Thrill of the Hunt #137

September 9, 2023

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and usually) vintage finds with you. 

I also share how I use and style the finds in my home. I hope that by sharing my thrifty finds I can motivate and inspire you to explore your own local thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, barn sales and clearance aisles in the hopes of making your own fabulous finds for yourself. So let's get started.

Transferware is one thing that always stops me in my tracks when I'm out thrifting. Blue, brown, red -- they all lure me in with their beauty. This time it was red transferware.

red transferware sugar and creamer set

I'm  also a sucker for a pretty sugar bowl and creamer set. So this set had to come home with me.

red transferware creamer

I found the set for $12.00 at a local creative co-op of 50 small businesses that offer vintage, new and handmade goods in an ever-changing, but always beautifully staged, shopping emporium.

red transferware sugar bowl with lid

I'm not sure of the exact age of the set but I believe this pattern was made between 1964 and 2001. 

sugar bowl on mantel

red and white transferware piece

Villeroy & Boch Burgundland W-Germany makers mark on creamer

handle to Villeroy & Boch red transferware creamer

I adore the detail on the handles!

two piece red transferware sugar and creamer set

I love to display red transferware pieces around Christmas time. The red is a subtle nod to the holiday season. I'll add this set to my other red transferware pieces and happily display it over the holidays.

ceramic bee hive salt and pepper shakers with bees and yellow flowers

This adorable vintage bee hive salt and pepper set was picked up at the same local pop-up estate sale for $2.50.

Marutomoware bee hive salt and pepper shakers with yellow flowers

From my research I believe it is Marutomoware pottery, said to be manufactured in the the 1920's and 1930's.

vintage bee hive salt and pepper shakers with cork stoppers

It says Japan on the bottom and has cork stoppers rather than plastic ones, helping determine that they are, indeed, vintage. 

painted porcelain bee hive salt and pepper shaker set

It might have originally been sold with a stand that the shakers fit into (I've seen photos of this online) but I'm okay with no stand. These shakers bring me joy just the way they are.

mini gray cement Grecian head planter from Wal-Mart

Now for something that's not vintage, but a great find nonetheless, meet my new Grecian cement head mini planter (originally with succulent) from -- wait for it -- Wal-Mart.

mini Grecian head planter with succulent

While I wasn't attracted to the succulent, I was attracted to the mini Grecian head planter. I mean, how cute is this?

empty head planter on mantel

It didn't take much elbow grease to pull out the succulent -- voila.

face of Grecian head planter

Now I was free to insert any type of plant I wanted, preferably one that fit in better with my decor.  

Grecian head planter filled with faux boxwood

And what better faux succulent is out there than boxwood?

Grecian urn head with faux boxwood stems

I just stuck one of my boxwood stems into the mini Grecian head planter and my mission was complete.

DIY cement Grecian urn planter filled with faux boxwood

You can read how I transformed a larger, white cement Grecian head planter into a faux concrete planter in
DIY Faux Concrete Grecian Urn Head Planter.

Well that's it for today, friends!
I hope you've enjoyed reading about  
 Thrill of the Hunt #137
 and that I've inspired you in some way.  

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Debra@CommonGround said...

Of course I love the red transferware sugar and creamer, but oh gosh, that bee skep S & P set is just so adorable!! what a fun find!

My thrift store addiction said...

Wonderful finds, Kathleen--I would have grabbed all of them, too! Blessings, Cecilia

Junkchiccottage said...

the salt and pepper set is adorable. Great finds. Hugs Kris

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