Spring Floral Arrangement in Thrifted Basket Vase: Thrifted vs. Styled #143

March 25, 2024

Today I'm sharing how to style a tall, vintage, pitcher-shaped basket as a vase for displaying a beautiful spring floral arrangement.        

large gold floor mirror living room basket vase spring florals

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One item I will always recommend searching for at thrift stores is baskets. I never fail to scan the basket selection every time I go thrift shopping. That's because: 1) I love baskets and 2) they make great year-round home decor accessories that can be dressed up or down depending on the look you're going for 3) they work as stylish organizers and 4) they add a rustic element as well as texture to your decorating. Need I say more?

vintage tall basket pitcher vase

I was thrilled when I spotted this vintage, super tall pitcher-shaped basket at a local Goodwill. I didn't even hesitate to put it in my cart!

tall vintage basket with handle

At 27 inches high, I knew it was well worth the $4.99 price tag. And I knew it would look fabulous in front of the huge gold floor mirror I got for my birthday. But it was missing something.

Then Michael's had their 70% off spring florals sale and I knew just what was missing. A spring floral arrangement! I normally avoid buying faux flowers from Michael's and similar stores because of the incredible cost. But at 70% off I just couldn't resist! 

So off to Michaels I went and picked up three different bunches of spring florals I thought would work well together (NOTE: I am NOT a Michael's affiliate, I just wanted to share where I got them in case you want to buy some for yourself):

1. Pink Flower Hanging Willow Branch 

2. Dusty Leaf Stem

3. Deluxe Bush Peach Pom Pom (only sold in stores)

large gold mirror basket filled with flowers

And in an instant my tall, pitcher-shaped basket was transformed into a vase containing a truly beautiful spring floral display. My husband got the gorgeous ornate gold floor mirror at Sam's Club. If you're not a Sam's Club member you can always take a look at these:

Antique Gold Arched Full Length Mirror

Antique Vintage Gold Baroque Full Length Mirror

Baroque Inspired Full Length Mirror 

Arched Full Length Mirror

Vintage Gold Full Length Mirror


tall basket faux floral pom poms pink pussy willows

Mirrors this large really reflect back the light and give the illusion of a bigger, brighter room. 

cottage living room decor gold baroque floor mirror

I love how the peachy pink pom poms and the fuzzy pink pussy willow branches compliment each other, while the dusty leaf stems add a neutral backdrop for the display.

peach pom poms faux floral

The green leafy stems remind me of lamb's ears, which would work equally as well.

pink pussy willow catkins

The fuzzy pink pussy willow catkins on their super-long, draping stems add visual interest to the display, drawing the eye upward.

faux spring floral arrangement in tall basket vase

I look forward to changing out the florals as the seasons change -- summer garden flowers, warm orange autumn leaves on long branches, holiday greens for Christmas. 

Have you ever thrifted a spectacular basket? I hope you have. And if not, there's no better time than now!  

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my
Spring Floral Arrangement in a
 Thrifted Basket Vase  
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 

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large gold floor mirror living room basket vase spring florals

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Artsy VaVa said...

Great find! The florals you added are beautiful.

Karins Kottage said...

It is so much fun to find a cool basket while out thrifting. This one is fabulous! Such a great find. Please come link up to my weekly linky party and share your post or any others. Love to see creative ideas!


MaryJo Materazo said...

This is a great find friend! I love how you styled it, and it looks great in front of your mirror. I've been talking about thrifted baskets over on my blog too. We always seem to be on the same page. lol. Have a great week. XO- MaryJo

Anonymous said...

Love your birthday mirror! Give your husband a hug for his thoughtfulness! My Michael's spring flowers were only 50% off on Wed. when I went; I managed to resist temptation--but it was hard! I have never seen a pitcher shaped basket; you did a lovely job styling it. I have waded into swampy areas to get pampas grass and bull rushes in the fall caz they have long stems for the one tall vase I own! Kathy A

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