Viral Candle Warmer Lamp Craze

April 8, 2024

Have you heard about the viral candle warmer lamp craze?

best candle warmer lamp brass wood and glass

I'm a candle lover. I love candles of all kinds -- scented or unscented; pillar, taper or tea light. I love them all. But I'm also in love with a unique accessory for "burning" candles - the electric candle warmer lamp.

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While they were introduced back in 2001, they've really taken off this past year. Electric candle warmer lamps "burn" your candles without ever actually having to light them, so there's no traditional fire risk like that associated with burning wax candles the traditional way.

So how does it work? 

It's very simple. You just place your candle on the base, turn on the warmer via the corded remote control, and enjoy the ambiance, very much akin to burning a candle -- just without the flame. And if the candle is scented, well, the smell is still glorious. 

elegant amber glass candle warmer lamp with jar candle

While you can find a ton of candle warmer lamps online, I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous faceted glass "lamp shade" on this particular style candle warmer lamp -- the Elegant Amber Glass Candle Warmer Lamp. I was also drawn in by the mix of glass, brass and wood textures.

Sand+Fog jar candle warmer lamp glass shade

The wooden base has a very generous amount of space on which to fit your jarred candles. This particular candle (Sand + Fog in Pumpkin) is absolutely one of my biggest jar candles and it fits perfectly. However, you can always use a smaller candle as well -- I give an example of using a smaller candle below. The Sand + Fog in Pumpkin scent is by far my favorite. 

I believe the scent has been discontinued, but a close one would be Pumpkin Chai. After reading its notes (ginger, spiced pumpkin, ginger bread, cinnamon, vanilla) I believe it's the same scent with a new name!
Sand+Fog Pumpkin jar candle in warmer lamp

warm glow glass shade candle warmer lamp

The light intensity can be controlled. You can choose high, medium or low intensity. The higher the intensity, the warmer it gets and the faster your candle "burns." Regardless, I feel like my candles burn down much slower with the candle warmer lamp. Yet I still get the exact same enjoyment from them!  

And bonus: they will always burn evenly!

romantic bedroom mantel girl bust candelabra gold mirror

It's so stylish that I even put it in my romantic primary bedroom reading nook. But it can work just as well on your kitchen counter!

candle warmer lamp remote

The remote control is attached to the cord. There is an on/off button, a button for choosing either a 2, 4 or 6 hour timer window, and plus or minus buttons that control the lamp's intensity. 

wood wick jar candle in candle warmer lamp

Here is an example of a wood wick candle. This one just happens to be much smaller than my jar candle, however it still looks stylish in the candle warmer lamp. It burned exactly the same as the traditional jar candle. You do, however, forego the lovely crackling sound if you use it under the lamp as opposed to the traditional burning method. But you still get a warm glow, even burning and a lovely scent.

In some ways the candle warmer lamp is a bit like an electric wax melt warmer. With the wax melt warmer, you just place some wax cubes or "melts" in a saucer which then gets warmed by electricity to the point they melt, providing the candle's scent without having to actually light a candle. Some melt warmers even have an inner light bulb which can add some low light ambiance to the room.

amber faceted glass lamp shade

But in all honesty I have yet to find an electric wax melt warmer that comes even close to the elegance and beauty of my Elegant Amber Glass Candle Warmer Lamp.

dimmable wax melt warmer

My favorite candle warmer lamp even comes with a slightly different glass shade. We gave this Candle Warmer Lamp to our daughter for Christmas and she loves it!

Some other amber glass/wood/brass combos worth looking at:

Candle Warmer Lamp with 3 Bulbs

And these are just a few examples! With so many to choose from there is definitely a style for everyone. I know I wouldn't mind having a second candle warmer lamp!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about the
Viral Candle Warmer Lamp Craze
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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best candle warmer lamp brass wood and glass

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