Vintage Swan Planter Collection

June 8, 2024

Have swans always been a thing? And if they have always been a thing, how did I not get the memo? Either way, whether I'm late to the party or right on time, I've become obsessed with swans. 

porcelain vintage Haeger swan planter on shelf

Not real swans, mind you. Porcelain swans.

swan love birds in water with baby cygnet swans

While real swans can be beautiful and graceful, they're not exactly sweet. As a matter of fact, they can be downright mean, with a fierce temperament and aggressive behavior, especially when protecting their young. Our neighbors across the street have a pond and they used to have two swans. 

swan in water with outstretched wings

Those swans were bold enough to cross the street and walk straight up our driveway, getting awfully close to entering our garage! On one occasion I had to shush them away by waving a broom in their faces, which prompted them to make hissing noises at me. It was actually pretty scary, as swans can stand tall and stretch their wings, which makes them appear huge. Let's just say that I have a healthy fear of swans to this day.

family of five porcelain swans on farmhouse shelf

Despite my personal experience with real swans, I've become enamored of vintage porcelain swans. At present I've collected nine porcelain swans over the past few months. (Nine? How did that happen? Okay, don't answer that.) 

I'd like to introduce you properly, so grab your favorite drink and get comfy while I present to you the parade of swans! 

vintage swan trinket box on dresser

I found swan #1 at Goodwill for $1.99! Can you guess what she is? I explain in Thrifted vs. Styled #145.

mini porcelain swan with orange beak

I found Swan #2, also at Goodwill, also for $1.99! There's a partial sticker left on the bottom that says made in Taiwan. 

This purchase was a real learning experience for me with regard to delicate porcelain swans -- as you can imagine most of them are. 

Our Goodwill stores no longer use shopping bags, so you have to bring your own. I'm still not used to the new rule so I always forget to bring my own bag! I placed the swan in my purse and by the time I got home its neck was broken! 

Luckily I was able to glue it back together. Lesson learned -- bring shopping bags and treat the swans very carefully

fine bone china swan planter

Swan #3's original silver and red sticker says Genuine Bone China, and "Bone China" is printed on the bottom. 

small porcelain swan on shelf

swan planter with faux boxwood

It was purchased for me by my daughter in an antique emporium for $12. She texted me a picture of it, asking if I was interested. Um, yes!

small vintage porcelain swan

Swan #4 was purchased in a quaint little shop in a small Wisconsin town for $6.95. 

bird with faux greens

There's no maker's mark on this one, although the store labeled it as "vintage."

vintage Napco white porcelain swan planter

Swan #5, also labeled vintage, still has its original sticker identifying it as a Napco (made in Japan) piece, C-5428. It measures 5" x 8."

white vintage Napco swan planter

I got it for $22 at another quaint store in the same Wisconsin town. (It came filled with a small plant that I have since, unfortunately, killed.)

elegant porcelain swan planter

I found one on eBay selling for only $15. Win some, lose some. At least I'll have it as a memento of a fun day shopping with my daughter. And I do love it!

Royal Haeger swan on shelf

Swan #6 is a Royal Haeger swan planter from the 1950's. I got it at a lovely vintage shop in Illinois for $32 (with a gift certificate from my son). The darling building that houses the shop used to be a church! 

Royal Haeger swan white with blue accents

Of the five swans, this one's the largest at 9" x 7.5" x 4.5". I found the exact same swan for sale on Etsy priced at $40.00. 

lush white floral painting gold frame white swan

It's actually white with underlying blue accents. I love it! 

five swan planters on farmhouse shelf in front of white floral painting

So here you have the full five swans. But what of swans 7, 8 and 9? Read on for the details! 

Surprise Swans

While I was in the middle of writing this post I hit an awesome estate sale and found these additional three swans:

two small Lenox porcelain swans on book pile

Swans number #7 and #8 are two small Lenox porcelain swans. I found them in one of the many china cabinets at the estate sale. The cost? Two for $6.00!

two porcelain Lenox swans on coffee table

I assumed they were just for decoration, but my husband had another thought -- maybe they're supposed to hold place cards at a dinner table? I think that's a great idea!

birds on coffee table books

Of course, that means I have to go out on the hunt for more of them to create a set -- preferably of six!

large Lenox swan on top of three books and coffee table

What I found sitting next to the small swans was -- wait for it -- this large Lenox vintage porcelain swan planter (Swan #9). It measures 12" x 8" x 8". And for a price of $24 I said "sold!"

Now time for some beauty shots!

swan planter filled with flowers

swan planter filled with large pink flowers

swan with flowers

The wings' details are just gorgeous!

large Lenox swan on top of three books and coffee table

My dream is to eventually acquire an even larger outdoor swan planter, but they're incredibly expensive. If I don't find one at a thrift store or estate sale I'll probably take an inexpensive plastic swan planter and treat it with chalk paint mixed with a paint additive to give it texture to mimic the look of real cement. 

five swans in front of large white floral painting

For now, each one of my thrifted vintage swans has a place in my heart. And who knows? Perhaps there are more in my future!

Well, that's it for today, friends! 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my
Swan Pottery Collection
 and that I've inspired you in some way. 
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porcelain vintage Haeger swan planter on shelf

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My thrift store addiction said...

Kathleen, I love the shelf of different-sized swans--what a fun of collection! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kathleen. I love your swans and the artwork in the background. Glad you. could fix the one you had down in your purse. We have some Canadian Geese here on the golf course and they are very aggressive like Swans. In fact they are thinking about getting a swan pair because apparently they get rid of the geese. Have a great day. Hugs. Kris

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