Dollar Tree Treasures #27

October 23, 2023

Today I'm sharing some of my recent Dollar Tree finds, including early Christmas finds! 

gold Christmas tree pillar candle holder purple bottle brush tree

 Welcome to Dollar Tree Treasures #27! Dollar Tree stores are a great go-to spot for many DIY home decor enthusiasts on a budget. Stick around while I share my Dollar Tree insider knowledge with you as I find new and noteworthy Dollar Tree items that you, too, can use to beautify your home. 

This post contains affiliate links. A purchase of any one of these items helps to support this blog and its creative efforts at no cost to you. To read more, please see my disclosure page.

This Dollar Tree Treasures post has two themes: candles and Christmas. Let's start with candles.

Luminessence LED emergency candles

I'd walked past these LED emergency candles at Dollar Tree many times before I had an idea on how to use them. I'll be using them in an upcoming Christmas DIY project. 

battery operated  LED emergency  candles

While I'd hoped the light would be a warmer yellow, rather than a cool blue, that's what I got. And these were still a huge bargain in light of how many I'd need for the Christmas project I was hoping to make. Stay tuned for that.

Luminessence twist candles in orange wine and blue

Now these candles are much more my style -- Luminessence twist candles from Dollar Tree. Twist, or "spiral," candles have become popular over the past year or so and they've been quite expensive as a result. But not these!

I was totally stoked to find these; totally surprised, actually! I had already caved and bought some orange and white spiral candles at World Market (on sale with discount code, of course). But now these? I could really stock up!

gold taper candleholders filled with twist candles

And that's what I did! They've been used as fall decor in many rooms of the house.

chinoiserie vase filled with dried fall hydrangeas

 I shared the gold taper candleholders in Dollar Tree Treasures #26.

As for the the second theme here -- Christmas -- I was equally surprised to find the next Dollar Tree items as well. The finds were threefold: 1) a set of gold, Christmas tree-shaped pillar candle holders 2) gorgeous champagne and plum colored bottle brush trees and 3) Christmas fruit garlands!

gold Christmas tree pillar candleholder

Let's start with the gold Christmas tree-shaped pillar candle holder. I really did fall in love when I saw it in person. 

gold Christmas tree pillar candle holder

To be honest, I discovered the candle holders at, and promptly stalked my local Dollar Tree stores to find them! I was so happy when I did! (Got the last two on the shelves.) I discovered the bottle brush trees during a routine Dollar Tree store run. 

six pastel bottle brush trees on mantel

I swore I would never buy any more bottle brush trees, but I had to renege on that promise for these babies! The colors are exquisite, and I can see them front and center in one of my Christmas mantel vignettes.    

mantel filled with bottle brush trees and LED pillar candles

I want to be less "red-and-green" Christmas this year and create more of a timeless, elegant vibe. I believe these Christmas finds will help me achieve that goal.

blush colored bottle brush trees

Honestly, these colorful bottle brush trees give me more than a few ideas for some dreamy Christmas vignettes.

nine foot Dollar Tree berry garland

Finally, more timeless Christmas decor: faux frosted berry and dried fruit garlands. I spied this frosted berry garland on an end cap display and snatched it right up. Nine feet long! Most premade garlands are only six feet long.

dried orange slice and wood bead garland in bag

Hanging underneath the berry garland was this dried orange and wood bead garland. I dried my own orange slices for a dried orange and cranberry Christmas garland a few years ago but had to throw it out because the fruit wasn't preserved. Now I have a new one I can reuse over the years!

Stay tuned to find out how I use these fabulous Christmas garlands over the upcoming holidays. 

I know that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same merchandise at the same time. Even so, it's my hope that what you read about here in my Dollar Tree Treasures posts will inspire you to keep an eye out for similar items that you can use in your own home or as part of your own DIY decor projects.

Well, that's it for today, friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about 

Dollar Tree Treasures #27

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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gold Christmas tree pillar candle holder purple bottle brush tree

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing some of your holiday decor ideas using new colors. I have also found great items at the big box W store and two crafty stores Michaels and Hobby Lobby with coupons or sales. Just shop carefully and add up your purchase prices prior to approaching the register so no surprises at check out.

Anonymous said...

Great finds. Love the candle holder. Let us know how quickly your DT candles burn down please; do they last as long as expensive ones? I never met a BBT that I didn't love. I just finished decorating some orange ombre ones for Halloween for the dollhouse people; they love celebrating holidays, too!!! Kathy A

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