How To Make A Romantic Christmas Mantel

December 11, 2023

This year I decided to decorate our Christmas bedroom mantel in more of an elegant, romantic style, rather than my usual straight-on farmhouse style.

romantic Christmas mantel pink ornament garland green knit stockings

It's quite a decorating about-face for me. But I think you're gonna love it!

ornate gold mirror mantel shelf ball garland candles

Before revealing the faux fireplace mantel, I want to share the "mantel" above our bed -- a.k.a. our refurbished farmhouse corbel shelf.

primary bedroom romantic mantel above headboard

Centered perfectly above our bed, the farmhouse corbel shelf acts like a second mantel -- which I absolutely love! I mean, it's another place for me to decorate! 

If you don't have one of these shelves (or any type of mantel for that matter) you can also decorate a bookshelf, the top of your dresser, a hutch. . . . there are certainly other areas of your home where you can display romantic Christmas decor. Be creative!

bed pillows farmhouse shelf over bed headboard Christmas decor

While the mirror's frame can look dark in some photos, it's actually a beautifully detailed gold mirror frame.                                

pretty mirror and candles on farmhouse shelf above bed

Not long ago I fell in love with an above-the-bed shelf Christmas vignette that used an oblong gilded mirror, horizontally, as the backdrop for a lovely display of candles and festive garlands.  

metal flower ornament hanging on gilded mirror

I made a mental note to be on the lookout for a similar mirror in my thrifting travels. Then I realized that I already had a similar (thrifted from Goodwill) mirror, only it was vertical, rather than horizontal.

faux pink peony plum bottle brush tree pink hobnail votive candle holder

But who says I can't turn the mirror sideways and make it into a horizontal one?

So that's what I did. Part of the romantic appeal here is the pink and rose gold garland as well as the pink hobnail votive candleholders and faux pink peonies. 

This pressed metal flower ornament just happens to be the perfect color combo for my romantic Christmas vignette.  

All the hobnail votive candles came from Dollar Tree a few years ago.

And the plum colored bottle brush trees were also a Dollar Tree purchase that I picked up this year. 

fireplace mantel green knit Christmas stockings

Now, on to the actual faux fireplace mantel. I think the DIY pink and gold ball ornament garland I made that's strung across the mantel on a velvet ribbon holds the faux fireplace mantel vignette together. And the green chunky knit stockings (JoAnn's this year) add somewhat of a WOW factor with their heavy cable knit texture, plush tassels and green velvet acorns (also JoAnn's) which I added as embellishments.
cathedral arches eucalyptus wreath blush velvet ribbon brass bells

I transformed this basic Target clearance eucalyptus wreath into a romantic Christmas wreath by adding some blush frayed velvet ribbon and copper bells at the top. 
two green knit Christmas stockings on mantel

I can't get enough of these green chunky knit stockings.

pink velvet nutcracker decor on mantel

I'd never decorated with nutcrackers before now, but I couldn't help myself this time. Pink velvet nutcrackers for $3 each (Wal-Mart)? No brainer.

two green cable knit stockings hanging on mantel

I was amazed at how the velvet acorns matched the stockings perfectly.

green Christmas stocking with tassels

Match made in heaven. 

two green chunky knit Christmas stockings

Love, love, love.

white candelabra gold candles pink sparkly star ornament

My thrift store candelabra transformation definitely served me well here. But once I added gold candles and a glittery three star ornament to the mix it was over the top romance. 

pink rose watercolor white ceiling tile frame

Not to mention the romantic rose watercolor painting I placed on the hearth. 

thrifted vintage French umbrella basket filled with greens and white  birch logs

I filled a thrifted vintage French umbrella basket with white birch logs and some faux greens. 

romantic Christmas bedroom mantel

Overall I'd have to say that the romantic Christmas faux fireplace mantel did not disappoint.  

romantic Christmas mantel with gold mirrors and garland

bright Christmas lights on bedroom mantel romantic decor

I added some warm white lights to the mantel display. This photo was taken early in the morning before the sun had fully come up.  

romantic bedroom Christmas mantel light display

Similarly, this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning just before sunrise.  

white wing chair faux mantel master bedroom

The recliner in the corner has become my de facto reading nook. I get to sit, read and enjoy the warm, romantic seasonal decor!  I just turn on the twinkling battery-operated lights, light a seasonal candle and relax. Aaaah.

Have you ever thought of decorating for Christmas with a romantic theme? Let me know in the comments!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about 

How To Make A Romantic Christmas Mantel

and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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romantic Christmas mantel pink ornament garland green knit stockings

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