Vintage Saturday Satisfaction

May 28, 2011

I know it's been a while since this Charm Bracelet Diva actually CREATED a charm bracelet, so ahem, without further ado.

Don't you just love the feeling of satisfaction you get when you've completed a project? 

It doesn't matter how large or how small.

If it was important to you

 and you finished it

 that's all that matters.

Whether it's a handmade hair bow for your


or a home decor knock off,

 or a furniture restoration project,

or even a little old charm bracelet like this one.

All of our "projects" have a way of breathing life

into us again.

Don't you think?

Have a great holiday weekend!


Club G.W. Trash to Treasure

May 25, 2011

A while back I purchased these two -- not really sure WHAT to call them -- (um, maybe we'll call them orbs) ok, then, orbs -- at Club G.W. for $6.00.  It might have been $4.00, who knows, all I can say is that I knew I had to have them.  What the heck would I do with them?  Well, that would be decided later.....

I guess I was initially thinking candle holders.  Pretty traditional, I know.

But the downright bleh brown color, though, had to go! So out came the blue painter's tape.

Some primer. 

And an old can of creamy white paint left behind by our home's prior owners.

Speaking of old paint, does anyone know if there's a figurative DO NOT USE BY date on these things?  I know there's not a literal date, I was just wondering what your experience has been with paint longevity........

So after priming, two coats of paint and a little distressing with sandpaper, voila.

Shells seemed the way to go, what with summer rapidly approaching.  I think we could all use a breezy, beachy look in our homes come summer, no matter where we live.

So let's recap.



Just looking at them makes me smile. 

Who knows what I'll fill them with next?  Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you're all having a great week!

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I Can't Comment!

May 24, 2011

Have any of you been experiencing this Blogger snafu?  I am and it's quite frustrating!  Supposedly Blogger is working on it, but I have learned someting in the process of trying to figure this mess out.  Some people can't comment on your blog if you've set up your comments to be embedded below the post versus in a separate window.

I've always had my readers' comments embedded below my posts.  Not anymore. Today I went into my Blogger settings, under comments, and changed it so that your comments will be in a separate pop-up window.  This should help anyone who has had trouble commenting on my blog.  I know Blogger may just fix this but in the event it ever happens again I'm ready for it!  Cause I wouldn't want to lose your sweet comments, now would I?

Thanks for following!

Bo-ho Ball at Na-Da Farm

May 22, 2011

Now that the Bo-ho Ball at Na-Da Farm is just a sweet memory, I'd love to show you some photos of the event.  Come on.

There I am at the Entrance.  It was a warm and VERY breezy evening!

Told you it was breezy ~ for the life of me I couldn't get a picture of the burlap sign where the letters weren't  all over the place!  Of course it says Na-Da Farm.

 Directions to two different areas of the barn, including Ms. Fifi's book signing area.

Fifi was so gracious, and I couldn't help but love her French accent!  She signed my copy of Romantic Prairie Style and I was a happy camper!

There was even a haven for blog girls to gather and chat.  (Not that I didn't do that for the whole time I was there!) 

There were so many unique vendors and talented artists.  I was so busy chatting that I wasn't very much on the ball at taking photos.....but I did capture Carrie and Don Rosen's Hot House Market display.

 The pillows are sooooooo soft and comfy, down-filled!  I should know, I have one!  And the retro fabrics are pretty awesome.

The apron looks fabulous ~ and the prairie background doesn't hurt, either!

I do have to say that the Illinois prairie was refreshingly calm and peaceful.

SO much gorgeous stuff, I wanted it all!

But the best thing about it was that it was such a perfect place to connect with blogger friends.  I didn't get a picture (rats) of my friend Penny from At Home in English Valley , but we chatted and had a grand old time ~ she's so sweet and funny I adore her!  She even went so far as to bring with her a "Flat Barb" as a stand-in for her friend Barb who couldn't make it to the sale.  She also took Flat Barb's picture with many of the attendees,  including Mr. CBD.  I'd have to say this was the highlight of his evening, otherwise to referred to by him as "The Henfest."

   In all fairness he was a great sport about the whole thing.  Thanks, babe.

