Beads and charms, beads and charms

August 23, 2009

In my last post I promised some beading resource tips.  I should clarify here that I use the term "beading" loosely.  I am interested in beading, but my main interest is in creating charm bracelets with beads as well as charms.  Love 'em both.  So you'll learn about both!

For starters, go to  You'll find some great video clips for various jewelry-making techniques.  As a beginner I found them quite helpful.  I stumbled upon this website and it's pretty funny because the website's creator lives in my old home town of Ambler, PA.  Small world for real. 

Another book I like is "beadsimple, essential techniques for making jewelry just the way you want it" by Susan Beal.  Great info on tools, materials, design, color and various jewelry making techniques including earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. 

Right now I'm listening to and it is awesome!  You can actually create your own "radio station" online and it plays only music you love!  I find it's essential for blogging, jewelry making and scrapbooking.  At least in my house, that is.  Once the kiddos are in bed it's mom's time to chill and be creative. 

Next post I'll fill you in on a few jewelry supply websites I've found where maybe you can find some good prices on beads, charms, tools and other supplies --  at least better than the local craft store....lastly, I've got a new fall bracelet design I've named "Golden Acorns."  Can't wait to put it all together.  And I swear one of these days I'll actually learn how to put pictures on my blog so you can see I'm not just making up these charm bracelets I keep talking about!  Seriously.      

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