Thrifted vs. Styled #142: Copycat Ornate Plate Pedestal Riser

February 26, 2024

My periodic Thrill of the Hunt blog post series, born ten years ago, is now becoming Thrifted vs. Styled! While my Thrill of the Hunt posts are some of my favorite, and most popular, blog posts over the years, I thought it was time to make a change -- one that would be more reflective of today's thrifting culture.  

ornate white pedestal riser with wood plate

The Thrifted vs. Styled posts will essentially be the same posts you've grown to know and love, just presented in a different format. So why not join me as I continue the awesome tradition of thrifting and sharing?

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It's one thing to see something in a thrift store or at an estate sale and know that you just have to have it. It's another thing to know what you're going to do with it that will make your life better and/or more beautiful. 

And at that I am an expert. 

I love to scour online shops and dream of owning their wares -- while at the same time figuring out how I can thrift similar things for less and/or even DIY my own. It's in my genes. But really, anyone can do it with a little vision and some advice from yours truly.

two white ornate wood plate pedestal risers yellow tulips

My inspiration for this project came from Antique Farmhouse: an ornate plate pedestal riser that I fell in love with. Well, two, actually. It comes in two sizes.

shabby chic ornate white pedestal candle holder

After seeing them on their website I happily remembered that I had scored an ornate pedestal base at a pop-up estate sale for $5.00 a few months ago. What are the odds?

upside down ornate white pedestal

I thought it could be used as ether a pedestal base or as a candle holder and/or plant holder. You can see the price tag: $5.00. 

ornate riser with wood round

I also knew I had some rustic wooden rounds that might just work as the top of the pedestal.

rustic wood round slice decor

And while I had hoped to find one looking more like the inspirational wooden plate, I decided that I would go with what I had and forego spending time and money looking for something else. 

blue white cache pot pink tulips velvet ribbon pedestal riser

And once I added the blue and white cache pot filled with faux tulips I was sold. 

blue white cache pot pink flowers blush velvet ribbon

A velvet ribbon gathered loosely around the flowers never hurts. 

mantel decor cache pot flowers gold mirror

Since I never permanently attached the pedestal to the wood slice, I can change things up any time I want -- like turning the pedestal over and transforming it into a candle holder. (I filled it with a vintage bottle brush tree for Christmas.) 

thrift store white riser candle holder

Ironically, after styling the original photos, I found another (taller) ornate pedestal riser at Goodwill for $2.99! It too, can be used as a candle holder.

wooden plates white base pedestal riser chinoiserie jars

I then found a set of different wood rounds from Dollar Tree in my stash to use as matching toppers on the thrifted pedestal bases. 

two ornate white plate pedestal risers wooden plates

Perfection! I'm super happy with how these copycat ornate plate pedestal risers turned out. I not only saved myself a boatload of money, I also have the satisfaction of knowing that I made them myself.

lidded chinoiserie jar on wooden plate and white riser

So what's my thrifting mantra? If you see something - do something! In other words, if you see a particular decor item or accessory that you love, keep it in mind as you're thrifting through estate sales, thrift stores, flea markets and barn sales. You. Will. Find. It. Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof that you can incorporate into your own decor. Just have patience. Trust me. I know.

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about 
Thrifted vs. Styled #142:
Copycat Ornate Plate Pedestal Riser
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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ornate white pedestal riser with wood plate

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