How To Make A Deconstructed Fall Wreath

September 29, 2023

Today I'm sharing how I made a deconstructed fall wreath. "So what's a deconstructed wreath?" you may ask. 

fall wreath eucalyptus leaves hops vintage shutter

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Well, I'm no expert on the subject, but I believe a deconstructed wreath is less traditional, more modern. Less structured, more casual - asymmetrical even. Throw in a less-is-more attitude and you've got what I call a deconstructed wreath.

eucalyptus leaf wreath on vintage shutter

I started with a plain 26 inch eucalyptus leaf wreath as the base for my DIY deconstructed fall wreath. I found it on clearance at Target for $10 (down from $35.00). The eucalyptus leaves are attached to a traditional grapevine wreath.

Target clearance faux eucalyptus leaf wreath  

There was no question that the perfect place for hanging this wreath was on my DIY Vintage Shutter Turned French-Inspired Candle Sconce.

eucalyptus leaf wreath hanging on vintage shutter

In a way I loved the wreath as is, but I also knew that I'd eventually get antsy and want to change it up somehow. So why not for fall?

autumn hops stems and white pumpkin picks

In keeping with the simple vibe I was hoping for, I decided on adding only two embellishments to this fall wreath: an Autumn hops stem set of two and four Dollar Tree white pumpkin and pine cone floral picks. You can find similar white pumpkin floral picks online.

trailing hops and eucalyprus leaf wreath

I purposefully placed the hops stems so that they both hung in the same direction, making the whole thing look a bit asymmetrical. The fact that they were trailing stems made them perfect for this deconstructed wreath style.

sienna hops fall wreath on shutter

fall wreath displayed on vintage shutter

And while I loved THAT version of the wreath as well, I wanted to add one more pop of color. 

deconstructed fall wreath hanging on vintage shutter

Enter the white pumpkin and pine cone floral picks. Those were placed a bit more strategically (read: symmetrical) but overall I think the look is casual yet elegant. And I love it!

sienna hops stems on fall wreath

casual and elegant fall eucalyptus leaf wreath with hops stems and white pumpkin picks

side view fall floral wreath with pumpkins

The hops stems and pumpkins weren't even permanently attached! I literally just popped them into the eucalyptus leaf foliage where they sit until the next season/holiday when I will pull them out and replace them with new floral picks. Doesn't get easier than that.    

white pumpkin pick orange sienna hops stems fall leaves

faux white pumpkins blue berries sienna hops stems

sienna fall hops green leaves white pumpkins berries

fall deconstructed wreath with white pumpkins and sienna hops stems

faux fall stems on eucalyptus wreaths

sunny view of white pumpkin and faux leaves

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading about 

How To Make A Deconstructed Fall Wreath

and that I've inspired you in some way.

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fall wreath eucalyptus leaves hops vintage shutter

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The Antiqued Journey said...

Your DIY Fall wreath looks lovely, Kathleen! The colors you chose to use in it are so pretty for the season.

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