September Magazines' Jewelry Picks

September 29, 2009

Well, two magazines at least.  I have to confess that I read Lucky magazine.  I first ran across it at the salon where I get my hair cut.  It was a nice indulgence to sit and read without small children interrupting my every thought.  It is quite the fashion trends magazine -- and I don't believe there would be fashion trends without corresponding jewelry trends.  So, yeah, I'm a subscriber now.  Lucky's September issue highlights on its "thewebpages" page.  I aspire to have an Etsy site once I get my act together.  Anyway, the Etsy designer site they give kudos to is  I checked it out and LOVED it.  She had five bracelets for sale, three of which I really liked: "My cocktail bracelet", "Two hearts mixed" and (especially) "Edward called and he wants his bracelet back."  I love them for their names alone.  Just kidding, but you have to admit that the names are great.

The designer uses chain bracelets that are "fatter" than most.  Some would say "chunky."  I would say cool.  And the prices are very reasonable.  Check it out.

Another mag jewelry trend referral comes from September's Family Circle magazine.  Linda Moran, in "Linda's Closet," writes about a jewelry store in Eastport, New York called Island Bead and Jewelry ( ) where you can go to get your old and/or broken jewelry "restyled."  She had charms from an old broken bracelet restyled into earrings -- very cool (and very cheap).  Another aspiration of mine is to be able to restyle old jewelry as well.  Anyone know of a similar store in the midwest, i.e., the Chicago area?  Would love to hear about it.

The days are getting shorter and it's nice to be home and warm.  Chicago winters can be (and usually are) brutal.  I'm looking forward to hanging out inside and making charm bracelets, among other things.  And, of course, reading magazines!  I'll keep you posted.         

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