Vintage French Wall Basket Filled with Fall Flowers

September 2, 2023

Today I'm sharing an awesome vintage French wall vase basket. I did the happy dance when I came across it at a local pop-up estate sale. Continue reading to find out what, exactly, is a vintage French wall vase basket, and what I did with it. It transformed my fall living room!      

French wall basket filled with fall flowers

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whitewashed vintage French wall basket

Okay -- so you don't often find these beauties out in the wild, which is why I was so excited to find it! Previously, I'd only seen one (from a brocante in France), for sale online. I've always been a lover of all things French and I've been trying to bring my decorating sense back to that vision. And this vintage French wall basket certainly helped with that!

rattan wall vase hanging on vintage shutter

I found it at a local pop-up estate sale for $10.00. And I knew right away how special it was. 

vintage whitewashed rattan French wall vase

vintage shutter with hanging flower basket

I couldn't wait to get it home and fill it with faux fall floral picks. 

wicker cone wall basket

I filled this vintage French wall basket with six different fall floral picks (listed below, with links to suggested similar items), then added a small, seasonal sign to make a statement:

faux olive eucalyptus floral picks

1) fall colored eucalyptus picks (olive green)  

faux golden eucalyptus leaves pick

2) fall colored eucalyptus picks (golden)  

beige faux hanging hydrangea floral pick

3) Beige faux hydrangea floral pick

mini golden pome bush pick

4) Mini Pome Bushes

eggplant hydrangea floral pick

5) Burgundy hydrangea picks 

pumpkin and berry fall floral pick

6) Pumpkin & berries pick 

autumn leaves sign on vintage French wall basket

7) Small wooden seasonal sign with wood beads

Once I decided on the combination of floral picks I wanted to use, I got to work filling the French wall basket to its brim with a mix of those faux fall floral colors and textures.

fall floral wicker wall basket

I've been trying to get away from using only the more "traditional" fall colors in my fall decorating, and I think I hit the nail on the head with this floral arrangement.

French farmhouse shutter and wicker wall basket

While some of the penny leaf picks are a muted gold, and the mini pome bush picks are orange, the rest of the arrangement is much more subdued color-wise. The floral wall basket is the perfect addition to my DIY Vintage Shutter Turned French-Inspired Candle Sconce.

French farmhouse fall living room with soft coated wheaten terrier

Oops, here's my supervisor, Riley, trying to get in on the action.

Irish soft coated wheaten terrier on living room rug

And here she is, exhausted, after "helping out" with the photo shoot! 

French flower basket hanging on vintage shutter

Even after all that, I couldn't help but feel that something was missing. So I added a small wooden Dollar Tree fall-themed sign and my French basket wall hanging was complete. 

trailing fall florals in French basket

The fall floral picks and vintage whitewashed wall basket fit in seamlessly with my French farmhouse living room decor. 

French wicker wall vase

 trailing fall florals in French basket

I think the blue velvet pumpkin, front and center, really pulled it all together. 

blue velvet pumpkin pick with faux fall florals

As did the wooden sign, for sure.

autumn leaves sign on vintage French wall basket

This colorful faux floral arrangement fills my French farmhouse living room with seasonal warmth. You may not find a vintage French wall basket any time soon, but you can certainly fill a thrift store basket with faux floral stems and recreate this classic fall vibe.


I recently found a similar basket online. It's not vintage, but it's beautiful! Check out this Hanging Willow Door Basket to see for yourself.

Well, that's it for today, friends!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my 

Vintage French Wall Basket 

Filled With Fall Flowers

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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French wall basket filled with fall flowers

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Debra@CommonGround said...

Love it Kathleen, just gorgeous on that shutter and the fall florals are perfect for September!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love your sweet assistant. Love the baskets on the chippy shutters. I am ready for autumn leaves and pumpkins please. Happy to see the heat move out for us this weekend. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs Kris

My thrift store addiction said...

This is so pretty, Kathleen! Hanging the basket on the shutter is perfection!

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