Thrill of the Hunt #139

December 29, 2023

Welcome, friends, to another fun-filled Thrill of the Hunt post where I share my latest thrifty (and usually) vintage finds with you.

blue and white urn on silver pedestal

I also share how I use and style the finds in my home. I hope that by sharing my thrifty finds I can motivate and inspire you to explore your own local thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, barn sales and clearance aisles in the hopes of making your own fabulous finds for yourself. So let's get started.
chinoiserie bird urn

I got this beautiful chinoiserie urn at my favorite local vintage emporium. I had seen it on a prior trip but didn't get it, and regretted it. So when it was still there the second time around I took it as a sign. 

blue and white porcelain ball in chinoiserie urn

It cost way more than I would normally pay ($20) but I had a gift certificate so I treated myself.

blue peacock chinoiserie urn with silver base

I'm not totally in love with the silver patina on the bottom half. I may eventually use antique gold Rub 'N Buff on it but only time will tell. I absolutely love the chinoiserie print -- gorgeous blue peacocks! For now the blue and white porcelain ball sits in it but I can see filling it with faux greens instead as we get closer to the Christmas holidays.

ornate gold pillar candle holder

I'm not sure what technical "style" this vintage gold pillar candle holder is, but I know I love it. I picked it up at Goodwill for $1.99.

LED pillar candle in gold ornate candle holder

I'm in love with the patina and the gorgeous ornate details. 

candle holder on mantel with LED pillar candle

My battery-operated LED pillar candles fit perfectly on it, and it matches the style of many of my vintage altar candle sticks.

ornate black pillar candle holder

While this ornate pillar candle holder almost seems like its twin, it's not, for two reasons: its dark color and the ornate details. While still ornate, they're just a bit different than those on the gold one. 

thrift store pillar candle holder

For the 99 cents I paid for it at Goodwill, I was willing to add some gold paint so it matched a bit better with the gold pillar candle holder. I haven't decided if I'm going to paint it completely gold or just add some gold highlights to it by dry brushing it. I'll probably try the dry brushing technique first and see how it looks. And my LED candles fit this candle holder perfectly as well!     

Well that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you've enjoyed reading about 
Thrill of the Hunt #139 
and that I've inspired you in some way.  

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blue and white urn on silver pedestal 

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Carol said...

Very pretty items

My thrift store addiction said...

Beautiful finds--your new chinoiserie is gorgeous!

Junkchiccottage said...

Really pretty treasures found. Happy New Year. Hugs. Kris

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