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August 29, 2009

If you're a novice charm bracelet-making diva like me, I'm sure you can't  help but be somewhat overwhelmed by the results of a simple Google search: Jewelry making.  The results are astounding. Where to begin?  I'm hoping to lead you to some good sites that fit your jewelry-making needs.  To do this I need to scour the net and report back.  By the same token, you, my readers, need to read what I've written, make your own decision, and comment!

Today I'd like to introduce you to  First off, they have FREE SHIPPING!  Something I absolutely look for in a jewelry-making supply company.  They also have a nice inventory of beading reference information as well as more than 100 "beading techniques."  I use the term "beading" loosely again here because their techniques run the gamut from working with wire to knotting, coiling, twisting, stamping, bead weaving and more.  They also just scored a new style of beads, charms and pendants from Earthenwood Studios -- check it out if you're into Steampunk!  I know I will.

Question of the day, and it's a loaded one:  What should someone charge for their handmade piece of jewelry online (not including shipping, of course)?  I saw someone from a jewelry website say that you should double the cost of materials and then add in labor costs, deciding how much per hour you believe your work is worth.  When I do this, the price seems really disproportionate to the actual cost.  Let me know what you think and if you have any guidelines to live by in this instance.  I sure could use some advice.


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