How To Make A Decorative Tissue Holder

February 5, 2024

Thrifting has been a real godsend for me over the years. In addition to the thrill of the hunt, and the fact that it's in my nature, I've always been able to use my thrifted finds to decorate our home in a collected and curated fashion. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Take my thrifted DIY facial tissue holder as a prime example.

vintage ironstone tureen coffee table tissue holder

I mean, who wants to look at cheap cardboard tissue boxes, anyway, am I right?

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Apparently, this facial "tissue holder thing" went viral last year (despite having been shared on blogs even years before that) with an inexpensive, black ceramic Wal-Mart garden planter. Since that particular planter is out of stock as I write this, I decided to shop the house and find a suitable thrifted container that I could use to create my own DIY facial tissue holder.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the container I chose was a thrifted vintage ironstone tureen. It's just one piece of my ironstone collection that I absolutely love.

I reviewed quite a few TikTok and Instagram videos of people explaining how they made their own facial tissue holders. No one explained -- in a clear fashion - which way to pull the tissues out of the box and how to insert them into your chosen container.  

two Dollar Tree square tissue boxes

There are rectangular shaped tissue boxes as well as squared shaped tissue boxes. Depending on which box you use, that big clump of tissues comes out differently. I chose to use a square box of tissues. You can use your favorite facial tissue, or get it at Dollar Tree as I did.

empty square tissue box

You can see where I opened the side of the box to get the tissues out.

wad of white tissues

This is what the clump of tissues looked like when I took them out of the box, lying on its side, before I stuffed them straight down into the ironstone tureen.

vintage ironstone soup tureen filled with white tissues

And here they are stuffed inside the tureen, after grabbing the innermost tissue and pulling it up. 

I've seen others do it other ways but this method worked for me. Figure out what works for you and your container.  

ironstone collection faux greens wicker tray coffee table

I placed the ironstone tissue holder on a rattan tray, along with:

  • some vintage deconstructed books tied with velvet ribbon

  •  a candle

  •  a small boxwood wreath 

  • a thrifted white ceramic cache pot filled with faux greens 
coffee table wicker tray vintage ironstone velvet ribbon

I love the overall look of the coffee table vignette and highly recommend doing this with a favorite container you already own -- or maybe a newly thrifted one just for this project?! 

vintage book bundle wrapped with frayed velvet ribbon

Frayed velvet ribbon has become somewhat of an obsession of mine, so I'm adding it just about everywhere. I think it adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral vignette.

vintage ironstone soup tureen with lid on coffee table basket tray

And guess what? I can put the lid on the tureen when the tissues aren't in use and no one even knows they're there! Win-win!

Ideas For Containers To Make a Decorative Tissue Holder

Depending on the size of the container, you might have to pare down the number of tissues you use. But it's easy enough to break up the original wad of tissues to fit your needs.

vintage book stack with candle and ironstone decorative tissue holder

The possibilities are endless as to unique tissue holders - the sky's the limit.

As for my own decorative tureen tissue holder- whether the lid's on or off - I couldn't be happier with how this simple, yet truly impactful, DIY decor project turned out.

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
How To Make A Decorative Tissue Holder
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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vintage ironstone tureen coffee table tissue holder

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Junkchiccottage said...

Kathleen this is so clever and cute. Love it. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

Sande said...

Such a clever idea! What are the measurements of your tureen? Thank you!

Colo Junkett said...

Wonderful project. Thank you for the inspiration.

Julie @ My Wee Abode said...

Such a clever and lovely DIY, Kathleen! Love it! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About this past week! I'll be featuring your post this week! Pinned!

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