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white distressed wood riser candle vintage books clay pot

Not long ago I DIY'd a distressed wooden riser with beaded trim. That, too, was made out of Dollar Tree craft supplies. But my latest DIY riser requires even less (mostly) Dollar Tree supplies.


dollar tree crafters square hanging beaded round

1. Dollar Tree Crafter's Square Hanging Beaded Round (no longer available online).

craft indoor garden collection mini flower pots wooden

2. Dollar Tree Garden Collection Mini Flower Pots (I used three large pots for the feet which translates into three packages since only one large pot comes in each package.) 

3. acrylic paint in your choice of color(s):

I used Waverly Inspirations Water Based Antique Wax (Wal-Mart)

6. cotton rag or clean, old t-shirt

7. disposable bowl or plate for mixing paints (or Dollar Tree plastic paint palette 6-pack)

Crafters Square wood slice bag

9. small wood slices (I got mine at Dollar Tree, but they don't sell them online. In the event your Dollar Tree doesn't have them, I've provided another online link. You might also want to check out craft stores but that can sometimes be the most expensive option.)

How To Make A Round Wood Riser

round wood wall hanging shiplap

1. Remove the wood bead handle from the wood round by lifting the staples off the back side of the round. I used a flat head screwdriver for this. Set beads aside for another project.

close up of white painted wood round

2. Paint the wood round with white paint, including the edges.

shiplap wood round

3. Once the white paint is dry, dry brush*** the wood round with the custom mix of sheepskin and khaki acrylic paint. 

***The term "dry brushing" means that after you put paint on the brush, you then remove most of the paint, before gently dabbing the now fairly dry brush onto your piece of furniture or whatever you're painting. This usually gives your piece a mottled and/or vintage/rustic look, which I love.

styrofoam bowl filled with brownish paint and paint brush

I mixed approximately three parts sheepskin to one part khaki.

4. Once that dries, apply antique wax with a paint brush by sections, immediately going back over each section. wiping away any excess wax with a cotton rag or old T-shirt.

table with paint jar and painted wooden mini pots

5. Do the same (painting steps 1-3) to three flower pots and three wood slices (I tried to match the size of the wood slices to the opening of each pot for a good fit.) Here are the pots and rounds after painting them white and then dry brushing them with my customized mix of sheepskin and khaki. It all looks whiter in this photo than in reality (see finished product below).   

underside of round wood riser and wood feet

6. Now it's time to add the feet. First, measure the size of your wood round and divide by 3. That's the number of inches apart your feet should be placed. My round was 30 inches around so I placed the feet at 10 inch intervals, essentially creating a triangle.

side close up of pained and waxed round wood riser and feet

7. Now glue your three new "feet" to the riser with Gorilla Wood Glue. 

rustic painted and waxed shiplap round riser

And here's my DIY round wood riser, completed. I absolutely love how it turned out. I was able to create that worn, rustic look I was going for.

neutral tablescape pink vase tulips white ranunculus

The round wood riser blended in beautifully with my neutral table runner and sea grass placemats.

Trader Joe's tulips and ranunculus

I treated myself to Trader Joe's tulips and ranunculus and placed them in my pink ceramic vase. 

pink vase with tulips and ranunculus on wood riser

 It sits beautifully on my new DIY round wood riser. 

romantic flowers in pink vase tulips ranunculus

I used this round wood riser as the inspiration for my neutral Easter tablescape. While it worked well for Easter, I know it will continue to be the anchor for many a beautiful table -- whether the dining table or the coffee table. In fact, I made a second round wood riser since this one turned out so well!        

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about  

How To Make A Round Wood Riser 

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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pink tulips white ranunculus pink vase wood riser

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Debra@CommonGround said...

wow, you really used your creative noggin, Kathleen. Love the paint finish patina, too! those tiny flowerpots are adorable!

Colo Junkett said...

The riser looks great!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Love these ideas! They're such an easy way to add something very effective to a look. Thanks for sharing! ;)

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