Now back to the Henfest, I was SO excited to meet two women I'd met in blogland and admired from afar for quite some time (no, I'm not a stalker).

There's me, Suzanne from Privet and Holly and Jill from Gypsy Brocante.

Suzanne is a very talented and thought-provoking writer and photographer, while Jill is an amazing artist ~ jewelry, clothing, accessories, you name it ~ all her work is one-of-a kind.  (I'm so psyched that I got to purchase one of her necklaces!  Thanks, Jill!).  Both women were as kind, funny and gracious as I'd expected them to be.  Pretty nice, when you get to connect with someone who has similar interests, passions, etc.  I just wish that we had had more time together.  I hope to maintain our friendships and also hope that we can meet again, who knows, maybe next fall at Na-Da, ladies?  This time I'll bring the champagne.

Oh, and speaking of champagne, I did have a taste of some after it was so graciously offered to me by Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm.  Yes, the driving force behind the event.  The woman who just welcomed her 6th baby into the world in April.  She and Jen Rizzo, another talented artist, really pulled it off.  Thanks, ladies for an awesome evening filled with laughter and connecting.  Here's to next fall and another fun-filled night.

  Me and Anne Marie

Thanks for visiting!


Vintage - White - Chippy - Shabby Windows

May 18, 2011

Who was it that first said the eyes are the window to the soul? 

That philosphical statement has been attributed to many sources over the years.  Suffice it to say that I believe it rings true for all of us.

Windows are amazing things.  They let in the light, allow us to see.

Allow us to dream of distant places.

Allow us to feel the breezes and soak in God's beautiful gifts that are all around us.

Allow us to feel safe and secure, behind their transparent protection.

So how could I call myself a lover-of-all-things-vintage if I didn't appreciate those vintage, white, chippy, shabby-looking windows that, thankfully, are lovingly salvaged and just waiting for us to take them home?

I can't help but wonder what house on what street in what town did this old window belong?  Who looked through it and what did they see?

Did they see skyscrapers or cornfields?

 Did they see clear or menacing skies?

And I'd like to think that my vintage, white, chippy, shabby window truly is my window to another's past.  A past that will continue, in another form, in my own house and among my very own dreams.

What can you see through your window?


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Robert Redford's Done it Again and the Na-da Farm Boho Ball

May 16, 2011

Anyone who has followed my blog for even a short time probably knows that I'm a Sundance-a-holic.  And sometimes when that new catalog comes in the mail I have to share some of my drool-worthy Sundance picks with you.

Shoes are a must.

Frye Laurel Blossom T-Strap

Irene Peep-Toe Sandals

Hibiscus Sandals

Posy Toesy Sandals

 Waltz of the Flowers Flats

Wild Rose Ballet Flats

Jane Austen Ballet Flats 

Now here's just two of the tops I'm loving.
There are SO many must visit them online.

Amelia Tunic

Macie Crocheted Top
I'm thinking this one would look SOoooooo GOoood at the Na-da Farm Event this weekend.  I mean, Bo-ho Ball and all.......and you know what they say....a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

That's right. 

So hows about some boots?

Ellie Boots

Annie Boots

These harness boots are my favorite.  And guess what they're called?  Frye Glitterati Harness Studded Booties.  Now there's a mouthful.  But mighty nice, no?

Since I don't have any of the above (pout, pout), I'll be relying on my trusty classic Frye harness boots.  
 Mine are a bit more scuffed up than these, but that's what makes them my own!

Can you tell I'm looking forward to the Bo-ho Ball this Friday night?  I'll be wearing my boots and carrying my Romantic Prairie Style book by Fifi O'Neill (for her to sign!) and of course, my camera.  What blogger in her right mind would attend a barn sale/blog event and NOT bring her camera?

There's so much in store I can hardly wait.  Hopefully I can share my experience at the event with you later.  Right now I'm fluffing up my outfit......anyone know where I can get a full-length tulle tutu?  Do tell, cause if I had one I think I might just feel like be the belle of the Ball!

Have a great week!


P.S. What are YOU wearing to the Ball?

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