Here Comes the Bride

September 7, 2009

So I spent Labor Day weekend at a family wedding in Philadelphia -- the best wedding ever.  My wonderful niece got married to a great guy and a fantastic time was had by all!

Remember the charm bracelet "Bauble Jar" (mentioned in a previous post)?  Well, I gave it to the beautiful bride and it was an interesting experience for me.  As much as I wanted someone else to enjoy my creation, I was sad to see it go.  Hopefully, if I ever become successful at making and selling this stuff, I'll learn to deal with it.   

I did take a picture of it before I gave it away.  I've challenged myself to figure it out and post the photo -- I know, it sounds sad, but I'm still technologically challenged. 

So let me know how you feel when your creation is passed along to someone else.

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